Pastor Sunday Adelaja with Tatyana Shuraits

Tatyana Shuraits: Return (Part 1)

Hello Pastor Sunday,

I woke up today with tears streaming down my face, remembering our meeting yesterday. Something incredible happened. I think I am only now coming to my senses. The “Cloud of God” quelled me completely … It was like in a movie. I expected something wonderful from our meeting, but what actually happened astounded me!

God showed me in a dream the very first part of our meeting. And that was how exactly it happened, moment for moment.

However, everything else?! I am at a loss for words … It seems to me that I am only just getting a grip now … and the tears are pouring and pouring down. But these are tears of happiness and joy, of God’s reality and of a meeting with someone that I loved so much. Before, I screwed up because of this love. However, that is in the past now! Glory to God!

I have the feeling that I am walking on clouds. I had never experienced such an internal state before this. I feel that there is something inside me, that is flowing through me and spreading out all around me. As a flower opens from a bud to reveal all its beauty, that is how I feel, like a blooming flower now. You are so dear to me, pastor! I love you so much!

I read what you wrote to me in the book that you gave me. I have never heard more precious words in my life! Thank you for your sincere and true love to me. You turned my whole world upside down yesterday, you immersed me in love.

I went through the hard path of rejection, but God gave me the strength to be humble and patient, and behold – yesterday was such a celebration for me, I was just bathed in love.

Pastor, you were so cute, so lovely and just cool! You mentioned the parable of the prodigal son in the note you wrote for me in the book. That is so interesting, because when I was on my way to you, I also remembered this parable. And I asked God: “Interesting. The prodigal son’s father gave him new clothes and a ring … How will these images manifest in our meeting?” But, you gave me so many gifts, so many symbolic awards … “The Person of the Kingdom 2013” … You give this title to those who have real achievements. I thought to myself: “I do not have any visible achievements.” I did not do anything, why do I have this award? It is not just an important symbol, but simply a great compliment , to be called, “The Person of the Kingdom.” And I received the answer that although I do not have any external achievements, I had other achievements: God told me that based on the potential and abilities that He put into me from birth, it does not take any special effort for me to bring a visible result, but based on my character, and the work in my heart that I allowed God to accomplish, this became my achievement, and that is why I am a “Person of the Kingdom.”

2013 was a very strong year of humility, patience, some kind of humiliation, and total denial for me. I was already in a church, but I was not fulfilling my calling. That year was a year of weeping for me. My lower eyelid was eaten by salt from my tears. And when God’s presence touched me, and tears dripped from my eyes, I experienced pain and burning on my lower eyelids, as my skin could not withstand these loads of tears. But I waited on him – at first I expected everything from humans- and then as if I came back to myself (precisely as the prodigal son came back to his senses). I began to expect from God, and I strengthen my faith more and more, relying only on Him and expecting only from Him.

And the result became the most important event in my life – yesterday’s meeting. It was very sweet! I can even say it was delicious! And I accepted this accolade, as if Jesus Himself had handed it to me, rewarding me for all my journey and calling me the person of the Kingdom according to the state of my heart. And rich fruits are what I so much want to bring into the Kingdom of my Lord. This will already be an external achievement!

I am just pouring out my heart to you, because I cannot keep it to myself. Pastor Sunday! I am happy that I am home again. This is my house. You are my pastor and my coach, but yesterday you were my genuine father. All that I dreamed of, pondered, and asked God about was answered yesterday through you, pastor. We are together again. “The Taming of the Shrew” has ended…

I am so happy, an incredible joy flows from my heart, and from my eyes – the tears of this joy. This love is stamped with time.

You confirm the words of God when He told me that this would help other people who had wanted to return to the church long time ago, but some obstacles are keeping them from taking the necessary steps. We always need somebody’s example, because it is easier to follow the path that someone else has already passed before you. Although, I was not even thinking about that at first. I did not think about anything at all. God visited me very seriously. God speaks briefly. I understood everything that He wants from me. Then, I had just one thing in my heart: to do everything as He said. And I did it, without making any effort because my heart was ready to sincerely do it – to repent before my pastor and spiritual father.

I did not even think that there would be any continuation to all of this. I just wanted to start a new stage of my life with a completely clean slate, with repentance. That was how our life with Christ started and how it continues: we enter into everything new only through comprehension and repentance. And I wrote to you, as God told me to do. But when the opportunity of our meeting arose, God began to talk to me further about what you wrote me now, about how this my step will help many other people. We can all fall into the trap of our mistakes simply because we lack certain qualities in our character. However, I myself taught that God does not look at how we fall, but at how we stand up. It is always harder to get up, but that is the whole point.

When our Center for the Restoration of Personality began, God revealed the direction of this center through the prophet Isaiah: “… you will restore the foundations of many generations, and they will call you the restorer of the ruins, the renewer of ways for the people.” I came to God as a ruin, and He restored me by accepting me. A new stage has come on a different level, and again God has restored me, and I can again serve Him in power. Such things, of course, do not happen by themselves.

I am just reading your book about the value of the a mentor. I have always seen you as my pastor, teacher, mentor and coach, because the all the experience I have is thanks to you: the person who shared with me his knowledge, experience, and life …

But now, in the time of our first meeting after a long break I saw a new quality in you, and it was for real. I saw in you a father, a loving, gracious, caring – a real father. That is what moved and turned my heart. I expected a lot of pleasant things from this meeting, but the portion of love I received – never! I had such a feeling that I was dipped in this bathtub of love, and I am swimming there. It is already the third day after our meeting, and I still cannot fully come to myself. The tears would not leave my eyes. As soon as I start to remember our meeting, my eyes become wet. But these are good tears ! From now on, may we be accompanied only by tears of joy!

God did warn me when I was on my way to you, through the “Parable of the Prodigal Son.” God always shows me where I am in the Bible. But I did not see, I could not perceive at that moment the depth that God showed me in this parable. Everything was in outline, more like a general picture. But when I met with you and stayed with you, 6 hour passed so fast that I did not notice how this time flew by, and I saw in you what I was looking for all my Christian life. I saw my father.

I had a good dad. He loved me very much. I experienced this love in childhood, and that is the reason I looked for it … I know what it is. And now, I have not just restored my relationship with you. I have come back home for real, to my father, to you, my dear pastor!

I am writing, and tears are flowing again. Let them pour! I am glad that we are together again. Let my example, which is an example of an ordinary Christian, help all other brothers and sisters return to the house of God, to their spiritual father, teacher, mentor, and pastor …

You are very dear to me! Thank God that He is giving us a second chance to be together. I believe and I am absolutely confident that this will be a completely different level of relationship and ministry for only one reason: I have changed, I am free … Jesus helped me to, from a shrewd, proud, over ambitious person, become another person. This is freedom in Jesus Christ.

I bless you, pastor, and your whole family, and you have a big family… You are a father!

With love and gratitude, with a sincere heart,
Your disciple and spiritual daughter Tanya Shuraits.


Good day, evening, or night!

I do not know when you will read this letter. Maybe in the morning … My heart is full of love, joy … I do not know how long it will continue to boil in me, but I would like it not to end. I think that it will be so, but will continue in different versions.

I want to keep this thirst, this delight. The main thing is not to get used to it and not make it into an ordinary and usual event … I want this freshness to be preserved, for this thirst not stop, for the precious things I have not to be taken for granted. I will try my best to preserve this state, because it is something heavenly here on earth.

Thank you for the reception. When I went into the room that you gave me during the HMT, I was just speechless and probably just turned into a pillar for a while. I could not move. And again tears … And I think, what love is my pastor giving me! … Exactly the type of love expressed at the meeting of the father and the “prodigal son” … Thank you for giving me this History Makers Training! It is a real gift! This is the feast that the father prepared for his son that returned home. My heart is overflowing with gratitude to you!

I cannot “digest” the Word I have been hearing for some days now. After getting home, I again started listening to your recordings.

I cannot stop … I am completing the first Leadership School. I am listening to the last part. I still need to answer the questions. You took responsibility for me so that I would be able to do all the assignments needed in order to be able to be at the History Makers Training. And I will not let you down. I have got a kaleidoscope of impressions from the Word. I think that I will quickly find the track and will become a good helper to you.

Thank you so very much! Thank God for you! I bless you and your whole family!

With love, gratitude and respect,
Your spiritual daughter, Tanya.

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