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Who knew Volodya Kochanowski

Attention to all who knew Kochanowski Vova! Please write comments in the article. We are creating a commemorative booklet for Vova’s young son Emanuel, who has not had time to know his father. Please write your comments!
Vova is not really gone, because such people do not die. After meeting him even once, he left a lasting impression.

He lives in the hearts of the people whose paths crossed with his. Vova is not gone! He lives in the hearts of friends who knew him.

Volodya Kochanowski, you will remain in our history. You were an outstanding person.

I, personally, as a senior pastor of the God Embassy church would give hundreds or even thousands of people to have one Vova.

You have established yourself in the eyes of the people and your contemporaries so much, that to find another Vladimir Kochanowski, one would need to search the world. You were truly special, truly unique.

You left deep imprints on the hearts of all who have known you, as well as in the history of the God Embassy church.

Vova, perhaps I never said this to you, but now I can say this: you are a hero in my eyes. The way you lived and served – you are a true HERO.

Lord, thank You for giving us a chance to know one of your best representatives on earth, your son, Vladimir. Even though we only served God together for a short time, but no one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!
Eternal memory to a faithful warrior!

From your pastor
Sunday Adelaja

Dear Emmanuel.

You had a father. A Father with a capital letter.

Dear Emmanuel! Please know that again and again you will read these messages to find out who your father was.

I want to tell you that if you strive to grow up like your father, you will have truly established yourself in this life. You had a father, whose example deserves to be followed. Hundreds, even thousands of people aligned themselves to him.

Your father Vladimir Kochanowski was a soldier of Jesus Christ. A warrior who never hid behind the backs of others, but the one who was always at the forefront. It was his life: to be at the forefront of everything.

From the first day he stepped on the threshold of God Embassy church with his beautiful wife Yana, he served wherever he could. He began as one of the ushers and went on to become a pastor and a missionary.

Your dad had memorable qualities:
1. He had sincerity – at a time when the world around him lived in hypocrisy and duplicity, Vova stood for the truth. He was a man of truth.
2. He was a faithful man. There was no room in him for deceit. He was not two-faced. He held his post, and died while doing his job.
3. He was an extremely hard working person. He worked “as long as the day.”
4. He was a man of the maximum capacity. Everything he did he did with all his heart.
5. He loved your mother and took care of her.

Emmanuel, my wish for you is that you grow up strong, successful and became the protection and support for us.

Emanuel, a lot could still be written about your wonderful, incredible, unique father. It is a pity that you did not know him personally, but through these responses of people who knew him, you will be able to understand how to honor your surname Kochanowski.

I loved him very much. So far, I can not believe that he is not with us. He will be missed.

Vladimir Kochanowski is irreplaceable. But as Heaven is the best acquisition that people can get on earth, thus we will not blame God for taking him to Heaven.

Heaven is a place of our eternal dwelling. And we will meet there. It will be my great honor if my faithful colleague, friend and brother Vladimir Kochanowski will meet me in Heaven.

Emmanuel, my request to you is – live so as to be worthy of life and glory of your father. Live so that you are worthy of Heaven. Live so that one day you will meet us along with your hero father.

With love and great respect,
Pastor Sunday

Attention to all who knew Kochanowski Vova! Please write your comments at the end of the article. We are creating a memory book for a Vova’s littleson, Emanuel, who has not had time to know his father. Please give us your comments! 

Translated by Anna Krets
Edited by Natalia Ioffe

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