Time. Clock.
Where will you spend eternity?

Read it… especially if you are very busy!

Satan has called together a convention of his demons and gave the following speech: “We cannot forbid Christians to go to church. We cannot forbid them to read the Bible. We cannot forbid them to communicate with God in prayer. As they connect to Christ, we lose our power over them. So let them go to their churches. Instead, we shall steal their time so that they will always be BUSY and will not be able to pray, repent of their sins and develop their relationship with Christ”.

“That is what you must do”, – said the Devil. “You must prevent them from connecting to God”.
“How should we do it?” – screamed demons.

“Keep them busy with trifles, find the ways to preoccupy their minds busy with unnecessary things and fill their minds with desire of enrichment. Let them strive to earn more and more money to buy cars, apartments and houses. Let them earn more and more money to go to restaurants and cafes, to buy expensive and fashionable clothes, to renovate and expensively furnish their apartments. Tempt them to spend, spend and borrow, take long-term loans and sell themselves into bondage to the banks. When they are eager for their own enrichment, they will not need Christ…

Persuade their wives to stay at work late. Persuade husbands to work 6-7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day so that they could not spend time with their family and educate their children. Do not let them spend time with their children so that their children turn to the streets full of bad influences. The children will not succeed at school and as a result they will not succeed in life. Then their families will be destroyed, they will become lonely, and we will help them become addicts.

Make them spend more time at their computers and televisions so that they do not have time to pray.
Make sure that every store and every restaurant plays secular sinful songs. It will block their mind and destroy their unity with Christ…

Place plenty of magazines and newspapers on the tables of every café. Bombard their mind with news and commercials 24 hours a day. Surround them with a sea of billboards. Fill their postboxes with advertisements, catalogues, information, offers of free products, services and false hope.

Let them see beautiful skinny models in magazines and television so that they will believe that outer beauty is the most important thing and they would not be satisfied with their wives. Make their wives exhausted so they would not love their husbands at night, and husbands would seek love in other places. It will destroy their families very fast.

At Easter and Christmas distract them with feasts, parties, and TV concerts so that they forget to teach their children about true meaning of those spiritual celebrations.

Let them be tired after holidays. Make them be always busy, too busy to go out into nature, to enjoy God’s creation. Instead of it send them to entertainment parks, sports events, games, concerts and cinemas.

Let all Christians be always BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!

Fill their life with so many good works so that they would not have time to seek strength from Jesus.

Very soon they will live and work, relying on themselves alone, sacrificing their health and their families to their business and money. It will work! It is an excellent plan!

The demons went to complete the task, making Christians be busy everywhere, be in a hurry here and there without having enough time for God, for prayers and for their families.
Has the Devil succeeded in his plan? You be the judge!

Pass this information to other people, unless of course you are too BUSY?

Translated by Irina Belenkaya
Edited by Natasha Ioffe

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