Presentation of the University of Life team
The 23rd Church Anniversary

Everyone is alive in Him

Glory to God! Our celebration continues! The third day of the 23rd Anniversary, and we are waiting for what the Lord will reveal to us today. The atmosphere of our celebration is wonderful!. Let us enjoy the celebration in full these days and appreciate every moment of staying in our Father’s house.

On the stage is the laureate of all-Ukrainian competitions of performers on folk instruments Anna Mikhaylovich, she will perform for all “Ukrainian Goopachok (traditional dance)”.

And now the testimonies of the miracles of God and the love of God in our lives.

Robert: “I have never been an alcohol and drug dependent man in my life, but I was born with disability – CP(Cerebral palsy). Studied at a special school, boarding school. The left side of my body was greatly smitten, a short leg and twisted arm. Before I came to church, I always thought, why am I like this? And in the year 2002, I came to the Embassy of God church for the first time and the naked truth was opened to me for the first time – I am redeemed from this diagnosis, disability. A great battle started, spiritual and physical. I completely turned away from disability, left boarding school, burned all the documents, began doing sports, swimming. In my childhood, I dreamed of working on the railway, but with this diagnosis it was impossible. Today, I am working in the sphere of rail roads, I don’t have disability but only lung challenges. I thank Pastor Sunday, Pastor Larisa Krivoruchko, my mom, my leader Volodya. Believe and you will be like God!

Ludmila: I am the daughter of the “Embassy of God” church, a leader of “The power of love.” church I had tuberculosis. I thank the Kislov pastors, they prayed for me and my children. God healed me of tuberculosis. In 2012, I fell and broke the sacrum, turned out to be a fracture, my nerves got numb, I could not walk nor lie normally. This continued for 2 and half years. I cried to God, I looked for a way out, I went to doctors, they said that I was not quite right in my head. The Lord gave me a word through a dream – go to your pastor, she will show you the way. Pastor Larisa told me to come to all the services. I was hurting, but I went. I became the head of the University of Life, continued to seek the face of God. I was healed by work – doing exercises, physical exercises. My life was divided into 2 parts – before and after trauma. Thanks to the teachings of Pastor Sunday, I became the leader of the health club. Then I fell again, again the blow fell on the sacrum. I felt the same pain, but now I knew what to do. It was the devil’s attacks. Today – I walk, I sit, feel normal, grow in God. I am the administrator of the church, the leader of the health club, financial service, evening prayer, I am in  the spiritual council of the church. Thank God for everything! Thank you pastor Pastor Sunday and Pastor Larisa.

Presentation of the University of Life team.

The first direction is the Book in every house.

Head Furman Alla, technical director – Elena Sychova.

Last year, each of us heard about the library. The project started with one person – Alla Furman. She started reading books, it changed her so that she wanted to share it with other people. Now she understands that God acts not only through one person, but through many people. Influence over the past year – 3000 people in 12 countries. This year, we added a video project – 15 minute clips “A Book in Every Home”, which talk about values, vital issues, answers to which can be found in the books of the University of Life.

Lyudmila Borisyuk presented a special book, the first of a series of books for teenagers – “Life is …”. She thanked Pastor Sunday for having sown the truth and for the very life, for conveying boldness, courage and strength to take responsibility for adolescents. She and the team have 8 years of experience in conducting lectures and trainings for more than 20 thousand students and teenagers in 120 educational institutions in Kiev. More than 1,000 adults were trained – evening schools for parents. Parents see the changed lives of their children – and realize that they also need it. In addition, they cooperate with government agencies, two training programs have been approved for parents and teenagers.

Ekaterina Koronis set a goal to promote the University of Life through Facebook. Results: reached 3 million people, from 25 to 50 thousand people a day.

The person preaching is the elder of the “Embassy of God” church, Pastor Bose Adelaja. Before turning to the word, Pastor Bose glorified God with an acapella song in her native Yoruba language.

Theme: “Everyone is alive in Him”

Luke 24: 5 describes what happened near the tomb of Christ 3 days after His crucifixion. There were women who loved Jesus very much, they could not wait to be able to come and anoint His body. This place reminds us that the Lord lives, He lived and will live forever. Angels today among us ask us not to seek a living God among dead people, values, deeds. God can only be found among the living. But then people did not believe Him, they spent time, strength, money prepared all these aromas, thus showing Him their respect, their love, their participation. Instead of focusing on the life that Jesus gives, they tried to make the fragrance, were carried away by the idea of looking for the living among the dead.

We need to follow the risen Christ to see what He is doing now. We need to get a new life, the opportunities of the risen Jesus Christ. Leave all the old and move to the new. God does not live in graves. God is risen – and for us this is a new time, a new season! It is time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

There is even better news – He is risen and He is alive. Stop living in the past, accept the gospel, because now we live in resurrection and life. When Jesus met the disciples, He began to teach them to spread the resurrection and life. He came to the disciples to teach them how to move in His vision.

We also have a vision, and it is permanent. We are building a great anointed church of Jesus Christ, and all this we do in the power of the risen Jesus Christ. God will allow us to be more powerful, anointed to move on.

God is the God of the living. All that concerns God is life, restoration, resurrection! He gives His life to all generously (Matthew 22: 29-32, Luke 20: 37-38).

In Him all are alive! And if you think that in Christ there is death, problems, dead ends, then you are very wrong and do not know the Scriptures. God is the One who resurrects, restores and gives life. He is life, resurrection, all are alive with Him, so let us learn to understand Scripture correctly. When Moses met God in a hot bush, He said that I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They are alive and I am alive.

Devote yourself to God and become the continuation of your life in Christ. Everyone lives in Him and everyone must live for Him. Accept His life. Start again to dream, dance, develop your potential.

In God there is so much life that He is able to revive not only you, but all your generation, your whole nation. He is resurrection and life, therefore we can move forward always, we do not move with our own strength, but in the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

After the sermon of Pastor Bose, Pastor Sunday climbed onto the stage and added his revelation on this word: Why are you looking for the dead among the living? Among us there are no dead. There is no death, no misfortune, no trouble. If God lives, then our soul also lives! He who seeks death, finds death, and he who seeks life, will find life! In God, there is always resurrection and life!

From the 23rd Anniversary of the Embassy of God
April 1, 2017, Kiev
The Press Center of the Embassy of God Church

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