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Central Church

On my 40th Birthday, I choose to honor God – 11th February

The years have gone by quite fast and today I’m 40! Forty is associated with a cycle or era. Forty also represents the time period God often used to make major transitions or changes.

Today I am the witness to the unfolding of a new chapter in my life and I’m very grateful forthis. For many years I have looked forward to the day I will turn 40 and now I am happy it has finally come. Just like I am looking forward to the many more years God will allow me to see in the land of the living. My age is not a problem; on the contrary, it is a great opportunity, and trust from God to me.

Everyday of my life is a preparation for the days and years that lie ahead. In relation to eternity, 40 years is not a long time, but it’s quite a portion of my time on earth. I thank God for His grace and the trust to live so “long.” So long, because  some did not have the opportunity to live till 40, and some have not reached it yet. If God calls me home today, may His name be blessed. The Lord has been good, kind, loving, and merciful to me all these years. He has given me enough time to make things right and live for Him.

I see life as being an opportunity to work on oneself and one’s character. It is the ability to see the distinction in people, to accept them and forgive them when necessary. Life is developing in hard work. Real life starts when we get on the path of conforming to the image of Christ. That is when we begin to understand the meaning and the essence of life; we can become selfless, overcome the fear of death and become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

I give all glory to God, Who is the source of all. I have received many compliments from my husband and many others and I give back to God all these kind words, merit and honor. Despite all threats, trials, and dangers, He guides and leads me. He is my strength, glory and beauty. He is everything to me!

I thank God and my parentsfor my childhood youth in Nigeria. It was demanding for my family to try and make ends meet, and  the religiousand  cultural environment sometimes also came with its own challenges, but God has helped me overcome and come this far. Knowing this makes me sing, How great thou art, how great thou art.”

I thank God from my whole heart, for I don’t know where I would be now if He had not been by my side. I thank God for entrusting me to my parents (I didn’t value them enough when I was growing but since becoming a parent, I have seen my ignorance, now I know  better). I appreciate all they did for me in my helpless years (when I wouldn’t have survived without their care, wisdom and guidance). Today, I publicly ask them to forgive me for all kinds of trouble I caused them and for every display of dishonor. I thank God for the opportunity to repent  and my plead for forgiveness and blessings while they are still alive.

I thank God for my siblings. We were nine, but God allowed only six of us to grow together on Jacob Street. I thank God for all my relatives (both paternal and maternal),  and family friends. I especially thank Him for my close family and friends. Thank you for your influence on my life, for the good and bad times we had. Thank you for the value, heritage and responsibility we share. The older I get, the more I value you. Thanks for your understanding, your support and prayers. Thank you for the honor of building a healthy relationship with you. Thank you for our storiesand history, and please forgive me for each of your expectationsI couldn’t meet. You have a hand in who I have become today. Thank you.

I thank God for my husband, Pastor Sunday. Pastor Sunday, I’m lost for words, you make me speechless, you never stop surprising me. Thank you for such love and favor. Thanks for allowing me into your life and your inheritance. Thanks for marriage and family happiness. Thanks for becoming my father, so caring, forgiving, understanding, thoughtful, loving, godly, good, kind a husband you are. I will forever be grateful to God and to you for the days spent together as husband and wife, and will trust God to see us through the days ahead. Thank you for your support and faith in me in all the seasons of my life and our relationship. Thanks for understanding and for coping with my peculiarity. I love you and count it a great honor to know you, live with you, work with you, and make history together for our Lord. You stand alone, none can compare to you, you are The man for me.

I cannot imagine how my life would be without Pastor Sunday as my husband. He convinced me of my uniqueness, he instilled confidence in me. I, as a personality, my character, distinctiveness, and talents blossomed in his hands. He stood firmly behind me, prayed me through, helped me, taught and motivated me; he was patient with me and he waited for me. He appreciated me more and higher than I would have done myself. As long as the Lord will be with me, and as long as I have breath, I will do all I can to be a godly and supportive wife. May the Lord in His mercy and grace grant us more good days together. May we fulfill the purpose for which he joined us together. I love and respect you!

I thank God for my husband’s family and relatives. Thank you for accepting me. It’s an honor to be a part of your history.

I thank God for all my children and my disciples. My relationship with you is a great school, I’ve learned a lot and will continue to learn. Thank you for being in my life and for all you do to make our relationship better. Thank you for being obedient and for honoring me.

I thank God for all the teachers, mentors (previous and present) from kindergarten till today. I appreciate your input in me. It has gone, and will still go a long way.

I thank God for the Embassy of God family. You mean a lot to me. We are changing the world together, spreading the influence of the Kingdom of God to every sphere of the society. You are the best people and the best church! Wow!

I thank God for all my friends, fans, buddies, colleagues and well wishers. Life would not have been the same without you. Thank you for your continuous support and prayers. It has gone a long way and will still keep going. Together, we are making our world a better place.

The number 40 is significant. Celebrating my 40th birthday marks the end of my 40th year and the beginning of my 41st year on earth. The rest of my life will be dedicated to living a legacy; passing on my experience, skills, understanding, faith to as many disciples as possible. It will be dedicated to raising successors and equipping the next generation.

A fool at 40 is a fool forever, they say. So, I have decided to be wise, to count my days and my blessings that I may gain a heart of wisdom. I trust God for gracious days ahead. I trust Him to meet the mornings of my days with faith and hope, I trust God’s grace to enable me to honor Him even in the darkest of days, through life’s sorrow and pain. I trust that His grace will be more than enough for me. I trust His thoughts and plans for me for His Word is true.

On my 40th Birthday, I choose to honor God. His mercy and grace to me and in me, is who I am now. May the name of the Lord be blessed forever more and thank you all for sharing your life with me.

Wishing you all good days!

Yours faithfully,
Bose Dere-Adelaja

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