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“Autumn Ball” event which was held in Berlin City

November 13, in Berlin City “Autumn Ball” was held, organized by the NGO “Rad des Lebens eV” and a massage parlor “Vigen Medical” of the Embassy of God Church in Berlin City (Pastor Natalya Potopayeva).

The Program for the event called “the Autumn Ball” was drawn up for both adults and children and it included games, dances, and or a competition of national dishes, folk costumes and dances.

Theatrical performance was staged for children; the main characters were David and Goliath. It told how to overcome the fear of problems. All the young spectators (11 in number) understood that, “with God, there is nothing to be scared of, if you do well.”

“The goal of our events and parties is change that the values of this world to the values of the Kingdom of God. This event helped people to understand the dangerous influence of envy, unforgiveness, anger, etc. upon our bodies and lives in general. We used materials from pastor Sunday book, “Vices are destroyers of the soul” – shared the organizers.

The holiday was spent in a warm and joyful atmosphere. The program was held in German language and 52 people were in attendance, excluding children. Each participant expressed their gratitude and experience in the guestbook. Here are some of them:

Schtutz Family:

We, the Schtutz family, are very thankful for this holiday, where we have just been revived back to life. We understood life was still going on. We are happy and grateful to the organizers of this event, who taught us to be happy again.

Anne Gerth:

Many thanks for the holiday. I am very pleased that there is a lot of joy around, and especially there are lots of good people, and therefore we are all friends! Thank you.

“During this event we identified about 10 volunteers for the next event called, – “Children’s Christmas Festival”. That is how we establish the friendly relationships during our events” – said an assistant Pastor and the social Pastor of a massage parlor called “Vigen Medical”, Vadim Renner. – “Since the massage parlor commenced, from a period of 26/06/2010 to 1/11/2010, about 600 people were serviced there. About 80 people repented their sins. 10 people now read Pastor Sunday’s books and answer questions according to them. One family began to read the Bible every day altogether, and made a covenant with God. The most surprising is that the massage parlor has united the German and Russian people, among whom there was always a wall.”

The Church of the 21 st century is a church without walls!

Address: Kölpinerstrasse 3, 12689 Berlin City
Contact Phone: 49 176-246 65 562 (Vadim)
Contact phone number of the rehabilitation center: 49 176-650 12 113 (Vitali)

Press Center
Embassy of God Church
Berlin City

Translated by Helen Stogniy
Edited by Lydia Olorunniwo

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