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How to revive the country and build a civilized, developed nation-state

Dear friends, this month we will fasten our eyes on the principles that will enable us, citizens of this country to take a more active position in the revival of the new Ukraine. Let us look at a scripture when Paul worried about Israel, and he says that he is ready to sacrifice himself for the salvation of Israel. 
“Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved.” (Romans 10:1)

God is not against the love to our country. This month is the Month of civic-mindedness in our church, the time when we find out how we being believers show our social activism.

Definitely it’s wrong that believers are excluded from the leadership and administration of their country. It is them, who are the most fair-dealing citizens of the country who have to do that. Those values we have, we must bring to the city, the country, including in the nation’s leadership.

By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted: but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked.(Proverbs 11:11) Now it is especially relevant and clear that Ukraine needs decent people, new people who have values, who are willing to live by the principles which they claim.Today we are witnesses of a trend that the Georgians, the Balts, the Americans come here and take part in the revival of the country, though they are not citizens of Ukraine. “…But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister(Matthew 20:26). And it will not be decent from our part to withdraw ourselves from the processes of revival of the country. So, at first I want us to contemplate what decency and dishonesty is, especially in regard to the country. You can learn more about all these principles by reading my new book “How to revive the country and build a civilized, developed nation-state.” The topic of the sermon is taken from it. I have already written series of books, which purpose was to help in building of a new Ukraine. The main deficiencies, what our country lacks today are the values, the right principles to build the country. So I began to write these books. The first of them is the book of the University of Life, “The values ​​that we were deprived of”. This book we wrote together with Pastor Zamira Sadridinova. The second book is “How to become a European” was written together with Oksana Golovko. The third book, which I wrote with Yaroslav Shumovskyy is “WATCH OUT: THE MONOCULTURE OR THE DANGER OF MONOCULTURE IN THE XXI CENTURY”. This book should also play a role in the building of a new Ukraine. Just before the Summer Fast my new book, “How to revive the country and build a civilized, developed nation-state” was printed out, and on which basis I will teach today. This book I wrote together with Pastor Zamira Sadridinova.So, we determined that people who are citizens of their country and do not actively participate in the building and development of their country, act dishonorable not only in regard to the country, where they live, but also to their life as well as to the lives of many other people around them. Conversely, people who are not indifferent to the development and building of a civilized state are decent people, who in turn have developed decent human qualities.

Thus, let’s first carefully study the list of decent qualities of a human being:

  1. Sincerity– openness, honesty in everything, conscientiousness and transparency; With the pure thou wilt shew thyself pure; and with the froward thou wilt shew thyself froward.” (Psalms 18:26)
  2. Straightness – a man speaks directly, as it is, without ulterior motives, says what he thinks and thinks about what he says.
  3. Concreteness – he leaves no room for maneuvering and finding a way round. He tells everything as it is, regardless of the situation.
  4. Do not expect to be correctly understood and perceived. He is not afraid for his reputation.
  5. He is aware of his imperfections – he admits that he needs to change, improve his qualities, recognizes his inefficiencies, and therefore easily takes criticism and corrections as referring to him.
  6. He loves the truth – soberly analyzes his actions, works on himself, appeals to others in order to be told the truth; “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34)
  7. Does not look for the excuses for his actions –admits his mistakes, he does not blame others for his mistakes and takes full responsibility for himself.

As you can see, these are the qualities of the decent man, who is an integral part of the development of the state.

Now when we have understood what is it to be a decent person, ask yourself this question: Do you think that by the standards listed above you can call yourself a decent person? As for today, being a Ukrainian or a resident of Ukraine, can you say that you have been decent in regard to your country? Do you act conscientiously to your own country and future generations? If not, for this reason I have written this book. It will help us from a practical point of view to understand what and how to do to help our country to revive.Therefore, I want to bring to you the main points of this book, as it is stated in the topic “How to revive the country and build a civilized, developed nation-state”. Those principles that are disclosed in this book will help you to have an idea of what you can do, to understand what principles are closest to you, and what role you can play today in the process of building a new Ukraine. These principles for everyone: believers and non-believers, that we take an active civil position in building of our country.

So, here they are:

Why are some countries more developed than others?

  • What is the measurement tool of the development of a country?
  • The number of the population does not guarantee the development of the country
  • What has helped the developed countries to reach the civilization?
  • The true principles is the basis of development of the country

Where does the current civilization originate from?

  • It all starts small
  • What does differ the current civilization from all others?
  • The development of human potential

The enlightenment of people is the beginning of civilization of people. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” (Hosea 4:6)

  • Low level of education is the low standard of living
  • The people who walk in darkness, should see the light!
  • The enlightenment is everybody’s cause
  • The importance of culture

The fundamental principles of any civilization

  • A spirituality
  • Superstitions prevent any development
  • The difference between religion and spirituality
  • What spiritual revival did lay the foundation of modern civilization?
  • True values

The factors of prosperity of developed countries

  • What is the measurement tool of the development of a country?
  • The principles of affluent and developed countries
  • The well-being of the country begins with a change of thinking

The return to the true origins

  • The influence of the Protestant Reformation on the development of civilization
  • The man who dared to tell the truth
  • How did the revival of Christian principles influence the civilization?
  • The revival is impossible without losses

How to revive the country through the diligence?

  • Work is the highest calling of man
  • Hard work is the moral basis of the country
  • What does the diligence cause?
  • Hard work is the key to the country’s wealth
  • Hard work leads to the prosperity of the country

How to revive the country through the responsibility?

  • What does the irresponsibility cause?
  • You determine your destiny
  • Nothing will get better by itself
  • Take responsibility for your sector

How to revive the country through the honesty and integrity?

  • The word of the person should be of value
  • Integrity in everything
  • Honesty is more valuable than wealth

The principles of the proper remuneration for the work

  • There should be no exploitation of a man by a man
  • The diligent labor deserves reward
  • High standards, fair competition, high salary

How does the awareness of the value of time can lead to the development of the country?

  • You exchange your life on what you spend your time
  • What does the understanding of the value of time cause?
  • If you manage your time, you control your life

The banking system as a tool in the fight with the poverty

  • How to eradicate the poverty in the society
  • The eradication of poverty is possible
  • Everyone can succeed
  • The development of the economy is impossible without the true values
  • The rise and development of the economy of the country depends on every citizen

The culture of savings and investments

  • Everything we have should multiply and make profit
  • Do not be a spendthrift
  • Learn the culture of savings

The supremacy of law “It is an abomination to kings to commit wickedness: for the throne is established by righteousness.” (Proverbs 16:12)

  • The supremacy of law
  • The law of God is above any authority
  • The letter of the law kills, but the spirit gives life
  • The equality before the law

So if we want to live in a developed country, the first thing we need to develop is the quality of an honest man, who is an integral part of the civilized, developed nation. But in addition we also need to take concrete steps in the revival of the country. I hope that the book “How to revive the country and build a civilized, developed nation-state” and other books that I have written on this subject will help Ukraine to get out of the difficult situation in which the country found itself. But this will not happen if the believers are not taking actions!

With love and respect,
Sunday Adelaja,
Senior Pastor of the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations

For a more in-depth study of this topic we advise to work through the following books:

  • “The values ​​that we were deprived of”,
  • “How to become a European”,

P.S. Directions in prayers in solitude:

  1. For unified, prosperous, peaceful, developed, ruled by God Ukraine.
  2. For salvation, deliverance, release of thousands of people through the University of Life and other projects.
  3. For Pastor Sunday Adelaja as the carrier of God’s reference to Ukraine and all over the world, for the Apostolic Council and leaders.

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