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Retreat in Armenia

The first 3-day retreat in Armenia (first in the country’s history) took place near the picturesque lake Sevan from 13th-15th of September, 2010.

All the participants, the two pastors and nineteen church leaders of the Embassy of God church in Armenia waited for the first retreat on their land with great anticipation. They felt very honored by God to become pioneers of the gospel through this retreat in the country.

The team from Ukraine – comprising of the regional pastor Kanzhur Yuriy and his assistants – noted that there was an amazing move of God during the whole retreat. It was obvious that the team (and all the participants) were fully engaged in the retreat and their level of productivity increased.

During the retreat, the participants’ level of faith were greatly improved. Good foundation of the christian faith and values were laid. Many took decisions to follow Christ and increase in faith.

We would like to quote one of the comments made about the 3-day retreat in Armenia.

“In Armenia, we’ve had such studies for the first time and we have become true pioneers! Very important topics were studied, new valuable knowledge were given that we will be using all our lives. We believe that through living and serving God we would bring much fruits for Him. Knowing this is reassuring and at the same time awesome!”

We thank God for our pastor and those who served – teaching us through these retreats. The way we think has changed tremendously for these three days. Now, we think on a bigger scale – conquering Armenia for Christ. We realize that we can bring transformation to our country and success in our own life. We are sure that we can achieve huge results and fruits in Armenia with the help of skills we obtained from this retreat!!!” – comment made by Asatryan Aram, Pastor of the Embassy of God church, Yerevan, Armenia. Carry on!

The press-center of the church “Transformation”, Dnepropetrovsk

Translated by Granova Valeria
Edited by Tunde Okedeyi

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