A March against homosexualism and prostitution
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A March against homosexualism and prostitution

17 October, central streets of Simferopol recently witnessed a march in support of family values organized by the Union of Social Organizations ARC “Government is us”.

About 700 people took part in the procession representing 24 social organizations.

Particularly, marchers went through Kirov Avenue, from Soviet Square down to Amet-Khan Sultan Square (close to Central Market place) and back. For the while all traffic was completely stopped.

March participants held banners that said: “Homosexuality is Death of Nation”, “Homosexuality is The Enemy To Family”, “Marriage is Still A Fabulous Idea”, “Mom, Dad , and Me Are A Strong Family”, “Family is The Future of Ukraine”, “There Is No Such Thing As Same-Sex Love”, “Marriage is Made in Heaven”, “Successful Marriage Takes Work”, “You Are Happy If You Are Happy at Home”, “Life Partnership is A Draft Life”, and others.

While marching participants chanted: “Same-Sex Marriages Are The Way To Nation Extinction”, “No To Pornography”, “No To Prostitution”, “Let’s Protect Family Values”, “No To Sexual Amorality”, etc.

According to the organizers, this march was planned to demonstrate public concern for moral and ethical family problems in Ukraine, and also to support such values as loyalty, love, mutual respect, heterosexual relationships, etc.

“We encourage all partial citizens of our peninsula to take active part in the life of society, in forming values, which influence the future generation”, urged organizers.

Translated by Ekaterina Popova

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