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Health Club “We will Prolong Youthfulness”

The health Club “We Will Prolong Youthfulness” in Kassel, is confidently winning new people for God.

In Germany, in Kassel, in the “Embassy of God” church, a new direction of ministry is gaining momentum. Pastor Vera Ogneva started a health club called “We will Prolong Youthfulness.” The name of the club was not chosen by chance. All the activities of the club are aimed at the comprehensive development of health, and on maintaining and prolonging the youthfulness of the body and soul.

Their work is concentrated in three directions – proper nutrition, movement, and self-care. The basis of the club is the so-called cooking course – a master class that Pastor Vera conducts. In the course she teaches how to eat properly; what foods to consume in order to maintain a good health and to prolong youthfulness.

The know-how of this course is that to cook these foods, no cooker is needed, the dishes do not need to be cooked by heat. All of the products are fresh vegetables. At first glance, it may seem that this type of food is complex, boring, and unappetizing. But this is only at first glance. The club uses completely fresh and novel recipes, developed according to the latest technology for healthy nutrition. For example, the club can teach you how to cook borscht without fire. In the menu of the club, there are all kinds of soups, pastas, salads, smoothies, desserts and much more. Having prepared and tasted the dishes together, the members of the club are convinced that delicious, healthy, and satisfying dishes can be made from simple fresh products.

Pastor Vera saw the importance of creating such a club. It is true that there is a lot of information, thousands of videos, an influx of articles and more on the Internet on these topics, but people often become lost in such a large amount of often contradictory information. Another important reason for the club is that people need a lively dialogue, fellowship and the opportunity to practically make one or more nutritious dishes together and to be convinced of their benefits.

At the beginning of each meeting, Pastor Vera talks about the dish of the day, about the benefit of the selected products for it, and the technology of cooking it. Then the guests actively get involved in the work, and as the food is being made, everyone shares their impressions, consulting each other. The atmosphere of these meetings is always joyful and positive. The most pleasant moment for everyone at the club is the tasting of the dishes. The reviews after tasting the food are always the most striking because everyone understands that they have not eaten an unnatural, processed food, but fresh, “live” products, and that it is a good investment into their health.

Pastor Vera studied the results of a poll in Germany about what activities people are willing to attend. It turned out that people want to attend events where there is interactive communication. Culinary club is the easiest and simplest means of realizing this, and it can be organized in any room, without a stove! Dishes that are easy and quick to prepare are selected. In addition, since people need self-realization, we invite them to participate in the next meeting, and we give them little assignments, like to take some pictures, to prepare a column, find and share necessary information, to share a self-made recipe… This way, people’s self-esteems are strengthened and they feel they are needed.

At the meetings, Pastor Vera happily shares interesting secrets of table decoration, decorating dishes, and shows various technical novelties for the kitchen under the heading “Kitchen assistants.” This brings an exciting flavor of variety to the program.

The main idea of creating this club is to attract new people and establish them in God. This work is manifested in stages. In the beginning, the club uses such events as cook-courses, joint excursions, picnics, various meetings, hikes, visiting different salons, dance clubs, sports groups, and so on, to promote continual fellowship. All of this brings people to the next important stage.

After several meetings at the club, guests are invited to undergo an eight-day body cleansing course by Gregory Poloz’s system, which Pastor Vera also conducts at the rehabilitation centers of our church. It is here that the systemic influence on people takes root. They are not only cleansed physically, but they begin to be reborn spiritually. The course’s program includes various teachings, a spiritual program, and prayers. The results of these courses are amazing. In the process of this cleansing, which develops into a real fast, people get healed quickly not only from their illnesses and excess kilos, but they are also cleansed mentally, there is a leap in spiritual growth. Christian truths are sown in people during these eight days. This becomes an excellent base for people to later come to the church and remain there.

How do we use the club to attract people to the church?

For this we have several intermediate goals and stages:

  1. We befriend them and win their trust.
  2. We find out their problems, and offer comprehensive help.
  3. We fulfill their need for communication.
  4. We create groups on social networks ( e.g. in viber, whatsapp…)
  5. We advertise the books of the University of Life.
  6. We influence them through teachings and trainings.
  7. We involve them in joint works, we make them team members and activists.
  8. We offer them membership in the club.
  9. We invite everyone to the health group, as well as to the series of excursions “Walk through the path of the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales.” in Germany. We also invite them to meet Pastor Natasha Potapaeva.
  10. We move those who are willing to join to the health group, where a spiritual program is already included. Here, they are with us for 8 days, 24 hours a day.

We are glad to share our experience with you. Write, call us, and we will gladly tell you about all the details of this work.

Yours truly, Pastor Vera Ogneva
Press center of the Embassy of God church in Kassel, Germany

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