Pastor Sunday Adelaja and Tatyana Shurayts

Tatyana Shuraits: I was such a fool… (Part 2)

I have never in my life felt as much pleasure as I do now!

My heart is full of love and joy … I do not know how long it will continue boiling inside me, but I would like it not to end. I think that it will continue, but will continue in different ways. I want to keep this thirst, and to preserve this delight. The main thing is to not get used to it, and to not make it into a mundane and ordinary occurrence … I want this freshness to be preserved, for this thirst to never stop, and for the precious things I have not to be taken for granted. I will try my best to preserve this state, because it is something heavenly here on earth.

Thank you for your reception. When I went into the room you assigned me at the History Makers Training, I became numb and probably temporarily turned into a pillar. I could not move. And again, tears came … And I started thinking: What kind of love is my leader giving me ?..This love is exactly like the love shown at the meeting of the father and his “prodigal son” … Thank you for giving me this History Makers Training! This is a real gift! This is the feast that the father prepared for his son that returned home. My heart is overflowing with gratitude to you! I cannot get enough of the Word that I am hearing for some days on now. After getting home, I again started listening to your teachings. I cannot stop …

Today, I held the second service in the church. I started with the topic of “Potential,” I spoke about my impressions, and about my excitement concerning the retreat. I passed that to my people. The book “Who Am I? Why Am I Here?: How to Discover Your Purpose and Calling in Life?” was sold out. The people have already begun to read, and there are nice reviews about the book… My little lambs, in following me, have started to listen to the leadership schools. So all is well!

I have started listening to the second leadership school already. I have listened to three parts. My impressions; immediately I was frightened. I am this behind … Honestly. I was upset, and I will explain why. I was thinking about all your successful disciples, with results, and I saw myself as a person with the eyes of a grasshopper: all the others are giants, and I am small.

What was my mistake? I did not objectively analyze my resource and what I have today, and therefore I was frightened. What will I do? The fact that I had not been among intelligent people for a long time also took its toll. I connected with them only through their books and sermons. And I perceived, like never before, the importance of live communication. So, at first I was simply confused when I heard such a format of teaching and such clear and accurate speeches from your people.

Coming home after the meeting, I immediately started doing the assignments. Pastor, can you imagine, when I got to the 6th point, there was a phone call, I was distracted, and lost the letter I was writing on the computer, it just disappeared. I mistakenly pressed the wrong key. But do you know what I did? I corrected the situation. I wrote it again. It was faster to do the second time, so I immersed myself in this topic. The main thing is to persevere and get things done, and so just now I sent my work to be graded.

I, as a child, am writing to my father about my achievements and I am sharing the joy of my first little victories. I have started to listen to the next leadership school about strategic thinking. You know, pastor, I felt like an idiot. There, your disciples spoke so well on the topic – it was like in a university! I was so inexperienced and unknowledgeable in the topic! But I refuse to be a grasshopper. I will do my best to make up for the lost years! I will catch up! What an incredible approach! Pastor, you are just a genius! You have gone so far and so deep! And it’s all so interesting!

I also want to talk about my impressions from the service on Saturday. You said something that got me thinking again. You said that mentoring is a corridor, and it is impossible to get lost in it. I realized what had happened to me. I did not have this corridor, there was no clearly marked path. When we are under leadership, we do not even notice this corridor, we calmly go and think that we are the ones that are such adroit “great guides.” But the truth is … What can I say ?! This is very serious!

Dear Pastor! I once again want to thank you for this celebration that you have given me this week. I am so happy! I feel so light. I just came back to my father’s house. You are the father. And this is true! You were able to do it! And this is not easy!

You are truly a giant! This place is no longer a church, it is a nuclear bomb for the devil. I saw a completely different church upon returning, and I am so glad that this is my church. You have no idea, pastor, with what feelings I am writing this to you.

At first I met incredible love from your side, thank you for your kind heart, then from Pastor Natasha, from Pastor Victoria, and then from people I do not even know … That touched me so much. Can anyone find a word to express it?! People approached me and said that I didn’t know them, but they knew me, and that they loved me, that they were expecting me, and that they believed that I would return… How could one take all of this in?! Tears are pouring from my eyes and that is it. To think – People believed in you even when you yourself did not believe. It is so amazing!

When I began to listen to the leadership schools, I knew that there was nothing surprising about your level, but I was surprised by the topics. They are very powerful! I was especially pleased because I had already started teaching about thinking, consciousness and subconsciousness in the Center for Personality Restoration, that we should not just be believers, but also personalities. And it was so awesome to hear these topics from you.

I will continue my thought. I was thoroughly astounded at the level of your disciples. Their speech, ability to express their thoughts, their manner … This list could go on forever. I never saw such brilliance up close, I only dreamed about it. Pastor! I returned exactly on time! After all, this is now mine! I saw a church in God’s love and in God’s wisdom. It is so wonderful! What a balance! These are the two wings necessary to fly: the heart and the head.

You were not lying when you said that we, the first disciples, did not receive such a relationship with you as the new generation of the church receives today. We are jealous of them in a good-natured way. We were very much focused on the work. Those were the times. And there is nothing one can do about it. There is growth in everything. And so you cannot imagine, pastor, what a joy it is to have you so close, so dear, so beloved and loving…

And again many, many thanks! How good it is that you exist… I am missing you already, I want to come to you as soon as possible, to your island of the Kingdom of God.

I love you very much!
Your Tanya.

Tatyana Shuraits: Return

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