A pair of swans
Central Church

LOVE By Kizito Leacock

Love: A thing? A name? A person? A force?
Are you worth knowing? Of course!
Love the noun, God: has had its definition flawed
Love the verb; is often kicked to the kerb
Love the name; has been reduced to sex,
Like a game.
So can I really accurately define you?
Can I know you as I am known by you?
Well, I want you!
The world needs you
Truthfully, you are too deep for my rhetoric.
Your depth is so great I can only echo it.
I have heard you are patient
Yet many deem this concept ancient
You have taught us that you are always fully other’s centred
All our days, dear love, by you we long to be mentored
If it is true that you always see the best in others
Then one sure place this is seen is in mothers,
Who love their children without restraint
Who never allow their selflessness to grow faint.
The patient, godly engagement of a young couple
Displays you evidently, and that’s hardly subtle.
Love, I love you. Love you are God
Love, teach us what, or rather who you really are
Take us beyond the fickle feelings of worldly lovers
And unto the emotional healing, flowing among Christian sisters and brothers
Love , You have loved us, that we may love You
So today, every day, we honour You.

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