What is the Embassy of God Church?

The Embassy of God church is an international world movement, which is called to reform counties and continents planting the principles of God’s Kingdom.

What do we believe in?

  • We believe in the triune God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, uncreated, eternal and unchanging, the Almighty one; in the Creator of everything visible and invisible, perfect in everything.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, the true God, embodied and became a true man from the Holy Ghost and the Virgin Mary for the sake of all of us, people, and for our salvation. He took the sins of all people on Himself, all their weaknesses and diseases, he was crucified and resurrected on the third day according to the Scriptures, he ascended to Heaven and now abides there by the right hand of the Father interceding for us.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to God.

What is our vision?

The vision of the Embassy of God Church is missionary work. It means that every member of God’s Embassy has to fulfill their mission. We raise and bring people up, train them and then release and bless them for a mission. All churches, educational institutions, ministries, and sermons are complied with the missionary vision.

What is our message to the world?

Our message is the Gospel of the Kingdom.

What is the structure or the form of our church?

We build the Apostolic Church, which is described in the Bible in the book of Acts.

The signs of the Apostolic Church:

  • A large-scale church, which has many daughter churches.
  • A church that influences all sphere of society.
  • In the head of the church there is an apostle, who has a spiritual authority.
  • All churches have the same vision and teaching.
  • Churches are in contact with and fellowship with the Apostle during fasts, conferences, anniversaries and other general activities.

What is spiritual cover?

Spiritual cover has three levels of relationships with the Apostle:

  • friendly;
  • collaborators (teacher-disciple);
  • a father-son relationship.

We should strive to the main level – the father-son relationships. Only a true son can have the father’s cover.

The essence of cover is acceptance, bringing up, training, equipping and guidance towards the mission.

What is the role of the Missionary Center?

The Missionary Center is the strategic center of management of churches, and the executor of the missionary vision of God’s Embassy.

What is the role of regions?

The role of regions is to continue and spread the Gospel of the Kingdom, open educational centers, daughter churches and move in social projects.

What is the educational basis of the Embassy of God Church?

The Educational basis has three levels of education:

  • ABC or the primary education in the local churches.
  • a Bible school in a region, Joshua Bible School in Kiev or the Center of Personality Restoration and Society Transformation.
  • the pastors’ training school in Kiev.

What do we build in the Embassy of God?

We do not build a denomination or a structure but relationships. We also build outward relationships with other confessions, churches, and authorities.

What are our guidelines in God’s Embassy?

  • Freedom in the Holy Spirit, where everyone is free as a personality.
  • Authority of the Word of God.
  • Regulations or Charter of the Embassy of God Church
  • Unity in diversity. Ministries are different but the Spirit is one. We keep the uniqueness of every person and every church.
  • We raise others first. We do not promote or praise ourselves but others. Ministry is not a means to gain glory for oneself.

What is ministry for us?

We believe that ministry should be a lifestyle.

All our activities are ministry to God at any time and in any place.

Should a believer be a comprehensively developed person?

Yes, of course. We believe that a pastor (minister, believer) must be a comprehensively developed person. He must know much about the issues of the city and the country he lives in: the political situation, family and marriage, finance, etiquette; he should have a higher education, be a social activist, and know how to communicate in any level, and so on.

What is our attitude to business and politics?

Church is separated from politics and business, but church takes care of the souls of politicians and businessmen, for everyone needs God! Church prepares righteous and moral people, who will become politicians and businessmen and be guided by God’s commandments in their activities. We believe that the principles of the real democracy are based on the principles of the Kingdom of God.

What is our accountability?

The accountability includes:

  • statistics, testimonies, new ministries;
  • problems and difficulties, for which we should pray;
  • ministry and family issues, of which we should take care.

What are our current goals?

Our goal is for every church to open at least one more church, so that a representative of God’s Embassy would be in every area center.