Mary Kathryn Baxter
Where will you spend eternity?

A Divine Revelation of Hell (by Mary K. Baxter)

Chapter 17

War in the Heavens

The Spirit of the Lord was upon me, and again we went into hell. Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, many souls are here because of witchcraft, the occult, the worship of other gods, disobedience, unbelief, drunkenness, and filthiness of flesh and spirit. Come, I will show you a mystery and tell you of hidden things. I will reveal to you how to pray against the forces of evil.”

We walked into a part of hell next to the evil heart. Jesus said, “We are soon going into the jaws of hell, but I desire to reveal to all that hell has enlarged itself.”

We stopped, and he said, “Behold and believe.” I looked and beheld an open vision. In the vision, Jesus and I were high above the earth looking out into space. I saw a spiritual circle high above the earth. The circle was invisible to the natural eye, but in the spirit, I could see it well. I knew that the vision was related to our fight against the princes and powers of the air.

As I continued to look, I discovered there were, in fact, several circles. In the first circle were many dirty, evil spirits. I saw the dirty spirits take on the forms of witches, and they began to fly about the heavens and do much spiritual damage. I heard the voice of Jesus say, “In My name, I give My children power over these evil ones. Listen and learn how to pray. “

I saw an odd-shaped form arise from another circle and begin to spin about and cast spells. I saw then that a demon had arisen, and he was doing evil things to the earth. The demon had the spirit of a wizard. He would turn and laugh, and from a stick in his hand, he cast evil spells on various people. I saw other evil spirits join the wizard, and Satan gave him more power.

“Behold, what you bind on earth, I will bind in heaven,” said Jesus. “Satan must be bound if the prayers of the saints are to be effective in these last days.”

From another circle, I saw another sorcerer arise, and he began to give orders. Rain and fire fell upon the earth as he spoke. He spoke many evil things, and he deceived the people on the earth. As I watched, I saw two more evil spirits join the sorcerer high above the earth. These all were evil princes and powers of the air.

These gave their powers to witches who were gathered together in a certain place to do evil. Workers of darkness gathered around them. The spirits came and went as they chose.

“Watch carefully,” Jesus said, “for the Holy Spirit is revealing a great truth to you.”

In the vision I saw terrible things happening on the earth. Evil was magnified and sin abounded. The forces of evil caused men to steal, to lie, to cheat, to hurt one another, to speak evil and to succumb to the lusts of the flesh. All kinds of evil were released upon the earth.

I said, “Jesus, this is awful to behold.”

Jesus said, “My child, in My name, evil has to flee. Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

As the evil spirits spewed their vileness and slander upon the earth, I saw the people of God begin to pray. They prayed in the name of Jesus and in faith. As they prayed, the Word of God came against the evil spirits, which began to lose ground. As the saints prayed, the forces of evil lost their hold. Evil spells were broken. Those who had been weakened by the forces of hell were strengthened.

When they prayed as in one voice, the angels of heaven entered the fray. I saw the holy angels fighting with the evil princes and powers of the air, and God’s angels were destroying the powers of evil.

I looked, and behold there were rows upon rows of angel forces, with about 600 in each row. As the people believed God, the angels advanced. God gave I the orders, and mighty was His power. He gave ,I great strength to His people and to the angels to destroy the works of Satan. God was fighting against evil in the sky. When the people prayed and believed God, the evil forces were destroyed. But when there was disbelief, the evil powers began to overcome.

“My people must believe, and they must agree with each other and with Me,” said the Lord, “if all things are to be put under the Father’s feet.” Heaven and earth must agree if we are to destroy our enemies.

As the praises of God’s people began to rise from the earth, the evil forces retreated. I saw saints of God praying with all their hearts against the wiles of the devil. As they did, evil spells and curses were broken, and the saints gained the victory.

This is what happened. As the angels of the Lord fought with the demons and the forces of hell, saints were delivered through prayer. As the people were delivered, many praises rang out to God, and the praises brought more victories. Only when the results of prayer were not seen at once did the praises cease and evil began to win the battle.

I heard an angel with a loud voice say, “O Lord, the faith of Your people is weak. They must have faith if You are to deliver them from the hordes of Satan. Lord, have mercy on the heirs of salvation.”

The voice of the Almighty responded, “Without faith it is impossible to please God. But the Lord is faithful, and He will establish you.”

Again in the vision I saw God pour out His Spirit on all flesh, and the people believed that God would do all they asked because they were His and I sincerely loved Him. They had faith in God and believed His Word, and God delivered them. And the Word of God grew in the land.

The Lord said, “All things are possible to them that believe. I watch over My Word to perform it. You do your part, and you can know that I will do Mine. If my people will stand for truth and fight the good fight, wonderful things will happen as on the Day of Pentecost. Call upon Me and I will hear. I will be your God and you will be My people. I will establish you in righteousness, truth and sincerity.”

In the vision, I saw Christians being born as little babies. I saw the angels standing over them to protect them from harm. I saw the Lord of Hosts fighting their battles and gaining the victory for them. Then I saw the babes grow up and harvest the fields of the Lord of Glory. They were doing the work of the Lord with a glad heart-loving God, trusting God and serving God. I saw the angels and God’s Word combine to destroy evil from the face of the earth. I saw peace on earth as everything was eventually put under the feet of God.

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  1. Thanks ma for this revelation,am evangelist alade richard from nigeria i want god to use me also to globally to win soul for him.i saw jesus telling me to evangelise how can you help me as a mentor.thanks ma.

  2. Today is my first day of coming across this message.
    This post, is it not contradicting what the bible says? I could remember bible says The Dead Will Get Up at the Rapture, or One of the Resurrections
    When a person dies, he goes to Sheol (the grave; the state of death), and returns to dust. Therefore, the Bible rightly directs our attention to the Rapture or resurrection, which is when people will be raised to life.
    Please how can you explain further for me?

  3. I am bro IFEANYICHUKWU BONIFACE from Imo State,Nigeria in fact my soul is revive by this your testimony and I want to be part of Jesus witness what I need now is your prayer that God will me to witness for Him.

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