Mary Kathryn Baxter
Where will you spend eternity?

A Divine Revelation of Hell (by Mary K. Baxter)

Chapter 21

False Religion

The Lord said, “If the people of the earth will listen to Me and repent of their sins, I will hold back the workings of the Antichrist and the beast till there comes a time of refreshing. Didn’t the people of Nineveh repent at the preaching of Jonah? I am the same yesterday, today and forever. Repent, and I will send a time of blessing.”

Then I heard Jesus say, “My people should love one another and help one another. They must hate sin and love the sinner. By this love shall all men know that you are My disciples.”

As Jesus spoke, the earth opened, and we were back in hell. I saw a hillside filled with dead tree trunks, and all around it was gray dirt. I saw also small pits in the side of the hill, and the gray forms of people walking and talking.

I followed Jesus on’ a very crooked and dirty trail that led up the side of the gray hill. As we drew nearer, I saw that the people were whole, but dead. They were composed of gray, dead flesh, and they were bound together with a rope of bondage, a kind of cord of gray matter that wound around and around and all about the people on the hill. While there was no fire in sight, I knew that this was a part of hell, for dead flesh fell from the bones of the people there and then grew back really fast. Death was everywhere, but the people did not seem to notice-they were deeply engrossed in conversation.

Jesus said, “Let’s listen to what they’re saying.”

One man said to another, “Did you hear about this man Jesus who came to take away sin?”

Another responded, “I know Jesus. He washed my sins away. In fact, I don’t know what I’m doing here. “

“Nor do I,” said the first man.

Another said, “I tried to witness to my neighbor about Jesus, but he wouldn’t even listen. When his wife died, he came to me to borrow the money for her funeral, but I remembered that Jesus had said we should be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. So I turned him away. I knew he would spend the money for something else anyway. We have to be good stewards of our money, you know.”

The first man who had spoken now spoke again. “Yes, brother,” he said, “a boy at our church needed clothes and shoes, but his father drinks,’ so I refused to buy anything for his son-we really taught that man a lesson.”

“Well,” said another man, as he held the rope of bondage in his hands and twisted it all about him nervously, “we must always teach others to live like Jesus. That man had no right to drink. Let him suffer. “

Jesus said, “O foolish people and slow of heart, awaken to the truth, and love one another with fervent love. Help the helpless. Give to those in need without any thought of getting anything in return.”

“If you will repent, O earth, I will bless you and not curse you. Awaken from your sleep, and come unto Me. Humble yourselves and bow your hearts before Me, and I will come and live with you. You will be My people, and I will be your God.”

5 thoughts on “A Divine Revelation of Hell (by Mary K. Baxter)

  1. Thanks ma for this revelation,am evangelist alade richard from nigeria i want god to use me also to globally to win soul for him.i saw jesus telling me to evangelise how can you help me as a mentor.thanks ma.

  2. Today is my first day of coming across this message.
    This post, is it not contradicting what the bible says? I could remember bible says The Dead Will Get Up at the Rapture, or One of the Resurrections
    When a person dies, he goes to Sheol (the grave; the state of death), and returns to dust. Therefore, the Bible rightly directs our attention to the Rapture or resurrection, which is when people will be raised to life.
    Please how can you explain further for me?

  3. I am bro IFEANYICHUKWU BONIFACE from Imo State,Nigeria in fact my soul is revive by this your testimony and I want to be part of Jesus witness what I need now is your prayer that God will me to witness for Him.

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