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February – the month of God’s Church, the month of honoring God through taking care of His church. Church is not just a building with walls, but a community of personalities and individuals. Today I’m going to talk about how to build avictorious church by honoring  people.

Let’s talk about the LAW of DISTINCTION. Why do we need to know this law?  The LAW of DISTINCTION means to have theability to find something special in any person, whether gifts, potential or abilities. It helps us to see the benefitsof others, the difference in the person’s missions and tasks, to notice and honor the unique features of people, appreciate their beauty and understand the interconnection and interdependence among all of us.

See thewisdom in taking this law of distinction -the ability to see the difference between good and evil, great and insignificant,  important and secondary.

For example, if I cannot see extraordinary, original and unique distinctive features of Alexandra and Maria, I cannot make the mostof our relationship. Only wisdom letsus see the distinctions.  

If I can pass by someone indifferently, it means that I am unable tonotice his distinctions and I am blind to the grace of God which is on that person and to God’s blessings that come with that one. Iamblind to the growth that he can give me if I honor him. Iamblind to the things that I could learn and benefitfrom him. We should appreciate every meeting with a person as a blessing and an opportunityfrom God.  

We liketo communicate and keep friendship with people who are similar to us. It makes us feel comfortable. However, itdoes not make us stronger orbetter. There is no need to look for peoplewho are justlike you. You better look for people who are completely different from you. Only such people can benefit you.

Cain killed Abel because he couldn’t stand his brother’s success and be happy for him. He did not know the Law of Distinction. Cain was like one of those who are not ready to honor and celebrate the superiority of others, who deny and refuse to make acquaintance with  someone who is a little different. Do you cherish other people’s differences? Do you give freedom for their originality or help other individualities to develop? If not, then you are the same as Cain. Sometimes we all behave ourselves like Cain in some areas or stages of our life, when we see someone who is different from us, at a minimum we ignore him. When God asked Cain where his brother, he replied: “I do not know, am I my brother’s keeper?” Genesis 4:9. Pastors in church often ignore the people who are not theirs. Are there any such Cains here today?

Reading the life story of Cain, have you ever thought about him as a bad person? Now you know that you have condemned yourself.

You should know how to honor people who do not belong to your ‘camp’.

At the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew, the history of the Magi (wise men) is described. They saw the star, which differed from all the others, it was more glorious than the other stars. This led them to the Savior. How do you respond to people who are more glorious than you? Are you able to feel comfortable beside other people’s fame? Can you see the stars of others? And honor them? If not be careful! The star could start to annoy you, because it is somehow better or brighter. We need wisdom to accept the differences of the star. We need wisdom to honor it. Only wise people know how to use  the Law of Distinction.

Do you recognize the distinctions of each person you meet on your life path?

If you can see the stars in other people, you will never suffer from depression and bad moods, because each person will reward you and enrich your life. Everyone you meet!

If there is no wisdom, you are unable to see the distinctions, dignity and superiority of others!  Even if you see it, you do not want to acknowledge it and be happy for them. The only star you see – is you! This belittles, and prevents the due honor of another person. This is the main reason of your depression. If the only star you see – is you – your eyes have no chance to look around and have fun. There is no place for anyone or anything new because you are too overloaded by yourself. If you want someone to make your life more colorful and rich, you should learn how to notice, take and honor that person’s distinctions. This is what the Magi did. They recognized the star and honored it with gifts.

As you see, it is not enough just to recognize the star in others, you must in turn honor it. It is not enough to respect distinctions deeply in your heart; quietly, so a person doesn’t even know about it. You should let them know it.

To bestow honor, means to have a desire to do more than you can. Pay a price to prove to someone else that they are special. My call to you: be careful with everyone around you. Flee familiarity and habituation! Treat all that God gives you as precious, including all that we have in the God Embassy. Hold each other precious and always stay in a state of honor. Honor others. This is the only way to avoid losing, and also gather all the blessings that the Lord gives us.   

For a deeper studying of this topic the following literature is recommended: “Honor people”, “Keepers of God’s presents”.

Look for the star in every person, and you will find it for sure!

With love,

Senior Pastor of the “Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations”

Sunday Adelaja


P.S. Prayer in solitude:

1) For wisdom and an ability to honor everyone. Write down five answers for this question: what makes some persons who are familiar to you    special? What can you learn from them?

2) To finish all that had been planned before the Church Anniversary.

3) For the new level of influence on the world by pastor Sunday.


Translated by Yevheniya Pustova

Edited by Kizito Leacock

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