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Dj Light: I take the maximum from life!

Dj Light is certainly the brightest and most talented representative of show business in DJing in Ukraine. He has won the prestigious “Best DJ Medoff Nightlife Awards”, is a resident of the glamour clubs from Kiev to Monte-Carlo, as well as the author of numerous popular remixes. Only his performances in clubs collects a record number of people on the dance floor and ensures the success of any party. Each new mix of the creator – it’s emotional, filled with a succession of ups and downs immersion into the world of modern dance music.

– Vadim, where did your passion for Djing come from? How did a desire to play come?

– I loved music since my childhood. From the time I was 16, my friends and I were arranging a variety of discos. At that time no one had heard about plates (records), so we used to use a music tape.

My official career in clubs and with a stage name started when I was about 20 years old. Each moment in time carries its own opportunity. I was closely connected to music and raised around it. To be more specific, it was sound control activity. I started creating music on my computer and made progress. Eventually, I became acquainted with a DJ who shared similar experiences as me. It was like I taught him to create music using a computer and he taught me how to work with plates (records). I followed my way step by step. I was 18 years old.

– Why did you choose the stage name “Light”?

– Every name has a meaning. As a believer, I often read the Bible, and often ran into the Savior’s words: “You are the Light of the World.” Realizing the point of the scripture, I saw that the key word is  “light” , and so from that point on I decided to use that name.

–  Djing has been your profession for a long time. Do you plan to do it for some time more or do you have other plans for the future?

– I write music, build a music studio at home. Before the crisis, I invested money into land and real estate. Today I want to stick to the musical activities. I have quite a lot of desires and ambitions that are directly related to music. I’m thinking about producing and much more … If I go in this direction, it is unlikely that I would become a mason, though all things are possible 🙂

– Vadim, tell us about your musical tastes. What do you listen to in your leisure time or whilst driving ?

– Sometimes, I listen to spiritual audio books, books on personal development, information that is edifying and that helps a person to follow the right path. I listen to sermons by pastors. One needs to develop not only physically and intellectually, but spiritually also. Unfortunately, the spiritual food is not particularly popular among young people at the moment. The human spirit needs food, and so I endeavor to eat it.

– Do you have any interest in fictitious books?

– To be honest, I do not have enough time for that. I sleep for 5-6 hours. All of the time I spend awake is engaged in professional music lessons. If I was not approaching this matter with such  commitment, then you would not interview me tomorrow 🙂

– How do your parents take your work?

– They have grown accustomed to it now, but when I first started DJing, they did not share my interest, because they believed that DJing did not qualify as a real profession. Over time, they saw that the difficulties that arose in the way of my career toughened me and made me a stronger person. Today my mother is happy that I’m doing things I love and advancing towards to my dream. If a person has a dream, then he must try hard to realize it.

– When do DJ’s normally retire?

– I am still too young to think about retirement, but of course occupational injury in DJing exists. The most serious problem that threatens DJ’s it is hearing loss. Loud music over a period of ten years can turn a healthy person to disabled one. Young DJs should understand that it is necessary to protect their ears. While you are young, you do not notice the first signs of sound distortion, but injuries can later prove to be very harmful.

– Does DJ have a work record card?

– I have:) It’s hard enough to take notes when you work in several clubs per night, so I chose another way. I am an entrepreneur; my work is related to the rendering of services. In some clubs I work as a sound engineer.

– How do you spend your free time?

– If I had free time … Frankly speaking, I have no free time. Now in addition to professional activities, I have engaged in building a house and I am the foreman the builder, and the deliverer of construction materials. I have absolutely no free time. I reckon I’ll have a rest after retirement. While I am young, I want to maximize the youthfulness of my life.

– Do you love to travel?

– Of course. I visit Egypt every month, working in a night club called “Pasha”. I do lots of flying. It is very tiring, but I’m not complaining. This is the normal way of life, in fact – this is just the beginning!

– What is your favorite vacation place?

– I like Monte Carlo. To be honest, I do not really like the people, they are somewhat haughty. If you ask someone to take a picture of you, the reaction may be very different. But the city is very cool, clean and beautiful.

–  Maybe you will live there after your retirement 🙂

– Yes, that would be nice! I would just need to work very hard towards that. But a good idea!

– Do people often recognize you on the streets?

– Yes, quite often. I am pleased to give autographs to everyone and take it as a normality. If the kind words written by me can make someone happy at least for a moment, then why not  use such an opportunity? I know people who principally do not give autographs, nor take pictures … I am not on of them..

– Do you have a muse?

– Yes 🙂

– Is it your beautiful wife Julia!? She is “Miss Donbass 2004”

– Yes!

– Tell us how you met each other?

– Well, we met at the disco, I saw her and knew right there that she is my other half. She is certainly my muse. Julia helps me a lot and gives me advice … I am very grateful to her and happy that God sent her to me.

– What annoys you about people?

– I try not to pay attention to people’s  shortcomings. We all have some negative aspects. Sometimes it manifests more or less in different people. No one is perfect, only God. If I will be partial to someone, then how can God accept me with anger in my heart? I try to remain neutral and not get irritated with trivialities.

– Which party you remember most of all?

– Oh, there were so many that it is impossible to single out one … Great party – this is a party, after which I feel pleasure. Because there is an invisible substance called “good.” Different people come to clubs with different moods. If I create a happy tone instead, that means the party was successful. But when you just play and the time drags on, it is complicated for sure. Sometimes it happens too. People are very sensitive to music, they capture the state of mind of a DJ and absorb it, so I put the task of giving light and positivity. God helps me, He gives hope and love, and I like a conductor, am trying to give that to my audience.

– Do you have depression some times?

– I have no depression but small disturbances.

– How do you cope with it?

– I go to God, and we resolve the problem. More than every problem there is a bigger problem. I think about the complicacy that other people have versus  my own, so-called problems just dim against the background. Life consists of challenges. There is no person that lives without challenges. Life without problems – it is a myth, an illusion. One just needs to know how to respond to them, to look for positive aspects in any negative situations, and thus does not to exacerbate the situation.

– Surely, it is no secret that every icon of show business, from designers to broadcasters tries DJing. How do you feel about amateurs? Do you see them as competition?

– I just see them as normal. “There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star different from another.” For me there is no concept of competition, we are all links in a chain. When I hear good music, I admire a man who so deeply felt it and has given a new life.

– What do you think? Does DJing in Ukraine have a future?

– Of course, as long as people have money and are ready to spend it in the clubs, this culture will grow and be fruitful. I do not like to play at drunken parties. I want to play in clubs where no alcohol is sold.

– Do you remember your first performance?

– Of course! I smile remembering that. We arranged discos, and we needed a vivid scenic appearance. I had a trendy warm ski suit. As we say, the heat is nothing, image is everything! I wore that attire during summer, “dying” from the heat, but looked very cool and creative! Now it is funny to think about, but then it looked very cool!

Interviewed by Jana Rusina

Translated by Anna Krets
Edited by Kizito Leacock

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