Pastor Sunday Adelaja

Pastor Sunday is a real Jeasus freak

I’ve tried to study Pastor’s Sunday life. Here are some of my observations.

1. True and sincere devotion to God, total and unconditional devotion to Jesus Christ, keenness to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and passion for God

Pastor Sunday is a real Jesus freak. He is a worthy, obedient, diligent and faithful disciple of the Great Teacher!

Pastor Sunday:”By the time I leave this earth, I would like my characteristics and behavior to be so much like God’s that people would not be able to distinguish between my deeds and the deeds of Jesus Christ”.

2. Very serious and responsible attitude to the Great Commission, very vision oriented, totally devoted to spreading the Kingdom of God all over the world!

Pastor Sunday:” I am keen to use every day as much as possible for God”.

3. Amazing love for people, interest in their destiny, real aid and assistance to people in resolving their personal problems and challenges, sincere desire and dedication to enabling each person obtain salvation and succeed here on earth!

Pastor Sunday:”I see myself in every person. Till the end of my life I have a strong commitment never to ignore or pass by anyone or treat anyone as unimportant. . I will always love and give my life”.

4. Pastor Sunday is not building a church around himself and a chosen elite, but he is doing everything possible so that everyone will be able to serve God, grow, and become great!

Pastor Sunday: ”We will get everyone engaged, even if we have ten thousand people!”(1995)

What pastor will say this and actually strive to do it?! Moreover, usual pastors or leaders try to raise themselves, become famous, and reach success, but Pastor Sunday has completely given his life to see to it that each one of us do not just get saved, become a member of a church, and some kind of insignificant minister, but that each of us become a great History Maker!

Pastor Sunday is already a great History Maker, and we are so grateful to You, Pastor, that you are raising us to your height! Pastor Sunday says “You can love or hate me, but I am convinced that I am a History Maker. I am not only making history, but I am also raising other History Makers!”

5. Actually, having met Pastor Sunday you cannot stay the same!

He helps each person to find and fulfill his calling! He opens to us a marvelous revelation that we are kings, priests, warriors of Christ, and God’s ambassadors! His understanding, principles and attitude toward all areas of life (God, family, work, friendship, finances, self-discipline, attitude to people and circumstances etc.) is extremely wise, deep, unique, filled with God’s love and the desire to imitate God at every step!

6. Pastor Sunday teaches us to think!

It is not sufficient for people to listen to sermons and continue to live the way they wish, not applying everything they hear in their personal lives. Pastor Sunday teaches us to study, read, think, analyze, and make conclusions.

The Embassy of God church is a real university! For the first time I am seeing a church where wisdom is raised to such a high pedestal, where people are forced to study not only in theology, but to be wise in all areas of life; to be highly educated. There are numerous leadership schools, educational retreats…Pastor Sunday teaches us not only to listen or read, but to ponder over every word, putting it into practice!

7. Pastor Sunday teaches us to be people of a quality

Pastor Sunday is for sure a Man of Quality in his thoughts, words, and actions! He gives us understanding of how to logically fill every moment of our lives , set goals and achieve them, set up the right priorities, and plans our lives.

Pastor Sunday:”I am the kind of person who does everything to 100% level”. Pastor Sunday is a Man of Quality. He does everything to the maximum, putting every bit of his being into it. Pastor Sunday speaks like Jesus Christ, as one who has authority! Every word of Pastor Sunday is like God’s, not one word goes unfulfilled!

Observing his life I noticed an amazing phenomenon: that regardless of how ideas come to him, whether by some ‘chance’ occurrence or simply as a flashing thought during a sermon, he will definitely put it into practice!

8. Great commitment, strategic thinking, and hard work

Pastor Sunday is not grateful for small favours such as a big church or any number of parishioners, but he strives to embrace the whole world, reaching every person!

Pastor Sunday:”My greatest dream is connected with salvation of our planet. Even if it seems totally unreal from the first sight, I do believe that everything is possible for God, and that is why I constantly expand the scale of my ministry, knowing that God will fulfill His other half of the commission He assigned to me. I am dreaming of helping every person to succeed and fulfill the task the person was born for. My aspiration is that from meeting with me even just once, people’s lives would be changed for the better… I yearn for Christians to become the most respected members of society. And I am pretty sure that all my dreams will come true, because I put all my efforts for their accomplishment”.

9. Pastor Sunday has immense tenacity, ability not only to endure all the crises, pressures, betrayals, accusations, but not to break down, have no doubts about God, not being disappointed in his principles, not to cool off people!

He has the ability to accept every crisis as communicating a lesson, and as a step leading to the fulfillment of his purpose for being born!

Pastor Sunday has the skill of using problems to get more into God, receive and impart more knowledge to God’s people and thereby achieve greater accomplishments!

10. Pastor Sunday is a shining example for all of us!

He does not only teach people, but he reveals himself, his dreams and thoughts, worries and mistakes. Pastor Sunday is a very open person allowing people to look into his heart, – what other ministers will usually hide from the public. He uses everything to edify Christians!

11. Pastor Sunday is the greatest blessing for the whole world! For this age! For each person!

All glory to God that He gave us an opportunity to live in this time!

Cristina Bendebera,
Irkutsk, Russia

Translated by Valeria Granova
Edited by Arinze Chukwu Chianumba

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