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Great things happening in Struy City!

Two organizations in Struy City, Lviv Region, “Save the Future” and ‘Kinderland’, organized and hosted a charity event known as “Gather Christmas presents for children” in the “Love to do good” Project.

The event was followed by a concert on January 8th 2013, on which the children received their presents. The aim of this event was to bring happiness and joy to children living in difficult circumstances such as being orphans, or those living in low-income families and those surrounded by drug and alcohol addiction.

The concert was attended by approximately 100 children with adults eagerly waiting to receive Christmas presents. They were treated with a “Do good” drama performed by the Lviv Theatre Star. The day ended with a song “Kolyada-  Ukraine is young”. There was even an awesome closing of the event when all the guests stood up and prayed a prayer of repentance…It could not have been better than that… The presence of God filled the place just as His word tells us that “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20)

We are very grateful to all who made this event a success in one way or the other, just to mention a few:

  • Social services department of Struy City
  • Nuga Best, the massage parlor
  • Svyat Zabava, the studio of design and implementation of children’s holidays
  • Creative, youth organization
  • Miracle child, a network for children’s shops
  • From ‘A’ to ‘Z’, an advertising agency
  • Help your neighbor, a charity project
  • Orpheus and Mamadai, team of shops

We value each and every effort that helped in putting a smile to the all the children…your taking part in this event has caused us to realize that you are interested in the ongoing social activities taking place in the community and more we now know that “there are no children who are not ours!”

Translated by Valeriia Mashchenko
Edited by June Bugenyi

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