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Pastor Kemela Okara: Practical Tools for Advancing the Kingdom

Thank you for the invitation. I attended the training in April which was awesome and so transformational. It is so powerful that I fear many will under estimate what you are offering if it comes across as increasing efficiency, time management, loving work etc. They will think it is like a management course which is very common now and taught by American Management Consultants and American pastors. What Pastor Sunday is offering is very different. Many leaders I know already think they do this and that they are very good at it.

But what Pastor Sunday is teaching is like learning to function like God on earth. Therefore the title for the contents of the training should be changed to something like “Practical Expressions of Dominion” or “Practical Tools for Advancing the Kingdom”.

These are just my ideas. When I got back to Nigeria many people did not understand what happened to me in Ukraine. I had to do a 40 day fast to harness everything and I am still going over all the material. I have also begun to teach it. Please tell Pastor Sunday this training is so awesome that the title for each of the subjects should be re-worked.

Warmest regards and love to you all.

Pastor Kemela Okara, Nigeria

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