Pastor Sunday Adelaja
The 23rd Church Anniversary

Send the people home

The evening of the first day of the 23rd Anniversary of the Embassy of God.

The evening of the grand opening of the celebration began with worship of God, and then the youth presented a theatrical performance showing how the enemy is trying to destroy and steal what God has given us. He seduces people with power, money and other worldly values. We cannot always see the greatness in the small, but the greatness is always there. When we humble ourselves, we will receive God’s power. “Receive the fire of the Holy Spirit, the Church of Christ,” these words sounded during the performance. At its conclusion, the actors, as well as the elders of the “Embassy of God” church, came out on stage with burning candles that symbolized the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Now let’s listen to the story of God’s miracles in the lives of our brothers and sisters.

Tatyana Kalchenko, from Kherson region: She came to the church 14 years ago, and before that she had been a drug addict for more than 20 years. “No one believed in a normalized future for me. “My mother thought that I would soon die. My mother, being a doctor, took me to many doctors and spent a lot of money on me. There was only one way out – God. After my repentance, my life was completely changed. I underwent the rehabilitation program of Natasha Potopaeva. I realized that I did have a calling, and I became a pastor in the city of Skadovsk. After that, thanks to Pastor Sunday’s teachings and that I was in his home group, I opened a public organization that is very active in the city. Thank you to Pastor Victoria Melnik and her institute for the restoration of personalities and the transformation of society. The Embassy of God is the best church in the world!”

Lyudmila Nikolaevna, from Kiev: “In January, I broke my arm, and it was a serious fracture. The doctor said that its restoration would take six months. But during the anointed service, God gave a word of knowledge to Pastor Sunday, and he proclaimed the healing of an arm that had been fractured. And then God completely healed me!”

Svetlana Ivanovna, assistant pastor in the city of Kherson, said that her son had no children for 5 years. Following their prayers, his wife gave birth to twins! Now they have a son and a daughter who are just two weeks old. Svetlana Ivanovna is grateful to God for this miracle!

Alexander is 35 years old, but for more than 17 years of those years he was a drug addict. Drugs completely deprived Alexander of his health, paralyzed and made him bed ridden, he was dying. He had 4 months to live, but Alexander cried to God, and the Lord completely healed him. Alexander was rehabilitated and now serves in the church.

Victor came to the Anniversary from Germany and told the Central church his story: “I am a former drug addict and toxicomaniac, I’ve tried everything addictive, and I was even sentenced to death by firing squad. In six months, I lost my whole family. I cried out to Jesus when I found out about my death sentence, and God saved me! There was another convict, who was detained with me and was also sentenced, but he did not want to believe God, and was shot. I was given a term. Then I got into a labor colony. There I had a stroke, and Jesus saved me again. He healed me, and then saved me from drugs. I used to drink alchohol and smoke. Pastor Natasha Potopaeva prayed for me, and after a few days I stopped drinking and smoking. Complete freedom, in which I live now, came into my life!”

Pastor Rory Kaye from Sweden shared how God is good to him. He repeatedly healed him from fatal diseases, once sparing his leg from amputation. Several times Pastor Rory had had to pray for the resurrection of the dead. Once, it was for a woman who was in a car accident, and later for a deceased child in a hotel. Both were resurrected!

It is time for the sermon of the senior pastor of the church “Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations,” Sunday Adelaja.

Subject: Send the people to home

“Pastors dream of gathering crowds. Having a lot of followers is their dream. This was also my dream,” says Pastor Sunday. – But now I do not have a dream like that, although I could have it. There is a time for the multitudes, and there is a time when it is best to send the crowd home. There is a time for everything.

“There is a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,” as the wisdom book of Ecclesiastes says. This scripture is not just about gathering stones. It is hard to believe, but this does not only concern stones, but also people. You might think that this is not from God. It is hard to believe that scattering could be God’s work, but it can come from God.

If you read the Bible carefully, then you will notice that all the evangelists described cases when Jesus said that people should be sent home. Sometimes the people did not want to leave, and Jesus had to insist.

Sometimes God uses difficult situations to scatter people. This way, God is looking for His remnant. Even to the ones remaining, Jesus said: “Maybe you also want to leave? All right, go.” When the remnant understood that God himself was trying to send them home, they were frightened and wanted to stay. These people are the true remnant. Only those who are horrified at the prospect of losing Christ, are the people you need and are especially needed. The time when the people are being sent home is the time for the remnant!

There is time to gather, and there is a time to scatter. This is written in the Bible. This was also said by Jesus and Paul. Many people left even Jesus. There was a time when Paul said: “All have left me, only Timothy is left with me.

That’s life, and that’s how it goes. There is a time for everything. You need to learn how to rejoice in both abundance and in lack. Many of us do not like life in lack, but love it in times of abundance. But a mature son needs to know both sides. Maturity is being able to rejoice in all situations. This is how you prove to God that your faith is built on God, and not on what you have. God wants to make sure that we are not chatterboxes, limited to words only, when we promise to serve Him. He tests us.

Will you be happy in your lack, in losses, in disasters, in times of deprivation? What is the source of your joy? God is what causes your joy. If you are happy only when there is something pleasing you, then God is not your source of joy and happiness. You need to know this side of God. Jesus Himself experienced this, and without it He could not be in the fullness of God. All the disciples went through difficulties. If you do not want to trust God through lack and through abundance, you cannot know the fullness of God.

The hand of God is not only upon us when everything is fine. You must be able to see God in difficult times also. Difficulties can even be from the hand of God.

Abundance should not equal joy. Your joy should be in God, He is the source of happiness and satisfaction, for God is the source of our life!

You must always rejoice in God, because He is always present.

Poverty and plenty come and go, but He remains steadfast.

If indeed He is your source, then you will always live in joy. Rejoice in Him! One should learn to live life in satisfaction and without grumbling, for God is with us, and He is the source.

Everyone wants to live in abundance, but deprivations come, and people become sad, upset. For example, let us say that a church had in 30 thousand people, but it now has 1 thousand people. But God says, “Do you remember who I am? Things and situations come and go, but I remain, I remain the same forever. You must be attached to Me, and your heart must rest in Me. “

The pastor says that he rejoices not because of abundance, but “because I am with God, because He is with Me. My joy is from the Lord! In any situation, I keep my joy. I have made a decision in my heart that the source of my joy will be the Lord. He is the source of my peace and satisfaction. We should be established in God. “

God will test you. When lack comes and you become depressed, He will know that you never belonged to Him. God can do His work through many people, and through a few people, and He will get the same result.

Judges. 7: 2-3: “And the LORD said unto Gideon, The people with you are too many; I can not deliver the Midianites into their hand, lest Israel should pride themselves against me, and say,” My hand has saved me “; So proclaim in the ears of the people and say: “He who is fearful and shy, let him return and go back from the hill of Gilead.” And the people returned twenty-two thousand, and ten thousand remained. “

In Israel, the army was only 10% of the enemy’s army – there were 30,000 men from Israel and 300,000 from the enemy. Gideon was afraid that there were too few of them, but God declared the opposite! In the physical world, people are used to thinking that you win by using and having many. God does not think so. He can win in any circumstance.

For God, it does not matter how many people you have and how many are against us. Gideon was afraid that he had too few people against the enemy. How do you react? How often do you grieve God with such faithless thinking?

Gideon’s faith was in the number of the army, not in the God of Israel. God taught him a lesson. He told Gideon to let even those few people go home, because God does not need them to give the people of Israel victory.

Have Faith In God!

Victory belongs to God; He is the Lord of hosts, the God of armies. He does not need 30 thousand soldiers, or even 10 thousand soldiers. He sent the army home. He does not need materials of yours, whether they are big or small, to secure victory.

Tell God: “Father, my faith will be rooted in You, not in what I have.” You know my strengths and weaknesses. You know my level. I base my faith in you, God. I trust You, and I ask You – Do your work through me.” God can give you victory regardless of what state of health you are in. In Him, you can be even stronger than before. Let all you have, your strengths and your weaknesses, be devoted to Him. Tell Him: “God, take all that I have as a living sacrifice.” Trust Him, and He will greatly surprise you.

There is one thing that can cancel out all that God wants to do through you and for you. This is a factor that can shut down everything, even if God is interested in giving victory. God is not a partial God, if there are 30 thousand men, then one must know who to send home. Only by one criterion does God decide whom to send home and who to leave. While God has already decided to give the victory, one has to know who will be part of the victory.

Be very careful about this factor, whether you are in abundance or in lack. Do not let it creep up to you, but keep your heart away from it, and then God will always be doing His works through you.

Judges. 7: 2-3: “And the LORD said unto Gideon, The people with you are too many; I can not deliver the Midianites into their hand; lest Israel should pride themselves against me, and say,” My hand has saved me “; So proclaim in the ears of the people and say: “He who is fearful and shy, let him return and go back from the hill of Gilead.” And the people returned twenty-two thousand, and ten thousand remained. “

God is ready to get rid of the crowd rather than to endure the fear that exists in it. “Every time I see fear and panic in people in the Embassy of God, I tell them, “Go”, because I know this truth. For God it does not make a difference how many people are available. What matters is: do they have faith, or they are in fear? Do they believe or they are in doubt? If the timid remains, it can deprive all of the victory. It is best to let them go, ” Pastor Sunday continues to open the path of God.

For Israel, there was no tragedy, when 22 thousand out of 30 thousand left. Quite the contrary! It was a salvation. It is not always a horrible loss when the multitude leaves. Often it is the opposite, it becomes a salvation. God can deliver victory through a multitude, and he can deliver through a few.

When multitudes left Jesus, he told the remaining others that they too could leave. He wanted to find out if there was anyone left who still had timidity in their heart.. Whoever has fear and doubt cannot go forward and this will interfere with God’s will.

Fear and doubt are a factor to be watchful for, dear brothers and sisters. Let us shield our hearts and live in the wisdom of God’s truths.

From the 23rd Anniversary of the Embassy of God
March 30, 2017, Kiev
Press Center of the Embassy of God Church

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