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An Award for Tatyana Litvin from the President of Ukraine!

The President of Ukraine, has awarded a medal of ‘Hard Work and Courage’ to Tatyana Litvin, the founder of a Charitable Organization “Women’s Future”.

The award ceremony took place at the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC) during the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the association of the ARC’s local government and the city of Sevastpol.

President has congratulated the region on their success.

Tatyana’s award follows her commitment to the lobbying and advocacy work as a community affairs representative to the Cabinet of Ministers of restoring the value and importance of the family institution in the ARC.

The medal of ‘Hard Work and Courage’ is a State award given to Ukrainian citizens who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of economic, marital, sociocultural, scientific and other areas in the society, it is an award given to individuals who portray high levels of commitment to their duties.

Tatyana is a public figure in the ARC, she also works as a consulting psychologist and serves as a Chairperson of the Social Organizations Union (also known as ‘We Are the State’). Her diploma and certificate qualifications are acknowledged by the International Republican Institute and the National Fund of Democracy. She advocates for high standards in the perception and treatment of motherhood and has been active in working towards the strengthening of the family institution in society.

Her great passion, as reflected in the work of ‘Women’s Future’, is to help women to be able to excel in all aspects of their lives alongside with building successful families.

Between 2002 and 2012 ‘Women’s Future’ has been able to conduct 40 seminars and trainings to girls, women and families in 9 cities of Ukraine. Topics covered included “The Noble Lady”, “Image”, “It’s Great to Be a Woman”, “A Wise Woman”, “Family Happiness”, “The Joy of Child Rearing” and “Women’s Health”.

On top of that, the organization has been a part of the Focus group that works on the issue of ‘Improving mother’s health and decreasing child mortality’. The Focus group’s analytical report, which was compiled by “Women’s Future”, became the basis for the main Development Plan of the ARC.

In July 7th – 8th 2011, Tatyana hosted an advocacy event, called “Let’s Save Lives”. The main focus of the event was to raise awareness of Motherhood and Abortion Prevention. Between 2005 and 2007, “Women’s Future” held several conferences for women in both Crimea and Ukraine and Tatyana represented the organization during The March for Family Values, which took place in Crimea between 2010 and 2011.

‘Women’s Future’ is looking to involve youth and children. With these age groups more attention will be given to the issues of drug and alcohol addiction, as well as prevention of teenage pregnancies and abortions. Motivated by the desire of reaching out to the children and young people ‘Women’s Future” hosted “Let’s Save Lives” exhibition in February/March 2012 in collaboration with the Crimean Eparchy. A total of 300 Simferopol high school students attended lectures about abortion.

Tatyana was presented with an Honorary Diploma during the “Father, Mother and Me” exhibition, that took place in the Park of the USSR’s 60th Anniversary.

Tatyana is an example of a caring wife, mother and active citizen of Ukraine. Her talent and experience in management enables her to organize and execute events successfully. In addition to that, she is an amazing leader who inspires her team. She is a person who opens up to people and shares their burdens and has completely devoted herself to help people shape their destinies for the better.

Press Service –”Women’s Future”

Translated by Lena Vylegzhanina
Edited by June Bugenyi, Natalia Ioffe

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