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National transformation comes to the nation of India

On June the 21st, I left for the nation of India on behalf of Pastor Sunday with Ashley Abraham, a member of our team to the cities of Hyderabad and Madurai. After a 22-hour flight time, we arrived about 10pm on the 22nd, and the Pastor’s conference started about 9am the following day.

Over 1000 Pastors from across the State heard for the first time the message on the Great Commission and were forever transformed by it. We spoke on the four definitions of the Great Commission and why Jesus gave us the Great Commission. The Great Commission is the most important corporate assignment given to the body of Christ. The Church in India was rocked by the revelation of this message. First, the Great Commission is neither soul winning, mass crusades nor is it the discipleship of people.

It is the discipleship of nations and discipleship of the seven structures on which every nation and society is built. These seven structures are as follows: Government/Politics; Business/Economy; Education; Mass Media; Arts, Sports & Entertainment; Religion and the Family. These are the gates that determine the destiny of a nation and they are the institutions that mold and condition mindsets and this is why Satan seeks to control the gates. Every person born into this world must pass through one or more of these seven gates or institutions.

Now imagine how many Children are born into the world each day and whose mindsets become conditioned by the predominant value-systems present in any nation or society. Satan is quite aware that to control any nation and her people, you must control the seven structures upon which that nation is built. By controlling the gates, you control the mindsets and ultimately control the destiny of that nation.

This is why a nation like India with a population of 1.4 billion people; Christianity is still around 2 to 5%, compared to Hindu, which is, about 80 to 87%. T.L Osborn, a wonderful evangelist, held one on the greatest mass crusades over 50 years ago in Madurai. Morris Cerullo, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn and many others have had major crusades throughout the years in India; and yet, India as a nation has barely transformed for Christ. I praise all these efforts in evangelism but they are not sufficient.

A fuller understanding of the Great Commission is the key to transforming nations. The Great Commission deals with displacing worldly value systems and replacing them with the value systems of the Kingdom of God. If you look at the United States of America, which prides itself in being a Christian nation, you will see that the Church is loosing the battle on every front – from the family to the teenagers to the young adults; to marriages and politics and education to list a few, despite the hundreds of thousands of Churches on every block.

Even within the Church itself, many pastors are struggling to win the world to Christ and millions of Christians are so self-absorbed or live on a very superficial level, and therefore, lack the true visibility of the life of Christ and all of this in spite of all the seminars, conferences, Christian T.V. programs and Sunday Services. It’s all about the gates. Until, we raise up exceptional leaders to penetrate the seven structures and fill these structures with the values of God’s kingdom, the nations will not be transformed. We still have over 6 billion people to win to Christ. How long is this going to take at this present pace, where the church is beginning to lose her saltiness? Given the statistics, the Indian Pastors knew that this message was what they’ve all been waiting for and that God was faithful to send an African to bring this message to India.

Presently, preparations are being made to mobilize every Christian leader to hear this message both in Hyderabad and Madurai. The dates have been fixed for February 9th to the 19th of 2012, where over 15,000 Pastors and other Christian leaders will hear the message of Transforming nations for Christ. Many testimonies are still pouring in from India as a result of this message as God awakened a new hope in the Indian leaders who for so long have labored so faithfully for the souls of the people of their nation.

Currently, plans are being put in place to establish the “Institute for national transformation” headed by Prof. Vincent Anigbogu.  We were also invited to come on a T.V station where all of India and other Asian nations will hear the message of national transformation. We plan to start airing in October of 2011.

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