The History Makers Training with Pastor Sunday Adelaja

Do you sometimes wonder if God’s plans for your life would ever become reality?

Are reaching those desired goals proving a challenge?

Are you tired of the daily routine both in life and in ministry?

Are you seeking that shift necessary to help jump start your destiny?

Do you have a desire to maximize your efficiency and become more organized?



The History Makers Training (HMT) with Pastor Sunday Adelaja is a 7-day accelerated crash-course that

  • Is designed specifically with a view of releasing God`s dreams for your life.
  • Provides an extraordinary course of studies for every born again Christian.
  • Ensures life-long results by providing the training necessary to help revolutionize your approach to life and help attain those desired long-term goals.
  • Provides the experience that would otherwise take the equivalent of 30 years to acquire.
  • Focuses on Core Values and Kingdom Advancement methods.
  • Utilizes a range of strategies to help achieve those seemingly impossible goals.
  • Ensures each participant acquires and masters essential time management skills.
  • Employs unique tools to help maximize self-efficiency and increase self-discipline.
  • Provides strong tutorial support as well as professional feedback by experienced Mentors

Other thematic trainings conducted by Pastor Sunday include

  • Training for Men
  • Training for Women
  • Training for Parents
  • Training for Couples
  • Training for Singles
  • Training for the Youth (20-35 years old)
  • Training for Teenagers




The History Makers Training (HMT) is held in the city of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.


The History Makers Training is held twice a year. It is held once in April and once in November of each year. The next HMT is scheduled for November and will run from the 2nd to the 16th of November, 2015.


  1. The Application form must be fill in here: Application Form
  2. The course description, instructions upon arrival, cost of participation and the payment conditions will be sent to you upon the receipt of your application form.
  3. All compulsory assignments must be completed and sent to no later than two weeks before the course start. The compulsory assignments are as follows.

A. Read “ChurchShift” a book by Pastor Sunday Adelaja and answer the following questions.

  1. Write down 10-20 lessons that you learnt from the book.
    NOTE: A lesson – may not necessarily be one that is unfamiliar to you, but is one you do not currently apply in your life).
  2. Prove that this is a lesson for you. Use situations from your life to show that you have not applied these lessons before.
  3. How will you apply this lesson from now on? What will you do? Using the same examples from your life, write down how you are going to act in these situations going forward.

B. Listen to 5-10 sermons by Pastor Sunday Adelaja (these can be downloaded them from website) and answer the following questions for each sermon.

  1. State the lessons that you have learnt from this teaching.
  2. List the areas for self-improvement based on the lessons learnt.
  3. Explain how you will in turn develop yourself by implementing the lessons learnt. Describe your decisions, next steps and conclusions.


If you require a visa for visiting Ukraine, please message us at and we will provide you with the information.

Please note: USA and EU passport holders do not need visas for a short-term visit.

All detailed information about the course, instructions about arrival and other conditions will be sent in reply to your Application Form completed or after your request sent to our email

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the email address below

We must emphasize that it is an international program which has welcomed many people from around the world as participants, to be trained as leaders.

For example, in HMT here in Ukraine Dr. Sunday Adelaja has trained more than 500 British people, while in England more than 2000 British people were trained in History Makers School, London.

Unfortunately, now we can’t provide History Makers trainings because of the war in Ukraine. And HMT International leadership program’s head office was bombed by Russian army.

Dr. Sunday has been contributing immensely to the life of peoples and institutions in Europe. Many of his books are translated into English and other languages. He himself, his family and his team have been developing leaders in the UK, Germany, France, USA and other countries of the world but now all this have to stop because of the destruction of his offices and residence in Ukraine.