Pastor Sino Agueze

Pastor Sino Agueze: Grateful to pastor Sunday

I would like to publicly extend my deepest gratitude to a well-deserved mentor under whose ministry I have grown so much. I am one among thousands whose life has been deeply impacted through the ministry of Pastor Sunday Adelaja. The message of the kingdom was given to Pastor Sunday as a direct revelation from God and the fruits of that truth speak louder in Ukraine than anywhere else on the planet. This is why I do not take Pastor Sunday for granted or lightly. Ungratefulness is the cancer that kills the soul of a man and the soul of a nation.

My greatest privilege in life apart from God and my wife is meeting with Pastor Sunday. That Man changed my life and changed it for good. I am just an extension of Pastor Sunday heralding the message of the kingdom to the four corners of the earth. As you read this article, I’ll be in Rwanda addressing Pastors from 7 African nations, Government leaders and college students – over 25,000 people will hear the message of transformation and after which, I will be in South Africa to speak to well over 12,000 Pastors from all over Africa and beyond. This is just the beginning but I shall ever remain grateful to my mentor and my dear friend, Pastor Sunday Adelaja of the Embassy of God, Ukraine.

Written by: Pastor Sino Agueze, Senior Pastor of MJR CHURCH and founding President of Transformation of Nations INC

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