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“This training has brought me closer to God.  I’ve learnt that through discipline and determination, we can gain so much ground in the supernatural!  I now grasp the concept that we were never supposed to be a boring, weak, and ineffective people group! We are, truly, supposed to be bold, aggressive, and successful individuals! I feel like I am now certified as an effective kingdom carrier, not just a ‘Christian.’”

Ruth-Ann Reich

“This training is designed to create high performance Christians and give them solid tools to revolutionize a society.  These tools work!  HMT is also designed to push you past your breaking point, force you to operate on a new level you didn’t know existed, and keep you operating at a high level.”

Jonathan Gale

“This weekend was the best weekend of my entire life; it brought things out of me that I thought were lost—like my drive and passion.  I have become a new person after this weekend!”

Jodi-Kay Williams

“The HMT was an eye-opening experience that has changed my life forever!  Before the training I lacked consistency and passion.  I was tired of being complacent in my faith and in my life.  I was ready for a change.  Since then, my walk with God has improved in a dramatic way. I am now scheduling time to pray, read my Bible, and fast.  There was a purpose to my attending History Makers Training and it will be my life goal to live for that purpose and glorify God in all I do.  I have no choice but to live for Him!”

Ashlee Palmer

“History Makers Training has set me on the path of success!  I went in thinking I could just float by, but because of the format, this training brought something out of me that I never would have expected.  Not only did it bring me closer to God, but it helped me understand my self-worth and it brought out all my idiosyncrasies to the surface, but it didn’t just leave me there.  It forced me to fix and change them.  This training has honestly changed my life.”

Adrian Lewis

“The History Makers Training was so effective! It not only taught us amazing tools and how, as Christians, we should be living, but it also showed us, practically, how to operate effectively on a daily basis.  With the knowledge I have attained from this training, my life will, honestly, never be the same.”

Natalie Carter

“History Makers Training has unleashed in me a new way of thinking and perceiving my world.  I was pushed beyond my limits.  Through the pressure of keeping up with homework, reading books, and avoiding the dreaded red dot, I’ve realized that you can use these circumstances as a springboard into operating out of the natural, right into the supernatural!”

Fabian Fraser

“At HMT I was pushed beyond my comfort zone. It really made me think about my life—things that I did and things that I need to do to fulfill the destiny that God has planned and mapped out for my life.  I have now set a new standard for my life and the lives of the others around me.  Going to HMT was honestly an eye opener for me and it caused me to realize that I should not be living as a selfish Christian, but as a Godly person—giving, loving, and caring.  Since this training I have become a high performing, world-changing History Maker!”

Shayna Collins

“I have been to many conferences, seminars and workshops and they always teach what to do and what the end result should look like, yet hardly anyone teaches you how to get there.  At History Makers Training you get step-by-step direction so you get there, but beyond that, it does a deep work within you to transform you.  It crushes all of your belief systems and replaces them with new beliefs systems taken from the Bible itself, and that is what really touched me.  My weaknesses were brought to the surface and I had no choice but to acknowledge and deal with them.  At the end you have no choice but to be transformed!”

Frenel Djossa

“HMT has transformed my life in both a practical and spiritual manner and has empowered me to rise above mediocrity.  Prior to HMT I possessed many attributes that would bring great success, but could never seem to put them together.  What I did have in abundance was a lack of focus, inconsistency and poor time management.  HMT broke through my destructive paradigms and rewired them with truth.  I realized that it was my responsibility to maximize the time I have been given.”

Sharin Collins

“History Makers Training goes down as the most intense, comprehensive, and life-changing training I have ever had the privilege of attending!  I am actually taking what I have learned and applying it to my life (i.e. building systems for goal-setting, budgeting, ministry building, prayer and bible study).  HMT will always go down as a benchmark for me and a turning point in my life and my Christian walk.”

Kelli Ryan

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