Podzigun Nadezhda

Podzigun Nadezhda: “I am happy to be a member of the Embassy of God faith family”

My dear Pastor Sunday! I am extremely grateful to our God for arranging a meeting with you. This meeting symbolized ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ for me – it irrevocably changed my life.

I was 16 year old and did not know the purpose and value of my life. I had no faith in any further achievements for me and I hesitated that God can entrust me with a greater destiny. People who surrounded me turned me down as a child (as an irresponsible teenager) but you, Pastor, accepted me and had faith in me regardless my young age – allowing me to work in the church office and be by your side to learn from you.

Through you, I’ve learnt that my life is not purposeless, and I was born to accomplish more than just getting a degree, finding a job, getting married and bringing up children. My life is destined for more. God needs me and has a unique plan for my life. He has given me necessary talents and opportunities to fulfill this plan! I am assured that I have a great destiny and I can make God desirable absolutely to every person on this earth.

Pastor, you intensified my desire to help people. My whole life belongs to God and I realized that true happiness comes from making others happy. My life will never again be self-centered. You showed me that serving God and people is much more important!

By participating in your Bible Study Group, I learned to set long-term goals and plan on how to achieve them. There is nothing impossible for me now! I am a person who knows her path and the world will let me through. There is nothing that can stop me from fulfilling God’s will for my life. As I result of the teachings at the Leaders School, I have been able to make a plan for the rest of my life, to achieve it and be fulfilled before it’s my time to meet God face to face.

I am already on the way of reaching my goals. I went to study in Finland, where small daily things and life values are so different from those in Russia. Some things are easy to accept, others are not! I suppose people try to obey the law regardless of supervision – having more organized lives. Yet I noticed that some churches have no pastor.

I clearly realized how important it is to have a spiritual father, a leader and a teacher, who constantly prays for the church. How great it is to have a pastor, whom I can consult on any question I have, who will rejoice in my achievements and support my moving on. Through what you teach and do, Pastor, I have a heart for Finland and its people.
In every problem, I see opportunities and I never give up. I seek God’s face and follow the example of my pastor. I can see God leading me every day. I am aware of some difficulties on my path but I am motivated and can stand up against anything through Christ that strengthens me.

Pastor, the part you’ve always placed in my life will always be in all my present and future achievements. You are my spiritual father and I am happy to be a part of the Embassy of God faith family!

Thank you for everything!
Your daughter, Nadezhda Podzigun

Translated by Iryna Panasyuk
Edited by Tunde Okedeyi

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