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Pastor Sunday Adelaja: Build your life on the Voice of God

He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. Ps. 107:20

There are different situations and problems in everyone’s life. But we are as God’s children can have fellowship with God and can have an opportunity to hear God’s voice, so we have an advantage in solving all life’s situations. God has a solution to every problem. God’s intervention, His answer, His instructions will make our life a lot more successful, victorious and glorified.

Seek God’s face in every situation you face until you clearly hear the Word from God. Every day we face particular problems and we have to build our life on the voice of God.

What does it mean? When we face any situation find time and possibility to seek the face of the Lord. Do not panic, do not look for the fast decision but first of all “seek his face”. Set a special time for fasting and prayer; stay alone and purposefully pray until God speaks to you. There will be an answer in the voice of God.

Do not rely on man, rely on God alone. We have to learn to hold on God because there is a right answer and a right solution only in Him.

He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions. Ps. 107:20

Here is an example. One of the moms from our church prayed a lot for her son to deliver him from addiction. She constantly prayed and fasted and one day God showed her a vision. She saw her son in front of God, she saw him happy and delivered. Through this vision God showed this lady that He heard her prayers and has solved this issue. In spite of the present time when her son wasn’t delivered yet, this lady was assured that God had delivered him and very soon her son will be physically delivered from his addiction! When God gives you His Word then you will get a method to solve it.

God is a Spirit and He will be communicating to you on the spirit level. So, do not look for the voice on the physical level. Take your Bible, pray, seek the face of the Lord for Him to speak to you. (He will decide how to speak to you.) Sometimes the Lord will talk to you just through the inner condition, sometimes through the vision, sometimes the voice can come to you from the inside (clear voice can be very rare), sometimes through dreams or through the Bible verse, through a book and prophecy. God will give you a solution and you will know that it was not from you, not from you flesh but it was God answering your question.

“He sent His word” – God loves to send His Word, God loves to send His voice to His children.

Let’s build our life, our decisions and our perspectives on God’s voice. Let us learn to hear the voice of God! Then we’ll have less tears and frustrations, fewer tragedies.

So, why can`t we hear God’s voice? Because vanity interrupts us, thousands of our own thoughts and ideas interrupt our listening to God’s voice. God so wants to talk to us, He’s desperate to tell us the right choice. But because we often don’t have time, we are down deep in our own ways, we are not tuned inside and don’t have discipline, we won’t be able to hear God’s decision anyways!

God won’t send His word in the midst of vanity. Vanity is like a swamp where worries rule. God wants us to raise Him higher of all this vanity to learn to get closer to Him and to find comfort in Him and we could hear His voice.

How to escape this vanity? My friends, we need to stay alone sometimes even refuse to eat or everyday regime of eating. It’s worthy to prove God that His voice is much more important for you than other activities.

When you can prove God that God’s voice is higher than anything for you than He will send His Word. And this Word will give a result.

It’s written that God “sent His word” and with this Word He “healed them” and “delivered them”. As soon as God’s voice comes to your situation automatically with this Word comes deliverance, healing and then peace and solution. And you will never remember your worries anymore.

Genesis 12:1-3 “Now the LORD had said” – these words show God’s answer. There are a lot of such passages in the Bible when the Lord answers.

The Word of the Lord is the source and the beginning of everything. If you will get the Word, God will show you how to solve this question, “The heart of the king is in God’s hands”. (Proverbs 21:1). So in the beginning you have to solve this question with God, to receive His Word. If you receive the Word of God, He will take you from that valley and will place you on the top of the mountain. It doesn’t matter how dark is darkness because when His Word comes, it turns to lights.

Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. Genesis 1:3

Let us seek the voice of God in everything! Look at this seriously: find time, seek the face of God. And you will see how God’s voice will turn your mountains into the flat land in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Recommended literature on this subject:

  • “How to hear the voice of God” by Sunday Adelaja
  • “Heavens are so close” by Choo Tomas

From the Central Church service on October 12th, 2008 in Kyiv, Ukraine

Translated by Miroslava Pshichenko
Edited by Emmanuel Chindove

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