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Pastor Sino Agueze: The best in life of The Embassy of God Church is still ahead!

An international student conference “Transformation of Nations” was held in Kiev in September 2010. Pastor Sino Agueze was one of organizers and speakers of the conference. Here we would like to offer to your attention a testimony by Pastor Sino Agueze, which he addresses to the church.

One of the problems that many pastors face, including Pastor Sunday and Pastor Bose, is the disability of people to feel their pastor’s heart. People often think that if they attend a certain church – in this case it is the Embassy of God Church – then it automatically means that they move in the spirit of this church and know the heart of its pastors. But this is not true.

It is utterly important not just to attend a church and be its regular (diligent) parishioners, but to move in the direction defined for the church by Pastor Sunday, work together with him, pay the price and sacrifice some things.

If we study the Bible, we will see numerous examples of situations when the devil was trying to defeat the leader followed by many people. Therefore, it is vital to know the heart of your pastor, so that the devil could not allure and tempt you. Often those, who never understood the heart of their pastor, get tempted really fast, stumble and give in to various tricks.

It is a great tragedy that people attended the Embassy of God church for many years, but never came to know their pastor – they never actually saw his heart.


By the time my wife and I met Pastor Sunday, we had reached a point in our lives when we were not satisfied with our ministry any more. Nothing would make us happy, we had no goals, even though we had grown up in Christian families and our church was doing a great job.

I decided to study the life of Pastor Sunday

I met Pastor Sunday about 3 and half years ago. It was a great opportunity and honor for me to watch the Pastor and see his heart. I decided to study his life, and most of all to search his heart (reaction, attitude) in the times of trials, persecutions, and difficulties. I was very focused in my observations. I longed to receive something from him, learn something.

Therefore, my wife told me that I must pay any price for the opportunity to learn from Pastor Sunday. I paid for my tickets to accompany the Pastor in all his missionary trips. Being close to him, I could watch Pastor Sunday not only on stage, but also in his everyday life: the way he talked with people, studied, worked, etc. And every time, I and my wife would meet him, we would meet Jesus Himself. And the fruits in our life are a confirmation to that.

What I have seen in Pastor Sunday:

  • I know many people, but I have never met anyone with a heart like Pastor Sunday’s.
  • I have seen humbleness in him.
  • I have seen hunger for God in him.
  • I have seen readiness and desire to pay the price for salvation of the country (Ukraine).
  • Most pastors and leaders that I know are trying to build their own ministry. But what Pastor Sunday cares for the most is success of each of you.
  • For 16 years Pastor Sunday has been paying a huge price to see this country saved and changed. And even now we can see the great changes that have come to Ukraine.
  • In spite of persecutions and victimization by the law-enforcement authorities, Pastor Sunday continues carrying his cross and paying the price for salvation of Ukraine.
  • Another thing that amazed me is that despite all the persecution from the Ukrainians, Pastor Sunday continues loving this people and giving them his life.

This is why it is so important that you feel and see the heart of your pastor. Otherwise, you can easily be tempted and stumble.

Our life changed

Three and half years ago our life was radically changed. Our hunger for God and the first love to God came back. I looked at my life in a new way, I had goals again. Now God is sending me to different countries of the world to spread the teaching about transformation and reformation, which I received from your Pastor. We also have made a plan for three years to win 1 billion souls for the Lord!

Do not forget…

I would also like to share a word with you to remind you something that you might have forgotten. God wants us to always remember these words: “Do not forget!”

Remember what Ukraine was like before Pastor Sunday and Pastor Bose came to Ukraine: was there even a hint to revival?

Do you remember:

  1. how many drug-addicted there were,
  2. how many prostitutes there were,
  3. what life conditions people had had before Pastor Sunday came to this country?

In 2007 I came to the summer fast and when I saw how people were praying I could not believe my eyes: “Can Europeans pray like that?” As Ukraine used to be a part of the Soviet Union, very few people in this country even knew how to pray, seek God, and read the Bible. This knowledge came with arrival of Pastor Sunday to Ukraine.

Therefore, it is so important that we always remember that God sent the Pastor for the sake of salvation of Ukraine. People are fast to forget what has been done and start to take the Pastor for granted. We forget the time in our lives, when from year to year, even to the prejudice of his family, Pastor Sunday was praying, fasting, and comforting and encouraging all of us.

God is leading the Embassy of God church further

God is taking the Embassy of God Church to a new level that we have never seen or heard of before. And of course, the devil is not very happy about the fact that God is raising the Pastor and the church to such a high level.

I want to encourage you: feel the heart of pastor Sunday! If he calls you to join his home groups, you must run and cease this chance for you to become fulfilled in life. Value him and use any chance to learn from him.

The best in the life of the Embassy of God Church is still ahead. It is only the beginning! Africa, Asia, America… You cannot even imagine what God is going to do through the Embassy of God. All problems and confusions that you as a church and your pastor are facing right now God is going to turn for good. Therefore, this time is given to you to focus even more and become more dedicated to your ministry. Don’t just attend church, but run to services, serve God and do not be indifferent to church life. If God was able to transform my and my wife’s lives so much within three and half years (though we live on another continent and cannot learn personally from Pastor Sunday very often), then let alone you, who can learn from Pastor Sunday almost every day! You have no chance not to change, not to be fulfilled, or to remain the same and not to praise God with your lives!

Pastor Sino Agueze is a pastor of MJC church, Pearl city, Mississippi, USA; a traveler missionary, who preaches in many parts of the world including North, Central, and South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia; a frequent guest in Ukraine; the author of the book “The Sault Factor”, which explains the role of the church in transformation of society.

Translated by Ekaterina Popova

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