To my father Pastor Sunday

Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is indeed with great joy and gratitude that I write to you especially given that I have been very silent ever since I left Kiev last year in November. Thank you for keeping in touch and I was truly humbled and greatly motivated when Eunice came back recently and told me how you had passionately inquired about my well being and whether I was still determined to take hold of my destiny. Permit me to say once again that my Ugandan Jesus was buried in Ukraine and I came back with a new Jesus! Since then am making many adjustments in my life to understand this new Jesus.

Suffice to note that I have been saved for almost 24 years and during this period, my knowledge of God has grown through the various personal and corporate prayer sessions, several conferences attended and personal study of God’s word and other books. My turning point however, was when I undertook the INT program by Professor Vincent who taught me to take personal responsibility for my country. I thought this was the greatest training program of my life. However, my trip to UKRAINE to meet Pastor Sunday for the HMT program turned out to be the most important decision I ever made in my life. It is with you Pastor Sunday that I faced the realities that my salvation was founded on a weak foundation of the Gospel of salvation as opposed to the Gospel of the Kingdom which is a value-based Gospel.

When I came for the HMT I came to rediscover my purpose of being on earth and re-ordering my destiny. Frankly speaking although I had gone through the INT program of Professor Vincent, I would still have struggled along the way to fulfill my calling because although the training placed a huge weight of responsibility upon my life, it didn’t place the same rigor and demand upon my life like the HMT did. With the HMT all my weaknesses such as procrastination, mediocrity, fear to start, mental laziness, etc were fully exposed and these had been the greatest setbacks to achieving my call in life. I was broken apart and then put together.

During the HMT, all my knowledge base was shaken; the paradigms I held so dear in my life were destroyed and I took the decision of crucifying my passions in life and letting Jesus resurrect in me. My value system was uprooted as I went through the History Makers Training and now I have embraced new values that are necessary to help me fulfill God’s mandate for my life. Most notably I now realize that:

  • Life is predictable and that my greatest resources in life are my mind and time.
  • Effective time management is the greatest level of discipline am expected to live by daily.
  • All my knowledge is useless unless I convert it into human capital to help others.
  • All my Christian values such as love and integrity must be converted into material form that can benefit the world.
  • Writing my own obituary was not only provoking but it placed a heavy burden of responsibility to immediately start living my life in accordance to the aspirations penned in my obituary. My nation Uganda has now become a small field to till for the Lord.

Since November last year, I deliberately chose to keep silent because I felt I needed time alone to understand what I had just gone through in the HMT program. As you know am very gifted in talking BUT then I realized that HMT is not about talking, it is doing. Aware that my Ugandan team had obtained favour from you, I didn’t want to take that favour and privilege for granted. I felt we needed to make you proud by implementing what you have taught us. Therefore, since then we have told many people about you and HMT and we believe many will afford to come to Ukraine and experience HMT.

I also came back and decided to complete my Masters Program which I had abandoned for over 5 years; by October this year am sure I will have completed this program and embark on another Masters program. One of the projects am handling is transforming my entire tribe (of over 1 million people) using a multi-pronged approach. I started however with my clan which is a royal clan in my tribe and the largest with approximately 300,000 people. Since December last year I have mobilized my clan people with the overall Goal of causing transformation through systemic social action. The specific project objectives are: To increase understanding among my clan people about the value of the clan by the end of the tenth project year; To increase business knowledge and skills among my clan people by the end of the fifth project year; To increase house hold incomes among my people by the end of the tenth project year; To increase accessibility to financial services among my clan people by the end of the project; To increase University enrollment among my clan students to at least 20 students every year by the end of the project; and To promote sports, arts and design and music development among my clan people.[ I will send you the full project document later].

From August 22-26, I shall be conducting a 5-day intensive workshop on entrepreneurship skills for about 1870 people from 4 districts of my tribe. I formed a social Non-Government Organization (called Josu International)which has partnered with my Government of Uganda through an organization called ENTERPRISE UGANDA to train these people. I was given only one Month to mobilize 1500 rural people each paying about 3 Dollars for this training. And if it wasn’t for the HMT skills, this would have been impossible. But I took up the challenge and by God’s Grace we raised this number and surpassed it by over 300 people! My wife (Deborah Kisaale) will bring you the full report in November.

However, allow me conclude by observing that it has been very hard to maintain the HMT environment. Often I have failed and tried again, failed and tried again though with courage that finally we shall live every aspect of what we learnt in HMT. Time management is still the hardest and am in a real battle between my old self and the new self who was liberated by HMT. Thank you for sending us Pastor Andriy Kuksenko in Uganda for the INT conference we have just held. He was a true asset and we were very privileged to receive him. He challenged many of us including myself who went for the HMT. I believe the November group from Uganda will manage the HMT well because they already got bits of it from Pastor Andriy and Professor Vincent.

We are now writing a detailed plan of how to teach HMT in Uganda because of the demand. We shall send you this plan for your due guidance. We want to replicate the same HMT environment in Ukraine to Uganda in terms of the rigor of the training, all the activities we go through, the facilitators and those to mark assignments and give feedback when due and to maintain the same discipline you took us through. I once again thank you for your time and your genuine love and concern to see me become a true History Maker. I am certain that I can and I will. God bless you and regards to Mama Bosse, the children and all the rest. I will see you again in June next year and I will now keep in touch through mails.

Brother James Kisaale

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