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Emerging Heroes Awarded During the 18th Anniversary!

2011 the church “Embassy of God” award was established by the “MAN OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD”, which will now each be awarded to people who have attained excellent results in various areas of public activity.

On the 17th anniversary of the church’s first ever award of the Embassy of God “Man of the Kingdom of God 2010-2011, “received the following active members of the church:

Nomination “Rehabilitation centers and cities of refuge”


Sergey Kapitza

  • The pastor, missionary, businessman. The head of the movement of asylum-ARC Crimea and Odessa area.
  • Open seven rehabilitation centers (6 male, 1 – female). Rehabilitation is about 115 people.


Sergei N. Yakimenko

  • After rehab, “Marine Corps” was 500.
  • At the moment there are 3 male hospital (50 people) and a female hospital (7 people).
  • By the end of the year is planned to open a minimum of two rehabilitation centers and one adaptable apartments.

Krimenenko Pavel

  • The pastor of the church in g.Sinelnikovo (Dnipropetrovsk region)
  • Four rehabilitation centers, 5 houses, 2 churches, 60 people. P.Kantsur
  • Effect of 2,000 people per year.

Konovalenko Alexander

  • Deputy Head of the NGO “Center for help, and narco-alkozavisimym”
  • The head of the movement “The Reformation of the Ukrainian nation begins with the cities of refuge”
  • Member of the Public Council under the Drabowsky WGA (Cherkasy region)..
  • Number of houses – 4, the number of people 60-70.

Alexander Leonov

  • Prevention of Narcological Dispensary in Kiev (100 seats) and the tuberculosis hospital in g.Boyarka (100-150 people).
  • Planned opening of the church social in the TB hospital.

Nomination “Supporting young people in healthy lifestyles and education”


Murich Victoria S.

  • Head Romenskaya urban youth organization “Novi’s World”
  • Member of Public Council, an assistant deputy.
  • More than 5 years working in the social sphere (the youth). Together with the team carries out regular social events: lectures, clubs, promotions, shows, flash mobs, and others, working with city services.
  • Influence – over 5000 young people.


Runner Anton A.

  • Impact – More than 1,000 people are enrolled in two schools

Schendrigin Alexey

  • The pastor of the church, the Vyshgorod (Kyiv region).
  • Head of Youth Movement “Victory is in your hands”
  • Member of the Public Council under the Vishgorod RGA.
  • Influence – 5000 people.

Sherinkova Marina

  • Social pastor two churches social, work with young people and older people.
  • Influence – over 1000 people.

Sergei Kushniruk

  • Curator of service prevention of negative phenomena in the educational institutions of Ukraine and Russia to work with disabled and elderly people.
  • Effect on 35,000 adolescents and young adults for the academic year.
  • Weekly has 37 clubs (reaching about 1 000 young people).
  • Through the campaign, concerts, camps, quests and Saturdays covered 25,000 people a year.

Nomination “The work in prisons”


Gladius Anna Ivanovna

  • Distance learning of people in prisons and colonies from the Center for Recovery of personality and social transformation.
  • Over 6 years of work had an impact on more than 1,400 people in 62 prisons.
  • In 2010 it was sent to more than 800 books of 300 discs.


Marina Polishchuk

  • President of NGO “The Way to Win”
  • The head of the movement “For the reconstruction and rehabilitation of women in prison and released from prison”
  • A member of the Public Council under the General Directorate of the Department of Corrections in Kiev and Kiev region.
  • Effect of – 700.

Nomination “Restoring Men and Women”


Lardugina Alain V.

  • The organizer of the Club for many children and single parent families, “Pearl”
  • Co-founder of NGO “Ambassador Plus.”  
  • The organizer of the competition of talents, “Yunі belongings” for children with large families.
  • Member of the Public Council at the Lviv regional state administration in the commission against corruption.
  • Actively cooperates with the regional and urban centers of social services, city council.
  • One of the organizers of many of the social stock of urban scale, such as anti-gay parade, anti-tramadolnye rallies.
  • The total amount of influence is 20 thousand people


Larisa Novak Vitalievna

  • Effect on 1500 for 3 months, 6 branches opened in Ukraine.

Trokhin Anna V.

  • The pastor of the church in Kiev
  • Founder of the “Revival and protection of women”
  • President of NGO “Association” revival and protection of women. “
  • The impact on 1000.

Nomination “Social work”


Egorchenko Irina Grigorieva

  • Social pastor
  • President of NGO “Concern and compassion”
  • The head of the movement “Caring and compassion”
  • A member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Health.
  • The total amount of influence – 10 000 veterans.


Tumanov Lyudmila

  • Effect – 6000 (the elderly)

Kobzar Tatiana

  • Effect – 1500 (disabled and veterans)

Balabkina Elena

  • Pastor in g.Ostrov (Russia), working with homeless people, elderly, children, alcohol and drug users, prevention of negative phenomena.
  • Influence – about 3,000 people.

Ravens Hope P.

  • Active minister “Ministry of Healing”
  • The editor of “Jesus – your Healer”
  • The school principal training of priests healing.
  • Influence – over 2500 people.
  • From 2008 to March 2011 had an impact on the 8564 man repented more than 1600 people.

Verhman Yuri Y.

  • The head of public organization “Sport against drugs”
  • Advisor to the President of the Football Federation of Kyiv.
  • Each month through football matches in the labor colonies affects 2,000 people.
  • Each year the organization has an impact on 20,000 people.
  • The organization “Sport against drugs” is connected to the UN Global Compact, was awarded the honorary award of the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports “for an active social life”
  • The plans of the International Tournament “Cup of Christ the Savior,” the creation of five children’s and youth teams, as well as the organization of 80 tournaments in labor colonies.

Dubkova Olga

  • Serving in onkobolnitse.
  • Influence – 5500 people.

Kirinovsky Yuri

  • Working with low income
  • Influence – 6000 people.

Hope Stenina Modestovna

  • The pastor of the church “Word of Faith” in Illichivsk, Odessa region
  • Director of the charity organization “The Tabernacle”
  • A member of the executive committee of the coordinating council on drug abuse, HIV and tuberculosis
  • A member of the Public Council Ovidiopol Odessa region
  • Member of the Supervisory Commission in the women’s prison number 74 Odessa
  • Through the campaign, prevention in schools, work with prisoners and probation, as well as information and consultation room covered about 3,000 people.

Nomination “Makers of History”


Oleksenko Oksana

  • Social pastor
  • An employee of the city council
  • The deputy of the 2nd convocation
  • President of the PA Club “Heart to Heart”, the former president of NGO “Kapitoshka.”
  • Influence – 3000 people.


Sergey Yashchenko

  • The pastor of the church “Embassy of God” in g.Neteshin (Khmelnitsky region)
  • Winner of “Man of the Year 2010” in the “Project of the Year”
  • The head of public organization “Center for Rehabilitation of Love”

Nomination “The influence of the mass media”


Perov Rima Andreyevna

  • Journalist, writer, director, coordinator of the project “Faces of the Embassy of God” and 6 video entries submitted to the main site of the church “Embassy of God.”


Kolpakov Mikhail

  • The introduction of Internet technologies for effective dissemination of the Kingdom of God.

Malyutina Svetlana

  • The administrator and chief editor of the church “Embassy of God” (to May 2011)

Nomination “Adoption of the Kingdom of God values ​​all over the world”


Professor Vincent

  • General Director of the Institute for National Transformation in Africa and the USA (there are 7 missions of the Institute)
  • CEO of the consulting companies «JC Quality Management», specializing in the provision of services in improving the quality of management to government agencies, business firms, religious and educational institutions, business consultant.

Dear Award winners and nominees “A MAN OF GOD’S KINGDOM-2010-2011!”

We express our deep gratitude and appreciation for your work in spreading and disseminating the principles of God’s kingdom on earth! 

We pray that the largest possible number of people were saved through you and your work! 

Let Heavenly Father more exalt his name through you! 

People like you make this world a better and kinder!

With love and deep appreciation of Sunday Adelaja Senior Pastor of the church “The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for all peoples”


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