Mary Kathryn Baxter
Where will you spend eternity?

A Divine Revelation of Hell (by Mary K. Baxter)

Chapter 12


Jesus said, “Tonight, My child, we will go to different part of the heart of hell. I want to tell you about the horns and show you how they will be used to funnel evil spirits and demon forces up to the surface of the earth.”

As Jesus spoke, I began to witness an open vision. In the vision, I saw an old farmhouse, dead and gray-looking, surrounded with many dead trees and high, dead grass. The yard around the farmhouse was littered with dead things. There was no life there. The farmhouse looked as though it had settled at the corners and was sinking into the center of the field. There were no other buildings in sight.

Death was everywhere. I knew this farmhouse was part of hell, but I could not yet understand what I was seeing. Inside, behind the dingy windows, loomed large shadows in human shapes. There was something evil about their appearance. One of the shapes moved toward the front door and! opened it.

I watched as a huge man with extremely large muscles came out of the door and walked onto the porch. I saw him clearly. He was about six feet tall, with the bulky build of a weight lifter. His color was the same dead gray as the surroundings. He wore only a pair of men’s pants. They were as gray and dead-looking as the bare skin of his upper body. His flesh was like scales, and his head was very big. In fact, his head was so large that his legs were bowed from carrying such a great load. His feet were hoofed like the feet of a pig. His face was stern and evil, and he looked to be very old. His eyes were dead, and his face was very broad.

In the vision, I saw this awful creature walk off I the old porch. The earth shook as he moved, and horns were growing out of the top of his head-large horns that grew up, up and out of sight. As he walked, I saw that the horns were growing, ever so slowly. Other horns also began to grow from his head. Little horns sprang from the bigger ones. I saw that his head was like a beast-a powerful evil beast, full of destruction. Each step he took shook the earth.

Jesus said, “Watch.”

I saw the horns as they wound their way upward and ended in homes, churches, hospitals, offices and buildings of all kinds all over the earth. The horns did great damage throughout the land. I saw the beast speak and evil spirits were spit out on the earth. I saw many people seduced by these demonic forces and fall into Satan’s snares.

We are in a war-good against evil, I thought.

“We are in a war,” I heard the Spirit of the Lord say. “Good against evil.”

Dark clouds came out of the horns and hid the many forms of evil that were going out upon the earth. All the abominations that God hates were there. I saw kingdoms arising out of the earth, and millions of people began to follow these evil forces. I saw the old horns removed and new ones grow in their places.

I heard Jesus say, “This is beginning to happen now! These things are, and were, and will be. Men will become lovers of themselves instead of God. Evil will be rampant in the last days. Men and women will love their homes, cars, lands, buildings, businesses, their silver and their gold more than Me.

“Repent,” He said, “for I am a jealous God. Nothing can be placed before your worship of Me -not sons or daughters or wives or husbands. For God is a Spirit, and He must be worshiped in Spirit and truth.”

I watched as the horns moved over the face of the earth, rising high into the heavens. New kingdoms arose, and there was war and destruction throughout the land. They that worshiped the beast were many.

The evil beast with the horns walked back and forth as if thinking, and the earth shook under his weight. After some minutes he returned to the farmhouse. Dark clouds arose, and many were dead in the land.

I saw the world in the midst of a great tribulation, and I began praying with all my heart. “O Lord, help us,” I cried out. Then two large beasts in spirit forms rose out of the earth and began to make war with each other. I knew they came from hell.

A sea of people stood watching the fight between these two evils. And then I saw something rise from the ground between them. They stopped fighting and stood on each side of a big ship. Both beasts tried to destroy the ship, but they could not. They pushed it back beneath the earth, and buried it between the two of them. They stood face to face again, ready to resume their warfare.

I heard a voice say, “Watch.”

As I watched, a light appeared on the ground where the ship was buried. The ship then reappeared on the surface of the ground and became a large disk. The two beasts began to take on other forms and became large and black. A door in front of the disk opened, and a strong beam of light revealed a flight of stairs. The stairs went down, down into the earth, and I heard a voice say, “Into hell!”

There was a strong sense of evil in the air, and I felt lost and undone as I watched. A paralyzing force came out of the disk, and I had nowhere to run. I felt trapped, even though I was in the Spirit.

Almost at once, Jesus lifted me up higher and higher until I was looking down on the vision. But now the stairs had become an escalator, which was moving up and down from the heart of the earth. When I was beside Jesus, I felt safe and protected. “It shall come out of hell,” I heard a voice say.

Jesus said, “This shall be. This is yet to come. Write for all to know.”

In my vision the escalator was bringing up demon forces and evil spirits. The two beasts stood, one on each side of the ship, and I saw them begin to change again. I heard the sound of a great roar-the sound of motors running at a high rate of speed. The beasts’ heads got large, and a light began to fill their hands. I saw the two beasts and the ship as the three of them were joined together.

Many souls, as if walking in their sleep, , marched into one of the beasts. For hours I watched this gruesome sight, until at last, one of the beasts I was packed with people. As I listened, from the first! beast came a great roar as if a plane was getting ready for takeoff. The beast had gotten his power from the ship. As he began to fly, he was again in the form of a man. As he flew, his head seemed to be full of lights and great powers emanated from him.’~

As he disappeared into the heavens, his head became the ship again.

I could still hear the sound of the first beast as I watched the second beast fill up with souls. When he was full, I saw the second beast begin to go straight up like a rocket. He joined the other beast, and they both moved slowly away into the gray sky. The second beast had also taken on the form of a man. I heard their loud roar as they went out of sight.

I wondered what this meant. I saw the ship, or disk, settle itself back into the earth. The earth closed up over it until it was again out of sight. As the vision began to fade, I saw a large courtroom, and I thought of the great white throne judgment.

Chapter 13

The Right Arm of Hell

After the first vision, Jesus and I went to a different part of hell. Jesus said, “These things you are seeing are for the end times.” Another vision appeared before me.

Jesus said, “We are in the right arm of hell.”

We walked up a high, dry hill. At the top of the hill, I looked below and saw a swirling river. There were no pits of fire or demons or evil spirits, only the large river flowing between unseen banks. The banks of the river were hidden in the darkness. Jesus and I walked closer to the river, and I saw that it was full of blood and fire.

As I looked closer, I saw many souls, each chained to another. The weight of the chains dragged them under the surface of the lake of fire.

The souls in hell were in the fire of hell. I saw also that they were in the form of skeletons with misty gray souls.

“What is this?” I asked the Lord.

“These are the souls of the unbelievers and the ungodly. These were lovers of their own flesh more than lovers of God. They were men loving men, and women loving women, who would not repent and be saved from their sin. They enjoyed their life of sin and spumed My salvation.”

I stood beside Jesus and looked into the lake of fire. The fire began to roar like a great furnace, moving and devouring everything in its path. Soon it filled nearly the entire right arm of hell.

The fire approached to within feet of us, but I did not touch us. The river was burning everything in its path. I watched Jesus’ face, and it was sad and tender. He still had love and compassion for these lost souls written on His countenance. I began to cry and wished I could leave this place of torment, to go on was almost unbearable.

I looked again at the souls in the fire. They were a fiery red, and their bones were blackened and burned. I heard their souls cry out in regret and sorrow.

The Lord said, “This is their torment. Chain after chain, they are linked together. These desired the flesh of their own kind, men with men, and women with women, doing that which is unnatural. They led many young girls and young boys into acts of sin. They called it love, but in the end it was sin and death.

“I know that many boys and girls, men and women were forced against their wills to commit such atrocious acts-I know and will not hold this sin to their charge. Remember this though,” said Jesus, “I know all things, and the persons who made these youths to sin have the greater punishment. I will judge righteously. ‘to the sinner, I say, ‘Repent, and I will have mercy. Call on Me and I will hear.’

“Time after time I called to these souls to repent and to come unto Me. I would have forgiven them and cleansed them; and in My name they could have been set free. But they would not listen to Me. They wanted the lust of the flesh more than the love of the living God. Because I am holy, you must be holy. ‘touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you,” said the Lord.

I felt very sick as I looked at the souls in the lake of fire.

“If only they had turned to Me before it was too late,” Jesus continued. “My blood was shed so that everyone could come to Me. I gave My life that even the vilest of sinners might live.”

Multitudes of souls went by in the river of flames. Over and under the waves of fire, they went’ with no way out of the burning and swimming in the lake of fire. I heard cries of regret as the bloody river flowed by us.

We walked up a trail beside the river. In front of us, sitting on a hill, was a large woman. She swayed back and forth as though she was drunk. Written on her were the words “Mystery Babylon.”

I now knew the mother of abominations on the earth came from hell. An evil, powerful force emanated from her. I saw multitudes, peoples and tongues beneath her. She had seven heads and ten horns. In her was found the blood of the prophets, the saints and all that were slain upon the earth.

“Come out from her and be separate”, said the Lord. “In her time she shall be destroyed.”

We walked on past the evil woman with the horns on her head. Everything began to get dark. Now Jesus was the only light. We walked until we came to another hillside. In the distance I could see hot flames in the air. The atmosphere became oppressively hot.

We went around the hill and came to a large door with slots cut in it. It was set into the side of the hill. A large chain was on the door, and flames raged from it. The door was also bolted with large locks. I wondered what it all meant.

All at once, the dark figure of a man, attired in a long, dark cape, appeared in front of the door. His face looked to be very old and very tired. The skin of his face was pulled tightly against the bones of his skull. He looked to be a thousand years old.

Jesus said to me, “Behind that doorway is the bottomless pit. My Word is true.”

The flames behind the door reached higher until the door bulged from the pressure of the heat.

“Dear Lord,” I said, “I’ll be glad when Satan is cast into the bottomless pit and all these evil things stop for a season.”

He replied, “Come, hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. The end is near, and I am calling sinners to repent and be saved. Look now.”

We were standing in a clearing, and I was with the Lord in the Spirit. I looked and beheld an open vision. In the vision I saw a fiery serpent begin to strike the air with his enormous tail. I watched as this spiritual serpent moved with awesome power.

Then I saw him go back into the right arm of ” hell and wait. I knew that He could not strike the earth until God’s Word would be fulfilled.

I saw fire and smoke ascend out of the earth, and I saw a strange mist as it formed over the earth. I saw patches of darkness appear here and there. Horns began to grow on the head of the fiery serpent. They spread out until they covered the whole earth. Satan gave orders to the fiery serpent. There were evil spirits and devils present. Then I saw the evil, fiery serpent come out of the right arm of hell and begin to strike the earth with great force, hurting and destroying many people.

Jesus said, “This will happen in the end times. Come up higher.”

Reader, if you are committing any of the sins I have written about, please stop sinning and call upon Jesus to save you. You do not have to go to hell. Call upon the Lord while He is near. He will hear you and save you. Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

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  1. Thanks ma for this revelation,am evangelist alade richard from nigeria i want god to use me also to globally to win soul for him.i saw jesus telling me to evangelise how can you help me as a mentor.thanks ma.

  2. Today is my first day of coming across this message.
    This post, is it not contradicting what the bible says? I could remember bible says The Dead Will Get Up at the Rapture, or One of the Resurrections
    When a person dies, he goes to Sheol (the grave; the state of death), and returns to dust. Therefore, the Bible rightly directs our attention to the Rapture or resurrection, which is when people will be raised to life.
    Please how can you explain further for me?

  3. I am bro IFEANYICHUKWU BONIFACE from Imo State,Nigeria in fact my soul is revive by this your testimony and I want to be part of Jesus witness what I need now is your prayer that God will me to witness for Him.

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