Pastor Sunday Adelaja
Central Church

An address to the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for all nations by Pastor Sunday Adelaja

Dear brothers and sisters! I am very happy that God has given us the honor, opportunity and confidence to enter one of the most important ministries honored by the Lord Jesus – Chaplaincy.

“I was in prison and you came to me” – says the Lord, thereby highlighting it as a service to Him (see Matthew 25:36). Chaplaincy is a ministry for all Christians. God’s mercy accompanies anyone who serves those in jail. So I want to congratulate everyone who has a revelation and dedication to this calling; you will be seated at the right hand of God, because you have heard and answered the call of His soul and the pain for this people.

One thing I want to make it clear to us is that Jesus also commented on those who never visited Him in jail and as the Bible records in Matthew 25:41-43, they were sent to eternal fire; this means we have to take Jesus’ words very seriously.

As for the “Embassy of God” Church, I am very interested in the development of this ministry. I trust that by God’s grace, with time, we will be able to raise up to 20,000 or more ministers and chaplains.

Back in 2001, at the 7-th Church Anniversary, God clearly spoke to me that we will have seven thousand ministers released from prison. They are those who will adhere to the gospel of Jesus Christ. To achieve this goal we must reach out to inmates three times more than what we are able to reach out then.

To realize this vision today there are ‘shelters towns’ operating on the base of the church. New city- shelters are as well being built in all areas of Ukraine. These shelters are the places where prisoners who are being released come, and they are taken through a process of recovery and rehabilitation. They also receive training in the Bible School to realise their purpose in life; i.e. what God want them to become in life.

Therefore, the Chaplaincy, is made of individuals who have given themselves to work with ex-prisoners with the aim of transforming their lives to become productive men and women in the society and also become God’s servants; God has entrusted us that work of restoring hope in people who had no hope for their lives.

If you are aware of any brother or sister who has a calling to serve the ex-prisoners and has not located a place to serve, please do not hesitate to invite them to the ministry of Chaplains! Together we will develop an organised center and leadership structure.

Personally I am so blessed by Pastor Konstantin Datsik being the leader of Chaplaincy Movement at National level. I beseech all my brothers and sisters who consider themselves as active members of the “Embassy of God” church, to cooperate with Pastor Konstantin. Please, contact him and let us promote this vision together. We all know very well that we are stronger when we are in UNITY and thus we need to work together!

I thank God that you are privileged to be in God’s inheritance!

With love and prayers for you,
Pastor Sunday Adelaja

Contacts of the Chaplaincy ministry:

Translated by Helen Stogniy
Edited by June Bugenyi

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