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Revelation of heaven and hell from Seven Columbian teenagers (part 2)

She begged the Lord more intensely to take her out of that place, “Lord, I am here for fornication, I have been here for 7 years, since I died from AIDS. I had six lovers, and I am here for fornication.” In hell she had to repeat her sin over and over. She had no rest day or night, suffering the same way all the time. She tried to extend her hands toward the Lord, but the Lord just told her, “Blanca, it is too late for you. Worms shall be your bed, and worms shall cover you.” (Isaiah 14:11). When the Lord said those words, a blanket of fire covered her, and I could no longer see her.

We continued walking, seeing thousands and thousands of people. There were young people, adults and elderly people suffering in torment. We arrived in a place that looked like a big swimming pool of fire, with thousands of men and women inside of it. Each of them had metal plate on their chest that read: “I am here for not giving tithes and offerings” When I read that, I asked the Lord, “Lord, how can this be possible, that people are here for this reason??” The Lord responded, “Yes, because these people thought that tithes and offerings were not important, when my Word shows it as a command.” In Malachi 3:8-9 it says “Will a man rob God? Yet you are robbing Me. But you say, ’How have we robbed Thee?’ In tithes and offerings. You are cursed with curse, for you are robbing Me, the whole nation of you.”

The Lord told me that when His people withhold their tithes, the works of the Lord stagnates and stops, and the Gospel is not be preached. People in this place suffered a thousand times worse than others, because they knew the Word of the Lord and disobeyed.

We continued walking and the Lord showed me a man. I could see from his waist to his head, and I started to have a vision of how he died. His name was Rogelio. He was in his car while a person got close to preach the gospel to him, and gave him a Bible. But Rogelio ignored that person’s warning and continued on his way, without knowing that a few minutes later his car would crash. It fell into a precipice, and he soon died.

The moment he crashed, the Bible opened to Revelation 21:8 “As for the cowardly, however, and the unbelieving, and the depraved, the murderers, the immoral, those practicing magic arts, and idolaters, and all liars- their lot is in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. This is the second death”. When Rogelio read this verse, he died and arrived in hell.

He had only been there one month and still had some flesh on his face. However, he was suffering like everybody else. At first, he did not know why he was in Hell. I think when that Christian got close to his car, it was the only and last chance for him to accept the Lord Jesus. The same way that many have had the opportunity to accept Him. Today, I invite you to open your heart to Jesus; He alone is the way, the truth, the life. (John 14:6) Only through Him we can be saved into the Kingdom of Heaven. (Acts 4:12) The Lord also asks us to follow His ways in holiness and honor. God bless you.

4th Testimony

God bless you brothers. When the Lord took my hand, I could see that I was standing on a rock, and behind us, I saw an angel. We began to go down through a tunnel with incredible speed. Quickly, I turned and saw that the angel was gone, and I felt so afraid. I asked the Lord, “Lord, where is the angel? Why is he not here anymore?” The Lord said, “He cannot go where we are about to go.”

We continued downward and then stopped abruptly, like an elevator. I saw several tunnels; and we went through the one my sister Sandra spoke about. The tunnel where people were hanging off of hooks by their heads, with shackles on their wrists. The wall that had people on it seemed infinitely long. Millions of people were hanging on it. They had worms all over their bodies. I looked ahead and saw that there was another wall, exactly the same as the other. I said to the Lord, “Lord! There are so many people in this place!” Instantly, a scripture verse entered my mind; one that I did not recognize. The Lord told me, “Hell and Sheol are always hungry.” (Proverbs 27:20)

We left there and soon arrived at a place we called, “The Valley of the cauldrons”. These cauldrons were full of a boiling mud, and we got close to one of them. The first person that I saw was a woman. Her body floated and sank with the boiling mud, but when the Lord looked at her, she stopped moving and remained suspended in the mud at waist-level. The Lord asked, “Woman what is your name?” She answered, “My name is Rubiela.”

Her hair was full of boiling mud and flesh hung from her bones, which were charred black from the fire. Worms entered through the holes of her eyes, came out from her mouth, entered again through her nose and exited her ears. When the worms could not enter, they simply made a hole to enter the other parts of the body, which caused indescribable pain.

She shouted, “Lord, please! Take me out of this place. Have mercy on me! I can not continue like this any longer! Make it stop Lord! I can not stand it any more! Please have mercy on me!” The Lord her why she was there. She said she was there because of vanity, which was the same word written on the metal plate on her chest. In her hand was a normal looking bottle, but to her it appeared to be a very expensive perfume. Rubella had to take the bottle, which was full of acid, and spray it all over her body. This caused, all the flesh that was sprayed to melt, causing her great pain.

She shouted to the Lord, “Lord please, have mercy on me! I can not be here any longer! Just a single second Lord.” I am not saying that it is a sin to use a perfume, but the Lord told us that the woman was there because of her perfume, as the Word of the Lord tells us in Deuteronomy 5:7 “You shall not have other gods before me.” She was there because her beauty, perfumes, and vanity were first place in her life. However, the Lord Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords! He has to be the first in your life; that is why she was there. With sadness, the Lord looked at her and said, “Rubiela, it is too late for you, worms shall be your bed, and worms shall cover you.” When the Lord said that, a blanket of fire totally covered her. While her body was being consumed inside that cauldron, she suffered horrible pain.

We then got far away from there and arrived at a place with giant doors. As we approached them, they opened for us. On the other side we saw a giant cavern. As I looked up I saw different color lights were moving like a cloud of smoke. Suddenly, we heard music; salsa, ballenato, rock, and different kinds of popular music that people hear on the radio. The Lord made a movement with His hand, and we saw millions and millions of people hung up with chains in their hands. They were jumping wildly over the fire.

The Lord looked at us and said: “Look, these are the wages for the dancers.” They had to jump wildly up and down to the beat of the music. If salsa was playing, they had to jump to that beat, if any other kind of music was playing, they had to jump to that beat. They could never stop jumping. But worse than that, their shoes had 6 inch spikes on the bottom. Whenever they jumped it would pierce their feet, and they never had a moment’s rest. When someone would try to stop, demons would come at once and stab them with spears, cursed them, and saying, “Praise him! This is your kingdom now, Praise Satan! Praise him! You can’t stop, praise him! Praise him! You have to praise him! You have to jump! You have to dance! You can not stop one single second.”

It was terrible that many of the people were Christians who knew the Lord, but they were in night clubs when they died. Maybe you are asking, “Where does it say in the Bible that it is wrong to dance?” In James 4:4, the Word of God says: “Do you not realize, you adulteresses, that friendship with the world is enmity toward God? Therefore, whoever determines to be a friend of the world becomes God’s enemy.” Also, in 1 John 2:15-17, “Neither love the world nor the things in the world. Whoever loves the world has not the Father’s love in his heart, because everything in the world, the passions of the flesh, the desires of the eyes, and the proud display of life have their origin not from the Father but from the world. And the world with its lust passes away, but he who does the will of God remains for ever.” Remember the world will pass away, all this will perish, but the one who does the will of God stands forever.

My friends and brothers, when we left this place, we saw something like bridges that divided hell into different sections of torment. We saw a spirit walking over a footbridge. It looked just like a doll that we have seen on the Earth; we call them Treasure Trolls. They have different color hair, with an old man’s face but a kid’s body; without sexual parts. Their eyes are full of evil. The Lord explained that these were spirits of loss. This spirit had a spear in his hands and was walking pompously on that footbridge, like a queen or like a pretty runway model.

As he walked, he stabbed people down below his spear. He would curse them saying, “Remember the day you were outside of a Christian church and you did not want to come inside? Remember the day they preached to you and you did not want to listen? Remember the day they gave you a gospel tract and you threw it away?” The lost souls would try to cover the area they used to have ears. They would reply to the demon, “Shut up! Shut up! Don’t tell me anymore! I don’t want to know more, shut up!” However, the evil spirit enjoyed doing that because of the pain it inflicted on the souls.

We continued walking with the Lord. Upon looking at a mass of people, we noticed one man was shouting louder than the others who were burning there. He was saying, “Father, Father, have mercy on me!” The Lord was not going to stop to look at this man, but when He heard the words “Father” He shook and turned around. Jesus looked at him and told him, “Father? You call me Father? No, I am not your Father and neither are you my son. If you were my son, you would be now with me in the Kingdom of Heaven. You are sons of your father the devil.” Immediately a blanket of fire raised and totally covered his body.

The Lord told us the story of this man’s life. The man called Him Father because he had known Him. He used to go to church and listen to God through His Word, and he had received many promises of God. So we asked, “What happened Lord? Why is he here then?” The Lord replied, “He was living a double life; he lived one way at home, and another at church. He thought in his heart, ’Well, there is no one that lives close to me, not the pastor or any other brother, so I can do whatever I want’. But he forgot that the eyes of the Lord are set on all our ways and that no one can lie or hide from the Lord.”

The Word of the Lord tells us, “Don’t lie to your selves God can not be deceived. Because everything a man sows, the same he will harvest.” (Galatians 6:7) This man was suffering a thousand times worse than others. He was paying a double condemnation: one for his sins, and one for thinking he could deceive the Lord.

Today, people try to rank the gravity of sins; they think that homosexuals, thieves, and murderers are greater sinners than liars or gossips. But in the eyes of the Lord, all these sins have the same weight and the same pay. The Bible tells us, “The wages of sin is death” “the soul that sins will die.” (Romans 6:23) (Ezekiel 18:20) My friends and brothers, I invite you now to accept Jesus’ invitation. Jesus is extending His hand of mercy to you if you repent. The Word of the Lord tells us that the one that changes his ways and repents will have mercy. It is much better to believe now, than to wait and find out the hard way later. God bless you.

5th Testimony

The Word of God tells us in Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

When we went down there, I felt the pain and experience of being dead. I was very frightened by what I saw. I realized there were many, many people there; all were shouting and crying out. It was total darkness, but with the presence of the Lord, the darkness disappeared. We saw thousands and thousands of souls all crying out for help and mercy. They cried out to the Lord to take them out of that place. We also felt great pain because we knew the Lord suffered tremendously whenever He saw them.

Many cried out to the Lord to take them out just for a minute, just for a second. The Lord would ask them, “Why do you want to go out?”, and they would answer, “Because I want to be saved! I want to repent and be saved!” However, it was too late for them.

Dear people that are listening to me now, now is the only opportunity to choose our eternal destination. You can either choose an eternal place of salvation, or an eternal place of condemnation.

We went down further. I saw that the floor we were walking on was being destroyed by fire, mud and flames were coming out of it. There was also a terrible smell everywhere. We felt so upset and nauseous from the smell and the shouts of all the people.

We saw a man, far away, who was waist deep in burning mud. Whenever he took out his arms, the flesh from his bones would fall off, into the mud. We could see a grey mist inside his skeleton, so we asked the Lord what it was. This type of mist was in every person in hell. The Lord told us it was their souls trapped inside of a sin body; like it is written in Revelation 14:11 “And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever; they have no rest day and night, those who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.”

We began to understand many things that we had been ignoring on Earth; most importantly, the clearest message was that our lives on Earth determine where we spend eternity.

As we walked hand in hand with the Lord, we realized the Hell had many different places with various levels of torment. We came to a place with many cells which contained tormented souls. The souls were being tormented by many types of demons. The demons would curse the souls, saying, “You cursed wretch, praise Satan! Serve him like you did when you were on Earth!” The souls suffered terribly from the worms; and the fire was like an acid over all their body.

We saw two men inside one prison cell, each had daggers in their hands and were stabbing each other. They would say to each other, “You cursed wretch! It’s because of you that I’m here! You made me come here because you blinded me to the truth and didn’t let me recognize the Lord! You didn’t let me receive Him! Many times I had the chance and you didn’t let me accept Him! That is why I’m here, tormented day and night!”

Through a vision, the Lord showed us their lives on Earth. We saw them in a bar together. An argument started which lead to a fight. They were already drunk. One of them took a broken bottle and the other pulled out a knife. They fought until each one was mortally wounded and died. The two men were doomed to repeat that scenario forever. They were also tormented by the memory that they had been best friends on the Earth, like brothers in their love for each other.

I want to tell you today, there is just one real friend, and His name is Jesus of Nazareth. He is the real friend. He is the faithful friend, who is with you at every moment.

As we continued walking and we saw a woman inside another cell, she was rolling over in the mud. Her hair was all messed up and full of mud. Inside the same cell was a big and fat snake. It move close to her, surrounded her body, and went inside of her starting with her lower parts. She was forced to have sexual contact with that snake. In that place all the men and women that lived in fornication were forced to repeat it there. However, they had to do it with snakes covered with 6 inch spikes. The snake destroyed her body every time it went inside of her. She cried out to the Lord and asked Him to stop it. She did not want to suffer any more. “Make it stop! I won’t do it again! Please! Make it stop!” she begged the Lord as the snake came inside and destroyed her body over and over again.

We tried to cover our ears to her cries but we could still hear her. We tried even harder to cover our ears, but that didn’t help. We said the Lord, “Please Lord we don’t want to see and hear to this anymore! please!” The Lord said, “It is necessary that you see this, so you can tell the rest, because my people are being destroyed, my people are ignoring the true salvation, the true road to the salvation.”

We continued walking and we saw a giant lake with thousand and thousands of people in the midst of flames. They waved their hands asking for help, but there were many demons flying over that place. These demons used spears with S-curved spearheads to hurt all the people burning in that lake. The demons mocked and cursed them saying, “You cursed wretch! Now you must worship Satan! Praise him, praise him as you did when you were on the Earth!” There were thousands and thousands of people. We were so scared, we felt that if we did not hold the Lord’s hand we would be left in that horrifying place. We were terrified from the things we were feeling.

In the distance we saw a man standing up, who was very great pain and agony. He had two demons flying over him, tormenting him. They would dig their spears inside his body and take out his ribs. They also made fun of him all the time. Even further, the Lord showed me that he was tormented from always worrying about the family he had left on the Earth. The man didn’t want his family to arrive in the same place of torment. He was worried because he never gave them the message of salvation. He was tormented because he remembered that they once had the chance to receive this message. He was a very important person to give this message to his family, but he preferred to ignore it, and now he was worried about his sons and his wife.

The torment continued as the demons cut off his arms, he fell into the burning mud. Because of the pain from the burning mud, he wiggled like a worm from one place to another. His flesh fell from his bones because of the heat. He then started to slither like a snake, trying to get out of there. But every time he tried to go, the demons pushed him back and he went deeper inside the mud.

We then saw a number of demons in one place. Something caught my attention, I noticed that one of the demons was missing a wing. I asked the Lord, “Lord, why is this demon missing one wing?” The Lord said, “That demon was sent up to the Earth with one purpose, but he did not accomplish his task, and he was cast back to the Hell by one of the servants of God. Then came Satan and punished him, and cut off one of his wings.” Then we understood that as Christians, we have all authority and power in the Name of Jesus to cast out all demons and principalities.

Dear friends that are listening these words right now, this testimony is not for condemnation but salvation; so you can test yourself and see the condition of your heart before the Lord. This is so that you can change your ways, for salvation and not for condemnation. Right now, lift your heart before the Lord and confess your sins, so if the Lord came at this moment you could go with Him instead of going to that place of torment where there is crying and gnashing of teeth. There, you will really understand why Jesus paid such a high price at Calvary’s cross.

We saw many people in Hell who were ignorant of why they were there. Their lives were full of activities that they didn’t think were sins. Dear friend, test yourself! Do not think that lying, stealing, being vain are okay things to do! These are all sin before the eyes of the Lord! Dear brothers, turn away and stop doing these things! I’m giving you this message so you can stop willfully sinning, and look even more to the face of the Lord.

6th Testimony

Psalms 62:12 “And Thee, O Lord, belongs covenant love, for Thou rewardest every man according to his work”

On the morning the Lord visited us in that room, He took us by the hand and we started to go down. My heart was totally full of fear, I can’t even describe it. I just knew that I could not loosen the hand of my Savior. I felt that Jesus was my Life and my Light and all my hope was in Him; otherwise I would be left behind in that place. I never thought that I would ever go to that place. I didn’t even believe such a place existed. Even as a Christian, I had always thought that purgatory was Hell, but God showed me the reality of Hell.

When we arrived in Hell, I felt the place shook. And all the demons there ran to hide, because not one of them could endure the presence of the Lord. We heard the captive souls shout even louder, because they knew that Jesus of Nazareth was there. They all knew that there was just one person that could possibly get them out. They had that hope, even though it was a false hope.

We walked hand in hand with Jesus, and arrived at the section of fornication. Jesus turned to look at a woman who was totally covered with the fire. When Jesus saw her, she started to go out slowly from the fire, although her sufferings never stepped. We could see she was totally naked and saw all of her physical characteristics. Her body was totally dirty, and she stunk. Her hair was all messed up, and she had a yellowish green mud on her. She had no eyes and her lips were falling to pieces. She had no ears, just the holes. With her hands, which were bones charred black, she took the flesh that was falling from her face and tried to put it back on. But this gave her even worse pain.

She then shook and shouted even more; her shouts never ended. She was full of worms, and there was a serpent wrapped around in her arm. It was very thick and had thorns around its body. She had the number 666 engraved on her body; the number of the Beast mentioned in the book of Revelation. (Revelations 4:9-11) She also had a metal plate embedded on her chest, made from some unknown metal, it was never consumed by the fire. On the plate was something written in a strange language, but we could understand what was written on it. It read, “I am here because of fornication.”

When Jesus saw her He asked her, “Elena, why are you in this place?” While Elena was answering the Lord her body twisted with the pain of her torments. She said that she was there because of fornication. She asked the Lord for forgiveness over and over again.

Then we started to see the event of her death. When she died, she was having sex with one of her lovers, because she thought that the person she was living with was gone on a trip. However, he came back from his job and found her in bed with someone else. He then went to the kitchen and took a big knife and stuck it in Elena’s back. She died and was taken to Hell, exactly the way she died; totally naked.

In Hell, everything materialized and she still had that big knife in her back, causing her great pain. By this time, she had already been in Hell 7 years and she could remember each moment of her life and death. She also remembered when someone tried to preach to her about Jesus; that He was the only one who could save her. But now it was too late for her and everyone else in Hell.

The Word of the Lord is talks a lot about fornication, and it is very clear. Fornication is having sexual relationships outside of marriage. 1 Corinthians 6:13 “Food for the stomach and the stomach for food, but God will destroy both of them. The body is not for lost but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body.” also in 1 Corinthians 6:18 “Shun sexual immorality. All other sin a person commits outside the body, but the immoral person sins against his own body.”

When Jesus finished talking with her, she was covered with a big blanket of fire and we could no longer see her. But we heard the sound of her flesh burning and those horrifying screams, I can’t even describe them with words.

As we continued to walk with the Lord, He showed us all the people there: the idol worshipers, those who used and practiced witchcraft, the immoral, adulterers, liars, and homosexuals. We were very scared, the only thing we wanted to do was leave. But Jesus kept saying that it was necessary to look so we could tell others, so they might believe.

We continued with Jesus, holding His hand even tighter. We came to section that really made an impression on me. We saw a young man, 23 years old, suspended waist-high in the middle of a fire. We couldn’t see exactly what his torment was, but the number 666 was engraved on him. He also had a metal plate on his chest that read, “I am here for being normal.” When he saw Jesus, he extended his hand towards Jesus begging for mercy. The Word of God says in Proverbs 14:12 “There is a way that seems right to a person, but its end is the way of death.”

When we read in that plate “I am here for being normal”, we asked the Lord, “Lord, how come!? Is this possible that a person can come to this place for this reason?” Then Jesus asked him, “Andrew, why are you here in this place?” He answer, “Jesus, when I was on Earth, I thought that just killing and stealing were sins, and that is why I never tried to get close to you.” In Psalms 9:17 is says “The wicked shall be turned into Sheol, all the heathen that forget God.”

Andrew made a big mistake by classifying sins, like many people do today. The Bible is very clear when it says that the wages of the sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. (Romans 6:23) Further, when the Bible talks about sin, it never classifies sins, because all of them are just sins. Andrew had the chance to know and accept Jesus, because he recognized that himself, but he didn’t take the opportunity that God had given to him. Maybe he had a thousand opportunities to know the Lord, but he never wanted to know Him and that was the reason he was there. Then a big blanket of fire covered his body and we never saw him again.

We continued walking with Jesus. In the distance we saw something falling down, like chunks of material. When we got closer, we saw that it was people that were falling into Hell at that moment. People that just died on the Earth without having accepted Jesus Christ in their hearts, they were arriving in Hell.

We saw a young man, many demons ran towards him and began to destroy his body. Immediately his body began to fill with worms. He shouted, “No! What is this? Stop! I don’t want to be in this place! Stop it! This must be a dream! Take me out of this place!” He didn’t even know that he was dead, and that he died without Jesus in his heart. The demons were making fun of him and always tormenting his body. Then the number 666 appeared on his forehead, and a metal plate on his chest. Even if we couldn’t see the reason he came to Hell, we knew for sure that he would never get out again.

The Lord told us that the torments of all these people in Hell would be even stronger on the day of the Judgment. If they are suffering in such a terrible and horrifying way now I can’t imagine how will they suffer after the day of the Judgment.

We didn’t see any children there. We just saw thousands and thousands of young people; men and women of many nationalities. Nevertheless, in hell there are no more nationalities or social levels, all come to be tormented and punished. There was one thing that everybody wanted, and that was a chance to go out, at least for a second. They also wanted to have one drop of water to refresh their tongues, like the story of the rich man in the Bible. (Luke 16:19) But this wasn’t possible anymore, they choose where they wanted to spend their eternity. They decided to spend it without God. God never sends anyone to the Hell, everyone arrives there according to their own acts. In Galatians 6:7 “Make no mistake, God will not be mocked. What a person sows, that he will harvest as well.”

Today you have the great opportunity to change your eternal destiny. Jesus is still available now, and the Bible says that while we have life we have also hope. Today you have life, don’t miss this opportunity, it can be the last one.

God bless you.

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