Mary Kathryn Baxter
Where will you spend eternity?

A Divine Revelation of Hell (by Mary K. Baxter)

Chapter 16

The Center of Hell

Again the Lord and I went into hell. Jesus said to me, “My child, for this purpose you were born, to write and tell what I have told you and shown you. For these things are faithful and true. I have called you forth to tell the world through you that there is a hell, but I have made a way of escape. I will not show you all parts of hell. And there are hidden things which I cannot reveal to you. But I will show you much. Now come and see the powers of darkness and their end.”

We went again to the belly of hell and began to walk toward a small opening. I turned to look where we were entering and found that we were on a ledge beside a cell in the center of hell. We stopped in front of a cell in which was a beautiful woman. Over the top of the cell were the letters “B.C.”

I heard the woman say, “Lord, I knew you would come someday. Please let me out of this place of torment.” She was dressed in the clothes of an ancient era, and she was very beautiful. I knew that .I she had been here for many centuries but could not die. Her soul was in torment. She began to pull at the bars and cry.

Softly Jesus said, “Peace, be still.” He spoke to her with sadness in His voice. “Woman, you know why you are here.”

“Yes,” she said, “but I can change. I remember, when You let all those others out of paradise. I ” remember Your words of salvation. I will be good now,” she cried, “and I will serve You.” She clenched the bars of the cell in her tiny fists and began to scream, “Let me out! Let me out!”

At that, she began to change before our eyes. Her clothing began to burn. Her flesh fell off, and all that remained was a black skeleton with burned-out holes for eyes and a hollow shell of a soul. I watched in horror as the old woman fell to the floor. All her beauty had departed in a moment. It staggered my imagination to think that she had been here since before Christ was born.

Jesus said to her, “You knew on earth what your end would be. Moses gave you the law, and you heard it. But instead of obeying My law, you chose to be an instrument in the hands of Satan, a soothsayer and witch. You even taught the art of witchcraft. You loved darkness rather than light, and your deeds were evil. If you had repented with your heart, My Father would have forgiven you. But now, it is too late.”

With sorrow and great pity in our hearts, we walked away. There would never be an end to her pain and sufferings. Her bony hands reached out to us as we walked on.

“My child,” said the Lord, “Satan uses many devices to destroy good men and women. He works day and night, trying to get people to serve him. If you fail to choose to serve God, you have chosen to serve the devil. Choose life, and the truth will set you free.”

After walking for a short distance, we stopped in front of another cell. I heard a man’s voice calling out, “Who is there? Who is there?” I wondered why he called out.

Jesus said, “He is blind.”

I heard a sound and looked about. Ahead of us was a large demon with huge wings which appeared to be broken. He looked right past us. I stood close to Jesus.

Together, we turned to look at the man who had spoken. He also was in a cell, and his back was to us-he was a skeleton form with fire and the smell of death on him. He was flailing the air and crying out, “Help me. Help, someone!”

Tenderly, Jesus said, “Man, peace, be still.”

The man turned and said, “Lord, I knew You would come for me. I repent now. Please let me out. I know I was a horrible person and used my handicap for selfish gain. I know I was a sorcerer and deceived many for Satan. But Lord, I repent now. Please let me out. Day and night I am tormented in these flames, there is no water. I am so thirsty.” He cried, “won’t You give me a drink of water?”

The man was still calling after Jesus as we walked away. I looked down in sadness.

Jesus said, “All sorcerers and workers of evil will have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

We came to another cell in which was another man. He said, “Lord, I knew You would come and release me. I have repented for a long time.” This man also was a skeleton, full of flames and worms.

“O man, you are still full of lies and sin. You know you were a disciple of Satan, a liar who deceived many. The truth was never in your mouth, and death was always your reward. You heard My words often and made fun of My salvation and My Holy Spirit. You lied all your life and would not listen to Me. You are of your father the devil. All liars will have their part in the lake of fire. You have blasphemed the Holy Ghost.”

The man began to curse and say many evil things against the Lord. We went on. This soul was forever lost in hell.

Jesus said, “Whoever will may come to Me, and he that loses his life for My sake shall find life, and that more abundantly. But sinners must repent while still alive on earth. It is too late to repent when they arrive here. Many sinners want to serve God and Satan, or they believe that they have unlimited time to accept the grace God offers. The truly wise will choose this day whom they will serve. “

Soon we came to the next cell. A desperate cry of sorrow came from within. We looked and saw a skeleton of a man huddled on a floor. His bones were black from burning, and his soul was a dirty- ~ gray mist inside. I noticed that parts of his body were missing. Smoke and flames came up around him. Worms crawled inside of him.

Jesus said, “This man’s sins were many. He was a murderer and had hate in his heart. He would not repent or even believe that I would forgive him. If he had only come to Me!”

“You mean, Lord,” I asked, “he thought that You would not forgive him of murder and hatred?”

“Yes,” said Jesus. “If only he had believed and come to Me, I would have forgiven him all his sins, great and small. Instead, he continued to sin and died in them. That is why he is where he is today. He was given many opportunities to serve Me and to believe the gospel, but he refused. Now it is too late.”

The next cell we came to was filled with a terrible odor. I could hear the cries of the dead and moans of regret everywhere. I felt so sad that I was almost sick. I made up my mind that I would do all I could to tell the world about this place.

A woman’s voice said, “Help me.” I stared into a real pair of eyes, not the burned-out sockets which were the marks of burning. I was so sad I shivered, and I felt such pity and sorrow for this soul. I wanted so badly to pull her out of the cell and run away with her. “It’s so painful,” she said.

“Lord, I will do what is right now. I once knew You, and You were my Savior.” Her hands clenched the bars of the cell. “Why won’t you be my Savior now?” Big pieces of burning flesh fell from her, and only bones clenched the bars.

“You even healed me of cancer,” she said. “You told me to go and sin no more lest a worse thing come upon me. I tried, Lord; You know I tried. I even tried to witness for You. But, Lord, I soon learned that those who preach Your Word are not popular. I wanted people to like me. I slowly went back into the world and the lust of the flesh devoured me. Nightclubs and strong drink became more important than You. I lost touch with my Christian friends and soon found myself seven times worse than I had been before.

“And though I became lovers of both men and women, I never intended to be lost. I did not know that I was possessed by Satan. I still felt Your call upon my heart to repent and be saved, but I would not. I kept thinking I still had time. Tomorrow I will turn back to Jesus, and He will forgive me and deliver me. But I waited too long, and now it is too late,” she cried.

Her sad eyes burst into flames and disappeared. I screamed and fell against Jesus. O Lord, I thought, how easily could that have been me or one of my loved ones! Please, sinner, wake up before it is too late.

We walked on to another cell. In it another man with a skeleton form and a dirty-gray soul inside. Cries of such utter pain and regret came from this man that I knew I could never forget them.

Jesus said, “My child, some who read this book will compare it to a fiction story or a movie they have seen. They will say this is not true. But you know these things are true. You know that hell is real, for I have brought you here many times by My Spirit. I have revealed the truth to you so that you can witness to it.”

Lost person, if you will not repent and be baptized and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, this will surely be your end.

“This man is here,” said the Lord, “because of his rebellion. The sin of rebellion is like the sin of witchcraft. In fact, all those who know My Word and My ways and have heard the gospel but still will not repent are in rebellion against Me. Many are in hell today because of this sin.”

The man spoke to Jesus and said, “I once thought about making You Lord of my life, but I did not want to walk Your straight and narrow way. I wanted the broad way. It was so much easier to serve sin. I did not want to have to be righteous. I loved my sinful way. I desired to drink strong drink and do the things of this world more than obey Your commands. But I wish now I had listened to those You sent to me. Instead, I did evil and would not repent. “

Great sobs shook his body as he cried out in regret. “For years I have been tormented in this place. I know what I am, and I know I will never get out. I am tormented day and night in these flames and these worms. I cry, but no one comes to help. No one cares for my soul here-no one cares for my soul.” He fell into a small heap on the floor and continued to cry.

We walked on to another cell. A woman sat picking the worms off her bones. She began to cry I when she saw Jesus. “Help me, Lord,” she said, “III will be good. Please let me out.” She also arose and clenched the bars of the cell. I felt such great pity for her. As she cried, sobs shook her body.

She said, “Lord, when I was on earth, I worshiped the Hindu gods and many idols. I would not believe the gospel the missionaries preached to me, although I heard it many times. One day I died. I cried for my gods to save me from hell, but they could not. Now, Lord, I’d like to repent.”

“It’s too late,” said Jesus.

Flames covered her form as we walked on; her cries still fill my soul even now. Satan had deceived her.

With sadness in His voice Jesus said, “Come, we will return tomorrow. It is time to go now.”

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  1. Thanks ma for this revelation,am evangelist alade richard from nigeria i want god to use me also to globally to win soul for him.i saw jesus telling me to evangelise how can you help me as a mentor.thanks ma.

  2. Today is my first day of coming across this message.
    This post, is it not contradicting what the bible says? I could remember bible says The Dead Will Get Up at the Rapture, or One of the Resurrections
    When a person dies, he goes to Sheol (the grave; the state of death), and returns to dust. Therefore, the Bible rightly directs our attention to the Rapture or resurrection, which is when people will be raised to life.
    Please how can you explain further for me?

  3. I am bro IFEANYICHUKWU BONIFACE from Imo State,Nigeria in fact my soul is revive by this your testimony and I want to be part of Jesus witness what I need now is your prayer that God will me to witness for Him.

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