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About What People Think Most Of All?

How not to worry about public opinion.

We think too much of ourselves. We often spend time in vain thinking of who said or thought about us.

QUESTION 1: Would you say that you are not interested in what other people think or say about you? YES □       NO □     

QUESTION 2: Would you say that you think too much about yourself? YES□   NO □
People have too many problems to think about you. More often they think about themselves.
QUESTION 3: Do you realize that people are too concerned with their problems to think about you? YES□   NO □
People are driven by the instinct of self-preservation. First, they save their own life, and then they can think about lives of those who surround them.
QUESTION 4: Would you say that you think about yourself first of all and then about others? YES□   NO □
People only share things they do not need or have excess of.
QUESTION 5: Would you say that you share only things you have more of? YES □ NO □
Only God is sincerelly interested in our success and happiness. We should understand and value it our whole conscious life.
QUESTION 6: Do you realize that only God needs you? YES □ NO □
Most of our time we spend thinking of how people treat us, instead of thinking about achieving their
QUESTION 7: Do you worry about how people treat you? YES □ NO □
Only 16% of people have goals in their life, the rest live like biomass.
QUESTION 8: May you say that you are among these 16% of people who have goals? YES □
Only 1% of people moved by compassion and altruism think of how to help others.
QUESTION 9: Do you think consciously of how to help others? YES□ NO □

The richest person is someone who has goals, and these goals are not only focused on himself, but to

QUESTION 10: Do you possess the treasure of life and do you think about goals and others? YES □

There is no point impressing other people..

QUESTION 11: Would you say that you impress other people? YES □ NO □

QUESTION 12: Would you stay that you are a personality inspite of the clothes you wear? YES □

Henry Ford: «My son is still young and not experienced, he is afraid of what people think if he stays

QUESTION 13: . Do clothes, cars, houses, money make you feel like a personaluty ? YES □

People do good for others counting to get something in return.

QUESTION 14: Would you say that you build relationship with other people only for your own

«Then said he also to him that bade him, When thou makest a dinner or a supper, call not thy friends,

nor thy brethren, neither thy kinsmen, nor thy rich neighbours; lest they also bid thee again, and a

recompence be made thee. (Luke 14:12-14)

Many people do not do anything for you if they will not get something in return.

QUESTION 15: Do you do good for the purpose of receiving a benefit? YES □ NO □

Sooner or later those people appear who offer more profitable option. This may become a reason for a

QUESTION 16: Were you betrayed by people for the purpose of gaining a benefit? YES □ NO □

Often people think about others only when it is possible to get something back instead of helping them.

QUESTION 17: Would you say that you use people? YES □ NO □

Most people think that they are responsible only for their family.

QUESTION 18: Do you think only about your family? YES □ NO □.

80% of labor of pastor Sunday is directed not for the benefit of his family, but for other people’s

QUESTION 19: . Do you understand that thinking only of your family is selfishness? YES□ NO □

QUESTION 20: Do you divide people for two categories: “yours” and “someone else’s“ ? YES□

97% of people generally do not think at all, but only reacting to circumstances.

QUESTION 21: Would you say that you live in the present moment? YES □ NO □

Majority of people live unconsciously, by instincts, on “autopilot”.

QUESTION 22: Would you say that you live in “autopilot”? YES □ NO □

It is possible to say that a person is thinking when he/she works on themself, has a goal, self-educates,

reads books staying in the surrounding where all these things are accepted.

QUESTION 23: May you state that You are a sober-minded PERSON? YES □ NO □

If people do not think, they do not make decisions, react on circumstances emotionally. They

do many things just because other people do, it is “widely accepted” and the majority behave

QUESTION 24: Would you say that you live according to the stereotypes of the society «LIKE

Instead of impacting on your surrounding and form public opinion, people prefer to remain under the

QUESTION 25: Would you say that you influence your surrounding? YES □ NO□

People who are more concerned about being different from the crowd tend to cultivate a low profile. They

are afraid to reveal their individuality. This is called manifesting herd instinct.

QUESTION 26: Would you declare that you are different from a crowd? YES □ NO □

People are not able to withstand opinion of majority, they afraid to be “a white crow”.

QUESTION 27: Would you state that you are afraid to be different from a crowd? YES □ NO □

People think through the prism of stereotypes because they are used to think «like others».

QUESTION 28: Is it true that you have your own opinion? YES □ NO □

There are a few personalities, individualities who define their future controlling life processes.

QUESTION 29: Would you call yourself a full-fledged personality? YES □ NO □

There are few of those who are critical to their decisions and able to give reasons for their behavior. There

are few who are able to explain their actions.

QUESTION 30: Would you say that you give reasons for your deeds? YES □ NO□

It is wise to socialise not only with Christians from a church, but with men of great erudition as it will help

QUESTION 31: Is it true that you are a personality of great erudition? YES □ NO □

QUESTION 32: Do you realise that the whole world thinks of itself, not about you? YES□

Focus on the important aspects of your life instead of constantly worrying about what others think

and say about you. We live only once, therefore, do not allow the worldview of other people to break

your plans. Your personality is not what others think about you. Your personality is what you have

cultivated in yourself. Take off those limits of dependence on the opinion of others and become the


After answering all the 32 questions count Scoring points in the table.


You are still dependent from public opinion and pay to much attention to yourself. You

worry about what people say or think about you. But do not be disappointed! People have

too many questions to think about you. Only God has a great need in you! That is why build

relationships with God and fall in love with Him by your whole heart. Make God as your rock

and may His Word become higher public opinion. Worry about people, give them your love,

care and attention. Keep focus! Think constructively about your goals most of your time. Do

not waste time for an empty worries: who thinks what about you. As Mother Teresa said: “No

matter who says what, you should accept it with a smile and do your own work.”

Fill volume of your personality by the books of the UNIVERSITY OF LIFE: “ I am a man,

am I a personality?, “There is a man, there is not a man”.


Great result! Based on your responses we can conclude that you are a sober-minded person and full-
fledged personality. You have right values. You understand that the whole world thinks of itself, not

about you. You give reasons for your thoughts, words and actions. “Great minds discuss ideas; average

minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”, noted Eleanor Roosevelt. You know what treasure

of life is. The treasure of life and the biggest virtue of a person is to think about people and goals.

Become the source of joy, love and peace for those who surround you. You have already placed God

on the first place in your life, now share this truth, life values and principals with the others. Keep

improving yourself developing your potential to the maximum by the books of the UNIVERSITY OF

LIFE “What are chess-players respected for or how to learn to think”, “ Me and my I, ….( «Я и мое

I wish you to depend only from the opinion of God!

Senior Pastor of the “Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for all peoples”

P.S. Direction of prayer in solitude:

1) For united, prosperous, peaceful, developed Ukraine which is governed by law.

2) For the device networks and systems engineering support UCSC, finishing work.

3) For the fulfillment of the purposes of God revealed through Pastor Sunday for the
Embassy of God church.

Translated by Kate Chindove
Edite by Emmanuel Chindove

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