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My name is Emmanuel Chindove from Cambridgeshire, England; originally I was born in Zimbabwe. I serve as an English assistant to the Senior Pastor Sunday and Pastor Bose Adelaja of the Embassy of God Church in Ukraine. I gave my life to Christ in 1993 and was raised in the ways of the Lord by my late parents.

I heard about Pastor Sunday and the Embassy of God Church when I was a student in Cambridge in 2006 and followed up this ministry by reading online materials and watching the movement on video. I saw Christianity in a way that I was never taught before or ever seen; thus I got attached to the Embassy of God Church even though I was not in Ukraine at the time. I was a member and minister of a world renowned Pentecostal church Redeemed Christian Church of God at one of the parishes in Cambridgeshire county.

I personally was comfortable with the way I was serving as a church minister, but was still in a way not satisfied inside of me, especially after I got to learn about the Embassy of God Church. I saw the way lives of broken hearted, the lost, the unloved, outcasts, stereotypes, beggars, lonely, the old, the young, and the rich and powerful were transformed to be people of great values.

In 2009 I joined the editing ministry for the Embassy of God Church website as a volunteer before I went through a phase of anxiety and depression. I remember being afraid of leaving the house and being afraid of crowds of people. The doctors had a divided opinion about what was happening with me. One could see that I was not well but would not be certain of what was the medical problem. I remember being very terrified at the thought that I might just collapse and die. Friends, to be honest with you, this has been the worst experience of my life which left me helpless and scared.

Though I was going through this experience I always had it in mind that I needed to contact the Embassy of God Church and speak to the Senior Pastor to pray for me. I called a couple of times and had language problems; but then I wrote a letter to Pastor Sunday, he encouraged me and was praying for me. He shared with me the secret of holding on to the scripture on healing and confessing it until it becomes a reality. I did as he said even though it took a bit of struggle; but today I am alive, healed, and serving as his assistant.

Before I started serving I was working for Vindis Group a Volkswagen Motor Car Company in England and had a smooth life. But when the opportunity came for serving as an assistant in the Embassy of God Church I decided to serve God in the Embassy of God Church with all that I have as a “thank you” token of appreciation to God, to Pastor Sunday, to Pastor Bose and the Embassy of God Church.

Emmanuel Chindove

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