Pastor Sunday Adelaja and T.L. Osborn
Central Church


Papa T.L., that is how I, like many of my fellow Nigerians have come to know Evangelist Dr.T.L.Osborn. If Archbishop Benson Idahosa is called the Father of Nigerian Pentecostalism, T.L.Osborn is the Grandfather of Nigerian Pentecostalism. Simply put, T.L.Osborn brought the real Christian faith to Nigeria and may be to Africa at large, as it is with many other parts of the world.

Papa T.L. was a pioneer per excellence – no one like T.L., a man of God to the core. When I met him, I expected to meet somebody bigger and larger than life, but I met the most simple, humble servant. Oh! What a servant of God he was! However, T.L. was not just a servant of God; he was also a servant to men.

Kharkov, Ukraine, summer 1996, my first meeting with T.L.Osborn. I listened to him spellbound for a whole week, then something began to happen to me. I stopped seeing a man, I began to see Jesus in a man. Jesus became visible, He came alive, He stopped being an abstract personality, He became my Friend, not just my Lord. His reality overwhelmed me and reshaped my life, my walk with God and my ministry. From there I went out to build one of the largest churches not just in Ukraine, but in Europe. A year later T.L. and Dr.LaDonna Osborn came to Kiev and held a series of meetings that have turned Ukraine as a nation upside down. Ukraine, Russia and Europe will never be the same as a result of those meetings.

To say, T.L.Osborn was a spiritual father and a mentor, would be an understatement. He was more than that. He was the Jesus we saw in the flesh. This could be said by so many thousands of ministers all over the world.  I will make bold to say that the waves of success being witnessed today by African ministers all over the world could be credited either directly or indirectly to T.L.Osborn.

Beloved Papa T.L., yours was a life admired and emulated by many, your works shall surely continue through the lives of all these sons and daughters you have impacted all over the globe.

Rest in peace, our Papa, rest in peace, God`s worthy servant, rest in peace, Daisy`s husband! We are sure, you are awake now to the abundance of God`s reward for you and your beloved wife. Adieu, God`s General, till we meet again at Christ`s bosom farewell.  

Your son, friend and colleague,

Sunday Adelaja

Senior Pastor

Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom Of God for All Nations

Kyiv, Ukraine

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