March in defense of family values
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March in defense of family values took place in Ukraine!

It seems that the International Women’s Day does not lose its political overtones. Despite the official weekend holiday dedicated to women on March 8th, the time when women can have a rest at home enjoying men’s attention and gifts, two bright march-rallies were held, one from feminists and one from the public in defense of family values in Ukraine.

In fact, the march-rally in defense of family values in Ukraine that was held at St. Michael’s Square was more like a flash mob. It appeared from nowhere, without even being advertised, yet it gathered about 700 active people. Despite the fact that that was a public holiday, one reason brought people to the square – it was the desire to oppose the rally of feminists and their claims, to show Ukraine that there are people who care about the future of our country.

We were deeply touched that this day was used by populists. On this day that reminds us about the value of a woman, her indispensable role in society, politics, family, on the day that is usually filled with tenderness, flowers and love, people went out into the street with an agenda that abused the idea of the women’s movement. When we investigated who the organizer of the feminists rally was and found the  LGBT organization (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) as the main organizer, we simply could not keep silent.

We were supported by over 200 NGOs that agree with our Declaration and  requirements and know that we are actively highlighting the problems in the area of women’s rights, support and protection. And we do these not for our own PR, as some of those who come to the St. Michael’s Square, to declare themselves. Our daily work is solving the problem of domestic violence against women, effecting changes in legislation, conducting roundtables and forming public opinion, working in orphanages and counseling offices, organizing telephone Hotlines. For example, one of our partner organizations is a movement known as “Protect a woman!”, which  works on the protection of  women’s rights.

In our association we work towards the social upliftment of women, helping any woman to take the position that she deserves. Confirmation of these words may be the fact that our association is headed by a woman, the president of the All-Ukrainian Union of NGOs “Ukraine for life”, Marina Kravchenko.

But on March 8th, the so-called feminist march was organized not by women’s organizations. The organizers of the feminist march were LGBT organizations, such as “Ofenziva” and “Insight” which fight for the promotion of homosexuality in Ukraine. And we are not mistaken in our reports- over the feminists rally flags and symbols of the LGBT movement were being waved, and slogans like: “Love has no gender” and “lesbians should be allowed to adopt children” were commonplace.

There is a demographic crisis in our country – the population is constantly aging and shrinking. Also there are threatening statistics in the family area – we are clearly in the lead regarding divorces in Europe! All these are screaming the importance of strengthening the institution of the family more than ever. It is time for the government to pay  full attention to this problem. And at the same time, we see a growing manifestation of homosexual lobbying, which claims that supporting the institution of the family discriminates against homosexuals.

We believe that these accusations are criminal. If we can just imagine  them achieving their goals, think of what would happen to our country, if the norm of “alternative” sexual behavior was to be instilled from childhood?  The promotion of homosexuality in schools? To what end would it lead us?

As the tendency is obvious we also went to the square and put our demands to the President of Ukraine. The first requirement was to criminalize homosexual propaganda for the sake of the family and our children.

The LGBT movement has planned a gay parade “Kiev-Pride-2012” for this May. “The idea of Gay Pride meets the traditions of the Ukrainian people, which are characterized by love of freedom” – this statement was made by the organizing committee of the gay parade. Unfortunately, Ukraine ranks first in the world for the spread of AIDS. So, what kind of homosexual pride can be discussed when the main group of HIV is precisely this category of citizens in our country.

For the last few years the population of our country has declined by 7 million. So how can we continue to allow the standards of homosexuality to be promoted?

Our second requirement is not to allow  the “pride parade” in Ukraine to take place.

We took brooms to the rally as a sign that we care about what happens in our country and that Ukraine will be clean: clean from the propaganda of lesbianism, homosexuality, prostitution, pornography and sexual perversion. We are for a clean Ukraine!

After the rally at St. Michael’s Square, we marched to the Khreschatyk street, where we chanted slogans in support of healthy families, the development of family values, congratulating  women  on this wonderful holiday, handing out leaflets with information about the threat of propaganda of homosexuality, lesbianism and other abnormal “values” for development of a healthy society.

Organizers of the march, the Embassy of God movement
Nicholas Remenyuk (tel. +38-067-549-66 -53 )
Marina Kravchenko (tel. +38-063-336-97-91)

Translated be Yevheniya Pustova
Edited by Kizito Leacock

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