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Ukrainian Cultural and Spiritual Center

Ukrainian Cultural and Spiritual Center is the contemporary symbol of revival of Ukrainian spirituality!

Every person has the chance from God to make history!

Only the best can become heroes! In most cases, everything great is invented by a person who dared to think in a different way: taking responsibility to create something extraordinary and non-existing before.

In the middle of the first century A.D., Apostle Andrew dared to prophesy the foundation of a great city. The prophecy came true, and wonderful city named in honour of its founder, Kiy – Kiev, was founded.

In the Primary Chronicle (by the monk Nestor) we read:” Do you see these hills? God’s grace will begin to shine upon these hills; there a great city with plenty of churches and the cross will be erected by God.”

In the year 988, Kiev as the “mother of Russian cities” became the place where Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich had christened Kiev Russ in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The new faith-Christianity was gradually spread all over the princely possessions of the future Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

Today we as the citizens of the country have ventured to proclaim that the New Ukrainian Cultural and Spiritual Center as the contemporary symbol of spiritual revival of Ukraine must appear in the ancient city Kiev, equally with gold-domed historical monuments of the Kiev Russ’s times.

The Ukrainian Cultural and Spiritual Center is the holy place for our salvation and enlightenment, our children, grandsons, and great grandsons!

The opportunity to build a temple is a privilege, as temples are not built often. Even king David did not have such an opportunity asking:” God, please bless me, and I will erect a temple in honour of Your Holy Name.”  God has answered to him:” No, your son Solomon will build a temple.”

As believers, we have been given an opportunity to build a contemporary monument to our God. The Cross on the place of which the contemporary monument of Christianity will be built is already erected! The Ukrainian Cultural and Spiritual Center will be constructed without any doubts! This prophecy will come true thanks to our common efforts! The Andrew’s church, like most other history monuments, was built by ordinary enthusiasts like we are. Both the wealthy and the poor were trying to make a major contribution to this Godly cause.

We have decided to renew this old forsaken tradition of sponsorship and invite all those who want to make history with this project of great historical importance. A memory book with the names of those who have believed in this idea and have taken active participation in the aforementioned project is under way.

The Avenue of glory, Wall of gratitude will be made, and each of the 35 halls in the building will be named by the names of individuals who have built it. This is a great opportunity to leave a worthy heritage for the forthcoming generations. Your name will go down in history of Ukraine!

Committee of UCSC’s construction
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