Myles Munroe and Sunday Adelaja
Central Church


I, like most dwellers of our planet woke up to this crude and shocking news that Dr.Myles Munroe and his beloved wife Ruth have left this earth in a tragic plane crash.

Dr.Myles and his wife have impacted my life, ministry and our whole Russian speaking world in such a way that it`s difficult to imagine.

Dr.Myles Munroe was not just a Pastor, Teacher and Minister of the gospel. Dr.Myles was first of all a Man, he was a real man, a complete person, a genuine human being. He is a man that genuinely worked hard to transform himself so much that he reflects the image and likeness of God. Myles Munroe makes you feel like you are his peer. He makes you feel welcome, he does everything to make you feel at home.

I feel I should share the story of the first time I met him in 1999. He and Ruth came to our ministry here at the Embassy of God, Kiev, Ukraine, for the very first time. However a few days before his arrival I was down with chickenpox. Of course, with that kind of infection I needed to be isolated. But Dr.Myles insisted on seeing me and when he came into the room I asked him to stay away from me since I did not want him to get infected, but instead of  that, he came right at me hugging me. What he said was even more amazing. He said: “…rub those wounds on my skin, rub your body against my body because we are brothers, we are covenant brothers, we are brothers keepers”, he said,“let your problem become my problem, let your challenge become my challenge, let`s share this chickenpox together, let`s carry the burden together…” I was like WHAT!!! What is this man doing? But from that day Myles Munroe won my heart, he quickly became one of my closest Friends on earth, a Confidant, Teacher, Senior Brother, Colleague, Partner, and just a Trusted Friend.

Then a day later, when the conference began I made another discovery of this ONE IN A LIFETIME PERSONALITY. I discovered that Myles Munroe is a Teacher, at first I was perplexed that even though I never heard this man and I think he never heard me, but yet how come we are talking the same language? I never heard anybody preaching such a similar message as I preached. To hear Dr.Myles Munroe do it with such brilliance and eloquence totally impressed me. I think preachers will understand me when I say, at a point you get to a place when it is difficult to find who to listen to, but from that week till date Myles Munroe became one of a few people in the world whom I can readily listen to and take away something for myself.

Myles Munroe, oh, did he shake my world!!!  After his messages, testimonies and words in our church I vowed to discover God for myself in a new way, he sparked a new hunger in me, that drove me to God and self-education like never before, after which my ministry took to a totally different dimension. We started to have social, economic and political influence, just as he taught us. Members of our church began to discover and pursue their purpose, – and then the explosion began.

Let me tell you another story about the humanity of this great giant of God. Each time I met Dr.Myles, you won`t believe this, but he runs towards me with his arms wide opened like for a warm embrace, then falls on his knees with his head bowed down. This is one of the biggest acts of humility you will ever see, especially coming from such a renowned personality like Dr.Myles Munroe.

Dr.Myles paid a great price to keep coming to Ukraine to help us build a world-class church. He was embarrassed many times by the customs at the point of entrance, yet, brotherly love prevailed on him to overlook all the hindrances and challenges that it takes to partner with a brother and to help a friend. When the attacks on me and our church from the Ukrainian government became very fierce with all forms of false accusations, allegations, court cases and threats, Dr.Myles was constantly keeping in touch despite his busy schedule to assure us of his prayers. Even though I could not travel out of Ukraine of late, Dr.Myles was always sending messages to find out how I was doing etc.

The last I heard of Myles Munroe was last month when he sent a message through a common friend who was visiting Ukraine from Israel where Dr.Myles was speaking. He wanted me to know he was coming to see me soon and he said, “tell Pastor Sunday, he is the most strategic person I have ever met, I will be with him there soon”…

Today I discovered that I am no more going to be privileged to receive the embrace of my brother anymore on this side of the ocean.

Dr.Myles, as it were, I can see that you are no more the one going to be with me soon, but rather I soon will be with you, – in our heavenly Father`s home.

Rest in peace my Friend

Rest in peace my Brother

Rest in peace my Confidant

Rest in peace my Inspiration

Rest in peace God`s General

Rest in peace Teacher of men

Rest in peace the Man of purpose.

You have lived a full life, poured out to humanity, great shall be your reward. Rest well, Dr.Myles Munroe. Adieu, Dr.Ruth Munroe, until we all meet again at the bosom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Your Friend and Brother,

Pastor Sunday and Bose Adelaja

Kiev, Ukraine

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