Pastor Abosede Adelaja
Central Church

With God’s help at 44

As a person who believes in a higher being, a higher personality that is greater than all humans and all the systems sustaining life on earth; I share the opinion that mankind is here on earth to declare the praise of its Maker. It is here to please Him and live for His glory.

I also think that a great way to declare His praise is by celebrating one’s birthday in a special way that points to God and honors Him, thereby declaring His Praise. Today, I have the opportunity to see another birthday and this is more than enough of a reason for me to give Him praise. He deserves all of it, in the simplest way possible.

Glory to God, it is my 44th birthday! Words cannot express how thankful I am, to be fortunate enough to live in an informational age and to know my exact birthday.

Contrary to what I just mentioned above, the exact birthday of one of the greatest being that ever lived on earth, of Jesus, is unknown, but many of us know our birthdays and can use them to glorify our Creator. 

Though Jesus’ birthday is unknown, His birthday is still being widely celebrated because of the purpose of His birth and the mission He fulfilled on earth. So, it is a good thing to celebrate not just the date of our birth but also our purpose on earth on one’s birthday.

Jesus’ birthday was not celebrated until He left the earth. He did not become a great and famous hero while He was on earth. He was busy with His Father’s business. He dedicated his life to fulfilling His purpose on earth, and only after that is His life being celebrated in a meaningful way.

 “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

We should learn how to live from such a hero, whose life after death is much bigger than His life before death. We can learn from Jesus’ life that death can either reward or punish us. In Jesus’ case, death was a reward, a harvest of what was sown. It is what we sow now that will determine whether or not we will be celebrated when our time comes. 

We should learn from Jesus on how to make our birthdays reflective celebrations of how we are sowing good seeds in life and fulfilling our purpose on earth. Our birthday should be a blessing to those around us. 

Jesus could not celebrate His birthday because the culture of celebrating birthdays came much later, but fortunately we can celebrate our birthdays now and we should do that in a meaningful way. It does not have to be a big celebration of feasting, just a simple act of kindness could go a long way.  

I have been on earth for 44 years. Hurray! And it has been amazing, exciting, wonderful years and moments. I have so many good things and moments to remember: the bright, glorious happy moments I have enjoyed, the funny times of life, the nice places I have been to, and the encouragement I have received. 

Like a coin that has two sides, I am amazed by the problems I have solved, the challenges I have overcome, the mountains I have climbed, the dark nights I have survived, and the mistakes I have learned from all these years.  I could only get stronger and wiser. 

I sincerely thank God for the tough times of my life, the times of cries, sorrows, disappointments and the times of loss that helped to shed life’s unnecessary weights. Through it all, I have learned that there is always a light to see and wealth to acquire at the end of the tunnel, if I do not get weary and when I do not give up.  

“There is a saying in Tibetan, “Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength. No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is; if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.” – Dalai Lama XIV

The tough times have taught me to be strong and courageous for which I am deeply grateful. I thank God for my lot, for my trajectory in this life, and for how far I have gone, because it has only been made possible with God’s help and by His grace. His joy has always been my strength. 

Believe me, I have no reason to complain, no cause for alarm. Any other person can complain but not me. I have been given so much to till, tend and manage for the common good of all men and the praise of God. I have been given uncommon opportunities and blessings for which I can only be thankful.

  • I thank God for the sound health I have been enjoying all these years.
  • I thank God for the knowledge and the opportunity to be myself, to develop myself and enjoy the pleasure, beauty, contrasts and paradoxes of life.
  • I thank the Lord for the companion and the fellowship of the exceptionally rare people in my life; my parents, husband, children, relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, fans and inevitable critics.  I owe all of you a lot. Thank you for fitting well into your roles. Thank you for the spectrum of colors that you add to the portrait of my life!
  • I thank the Lord for the relationship I have with Him, and the opportunity to taste eternal life here on earth. I thank Him for the love He abundantly lavishes me with and for the blessed assurance that Jesus is mine, in all the seasons of my life and my world. What a great procurement that can never be taken away from me!
  • I thank God for the opportunity to work and to see some of the fruits of my labor. My birthday this year is not just another birthday, but another unique opportunity to praise Him more.

My life has been an adventurous journey with destiny and I look forward to better moments and days either here on earth or beyond the sea in eternity. In any case, it will be with God’s help, by His mercy and grace.

Thank you Lord!

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