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Fedur: It would not be interesting without Sunday

Recently in Kyiv, a little bit forgotten but still famous person, Sunday Adelaja was remembered and in the news again. Within a few months, there were no news from him and it is logical to assume how uncomfortable it must feel – the Embassy of God pastor having charges against him. (There is no need to remind ourselves of the “King’s Capital” affair which crime officers insist involves Adelaja). However, it seemed to be Adelaja and to feel uncomfortable are two incompatible situations. This weekend he led Sunday service at his church, jumping and having fun on the stage as he always used to. Meanwhile it seemed that the investigation of the “King’s Capital” affair entered the final stage. “Obozrevatel” decided to find out whether this is true or not by asking the lawyer of Sunday Adelaja, Andrew Fedur.

– Mr. Fedur said the Head of the Investigation Department Vasily Farynnik announced that after December 5 the “King’s Capital” shall be submitted to the court. Was it done?

– I would like to draw your attention to the fact that, as the police stated today, the case is not finished. The matter is that they have taken only the proven part of the charge and passed it to the court. That’s the small one, as law-enforcement officers said… Meanwhile the investigation of the case continues. This is the official version, which I’ve got to know as a layer from the documents. The materials, which have already been sent to the court, are being reviewed at this moment and I will read them as well, as the defender of one of the accused.

– When would the review of the documents be finished?

– It is hard for me to predict, because now there is a need for renewed investigation in this part and I will declare a petition on this matter. I would like to draw attention to another thing: why have some parts of the documents already been sent to the court while the investigation of the case has not been finished yet? And the problem is that 2 men have been staying under arrest for 18 months.

– Alexander Bandurchenko and Alexander Sazonov?

– No. They are directors of the “King’s Capital”. And they have been free long ago. But Kolesnikov and Golovanov are under arrest. Regarding Bandurchenko and Sazonov, as explained by former Minister of Internal Affairs Yuriy Lutsenko, they cooperated with the criminal investigation, and that is why they are free. And these two – Kolesnikov and Golovanov – do not cooperate with the investigation and do not give evidence against Sunday, so that is why they are under arrest. It was said once in an interview by Lutsenko, and I think you can easily find it online. Consequently, Kolesnikov and Golovanov have been under arrest for 18 months, and as you know, according to the law, this is the time limit. Therefore, there is a problem: it is time to set them free. So the officers invented the following legal turn in order not to allow them to go free. It is possible to keep them under arrest if the completion of the investigation of “the proved part of the charge” is announced. I believe that if the lawyers of these two accused individuals (who in my opinion have been kept under arrest illegally) will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, they will absolutely win this case.

– Let’s go back to Adelaja.

– And all this is directly related to him. The reason why Kolesnikov and Golovanov are being under arrest, as Mr. Lutsenko once said, is that they do not want to give evidence against Sunday. These two simply cannot give any evidence and never will, as they do not have any information regarding illegal activity of my client Sunday.

Regarding the charges to my defendant I must say that they are absolutely absurd, pointless and inconsistent. Moreover, I am deeply convinced that the crime investigator who works on this case (and he is an expert) clearly understands that these charges do not stand up to scrutiny and there is no evidence in the case. Therefore, sooner or later the case will be closed.

– So, was Adelaja related to “King’s Capital” or not?

– No, he was not. I have already told what impressed me personally. Here is an example. When previous crime investigator was working on this case (now he is retired), the main accused said the following. He worked at the “King’s Capital” company and had a deal with contracting. He collected the money he received from the people and get some interest. In qualifying the case, he refers to the exact amounts (which are more than one thousand UAH) – it is about the money he earned. And this man is a witness. My defendant, who is accused in this case, is neither a founder nor the owner nor the co-owner of the “King’s Capital” company, – he has never worked there, even a single day, even as a janitor.

– Who is this man you are talking about?

– It is not correct to announce his name, as then I could be accused of divulging information about the pre-trial investigation. Besides, this person didn’t give me permission to release his name. In addition, such a witness as the one I’m talking about, was not alone. And I stress again that those who directly said they were collecting money are only witnesses. I think that investigators later learned that they did something wrong then but there are still some funny moments in this case.

– If Adelaja is not involved in the “King’s Capital” affair, why is he among the accused?

– Here we need to look over the entire story. If there was no Sunday’s name– the well-known and flamboyant person in Kyiv – this case would not be so high-profile. I was recently asked by journalists, who were interviewing me, whether they would come if there was no Sunday in this case. And they agreed that they would not have come because it would not be interesting. In the very beginning of the case, another interesting name figured in it.

– What name?

– Leonid Chernovetsky. But when it became clear that it is hard to make Chernovetskiy related to this case, then only Sunday was left. At that time, as people say, was a different political situation. Today, the police leadership seems to be changed but still… Do you think it is possible for police to confess that they have missed some details and there is no crime on Sunday?!

– Maybe the person whose name you cannot tell, was related to Adelaja through his church?

– Once again, I’m telling you: this man was not alone; there were a list few of them. And all of them, as it became clear during the investigation, collected the money.

– And they were related to the “Embassy of God”?

– No, they had nothing to do with Sunday. By the way, in the indictment there is no written disposition of any article on which he is accused. It means that there is not described what exact crime Sunday had done. Nonsense like Sunday used hypnosis appears only on the Internet.

– But are Kolesnikov and Golovanov, who have been under arrest, related to the “King’s Capital” or they deny it as well?

– No, they say they have not committed any crime and have never worked at the “King’s Capital”. As I know from Lutsenko’s words, they both will be kept under arrest as they do not want to cooperate with the investigation. But even if they wanted to give evidence against my defendant, they cannot do it because they do not have any information regarding the illegal actions of my client. Because otherwise they would have “cooperated” in full swing.

– I think the name of Robert Fletcher is familiar to you. He says that some of his clients he received from Sunday.

– I hear about it for the first time. I do not know the fate of Fletcher but he does not figure in the case of Sunday anyway.

– At the beginning of the interview you said, that you are going to declare a petition to renew the investigation. When will that happen?

– In the near future. To declare a petition on some investigation activities you need to learn carefully all materials.

P.S. Realizing that the lawyer of any defendant cannot hold any other position in the matter (other than the defense of his client) in principle, “Obozrevatel ” plans to talk directly with Mr. Farynnik to get his version of the events.

Source: www.obozrevatel.com

Translated by Yevheniya Pustova
Edited by Tunde Okedeyea

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