Christine Dyca

Christine Dycа: Thank you for giving me parents

Dear Pastor Sunday!

I want to thank you for finding and raising up, my spiritual parents. My spiritual father and mother is Pastor Lesya and Pastor Sasha Oleksyuk.

Since you do not know me I will tell you a bit about myself: I am 23 years old and a member of the Embassy of God church. My life was terrible from childhood until I was 17 years old, after I came to the church completely disappointed with life. I did not know why I existed as I grew up in a family with a father, who died an alcoholic. Though I did not have a daddy, I want to tell you that my spiritual parents completely blessed me abundantly with everything that I did not have, and could not have.

I can firmly say that everything I have, or know today is what my spiritual parents have learned from you and taught me. I must admit that my life was so dull in all aspects that I did not even know how to switch on a computer. I was neglected, just a wild girl, but one day the pastors decided to love me, and never stepped back from me in spite of everything (I was causing a lot of pain to them with my behavior and me words).

I sincerely thank you, pastor, for my “spiritual parents” and know for sure –without you, I would never have them. The fact that I have them, it is your credit, and I feel their love for my life. I know people whose lives were restored just like mine, I want to say a” big thank you for giving all your and time for people like who live like I did” . Although the government does not recognize your work yet, still no one can erase us, people who attain God in their lives who got another chance to live. Now I know one thing – I’m happy. Thank you, dear Pastor!

With respect and prayer for you
Christine Dyca, Lviv city

Translated by Anna Krets
Edited by Emmanuel Chindove

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