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Derek Schneider: Special greetings to you beloved Embassy of God church

Special greetings from Canada to you Embassy of God church, and especially to Pastor Sunday and Pastor Bose and the History Makers team!

I would like to take this time to especially thank you Pastor Sunday for your faithfulness to God’s call, and especially for your endurance during such a time of pressure for both your church and your family. You are an example to the body of Christ, of how to endure and remain faithful even in spite false accusations, God’s unusual dealings, and the crucial time in history that the church is in-your life is being given in exchange for MANY lives, and we who receive from you, are especially grateful.

I would like to encourage you with this testimony, and bless you by saying that your efforts are not in vain, and the concept of the History Maker’s Training is a new wine-skin that is bearing unusual accelerated results!

I was privileged to take part in the level one of the HMT back in last November, and I want to say boldly and truthfully, that in the total of 8 years that I have been in ministry, I have had greater and faster results since the History Maker’s Training, than I have in the total of my 8 years in ministry! I am tempted to almost divide my years in ministry into two parts…BEFORE HMT, and AFTER HMT!

Having grown up in church life, in a Pastor’s family, in my only 30 years on this earth, I have been to many conferences and church services, and have often left “inspired” but still lacking the actual tools to accomplish what had been taught. I have sat and heard great men and woman of God share about how God is using them, and left the meeting wishing they would have taught less on the “fruit” and more on the “secrets” of such great results.

We see this often in Canadian culture. We love to have some incredible conferences with incredible speakers, but many times these “conference” experiences lack the targeted “intensive” training that is necessary to prepare believer’s for the task of more than good church attendance! The History Maker’s Training undoubtedly can prepare and equip anyone, from any background, to walk away with not only principles for success, but also the TOOLS that are able to transform and effect change in ANY society.

I would like to particularly highlight the fact that the History Maker’s Training prepares someone to create the ENVIRONMENT that cultivates an above average lifestyle, and to get above average results, and that these principles actually do work in any culture no matter what the challenges are.

For example, here in Canada, because we are generally a “comfort” based culture, that is used to having the best of many things, and enjoy pursuing the pleasures of luxury, we sometimes view our destiny and purpose through the lens of “if it doesn’t feel good, or is painful,” it must not be God’s will! We like ministry to be “easy” and convenient for us. Therefore we tend to shrink away from the pressure, the self-disciplines and pain that are required for God to mould us into true “history makers.”

This passivity often manifests itself in the church, (in general) through ego-centricity, an over-emphasis on” personal prosperity,” and as soon as various ministry tasks get too difficult, or the price is high (or there is heavy spiritual warfare) we retreat, under the guise of, “stepping down,” or “God is ‘transitioning me.’” I believe that it is safe to say that many Pastors run into these kinds of road blocks in mobilizing the sheep, quite often, and I have often wanted to see a “re-wiring” come to my own life, and the church in our nation. Pastor Sunday and the History Maker’s Training does just that!

Since experiencing my “breaking point,” and enduring the pressure of this kind of training, I have found that my spiritual muscles and disciplines have been stretched to a “point of no return.” In all of my experiences in church life, I have never experienced such a lasting change as I have had since the HMT. My daily routines have changed and I have not returned to my former way of life…I have been able to work at an unusual pace, and have had the endurance to maintain this pace and effectiveness amidst the warfare and challenges that have come as a result of greater fruitfulness in our church, community and nation.

Since the History Maker’s Training our church has experienced a radical shift. (I share these results not to boast, but as a tangible evidence that the HMT actually produces) We have seen hundreds within our church begin to use the Benjamin Franklin system of moral perfection, and someone even created a version for children, so entire families have been experiencing great results from that concept. Also, the concept of “system building” has caused immediate growth and great results…

  • As a result of Pastor Sunday’s teaching on System building, we have now established a prayer shield which consists of a different person praying and fasting every day each month for myself and our ministry. This was established within one month as a result of system building.
  • A ministry in the community that provides completely free acting classes for under-privileged and troubled youth was established called, “Inspired to Conquer.”
  • A youth movement called, “IYAM” (Intelligent Youth Awareness Movement…a youth movement against destructive messages in today’s music) was established with a goal of speaking to 5000 students in high-schools and in the region, to see 500 actually join the movement within one year
  • A ministry within the community for men using sports and recreation to reach troubled young men was established
  • A ministry for young girls that puts on tea party events in the community which promote and help to teach on principles of healthy self-esteem and self-respect was created and begins with its first event in September of this year.
  • A system was developed for our already existing Single parent ministry with a goal of reaching 1000 single parents and planting 10 new locations in 2 years
  • An already existing program for the sexually abused has designed a system to minister to 5000 in one year with a goal of complete healing (and launching into ministry) of at least 500 participants
  • A system of discipleship and training to produce 500 new members (30 new cell leaders every 6 months) in 2 years was established and is already working. Through this system new leaders are being raised up, and many of our young adults are seeing personal growth and consistency in various disciplines in an accelerated way. Through this system of “500 and accelerated discipleship” alone, we have been seeing greater results since November HMT, then in my 8 years of ministry.
  • A History Maker’s Training has been held here in Canada with full attendance, and will be now happening once every three months, for our church members, and those that have expressed interest from other regions
  • The “System of 10, 000,” is being organized, and was recently presented to the church and the response has been overwhelming. The official launch is in September.

By the grace of God, doors for greater media exposure have opened up, and so much interest has peeked because of the results, that the influence and platform to speak to the nation (through various avenues) has grown significantly.

Over all what the HMT has done for the young adults in our church (Embassy This Generation) has without a doubt begun to touch our country, reform our church again, and has caused our church’s entire infrastructure to be re-evaluated because of the speed of the life of the church now.

Pastor Sunday, you were right! Life can be predictable, and results ARE possible in ANY society at ANY time-these principles and truths that you are teaching can be converted into different cultures with the same results of raising up bold and fearless deliverers with the great commission and societal transformation in mind. The History Maker’s Training provides the tools for anyone to step into the “unusual,” and get results without needing to wait for a miracle or a “move of God.” After all, the gospel of the kingdom should work for everyone who is willing to pay the price to become a History Maker!

Derek Schneider

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