A lifelong evangelization...
Central Church

A lifelong evangelization…

At the Central Church of God’s Embassy the evangelism project,”Festival of Jesus” under the leadership of Pastor Elena Shevchenko is being actively launched.

According to the team members, “Festivals of Jesus” offers a wonderful opportunity to various ministers including evangelists, counselors, future pastors, ministers of healing, administrators, children’s ministers, youth pastors, worship leaders and many others.

‘Festivals of Jesus’ project will help pastors of local churches not only to increase in membership of the parishioners, but also to respond to the needs of tens, hundreds and thousands of people. The activists of the project have focused their attention on the importance of evangelism in the modern Christian life as quoted in the following statement:

“Dear friends! After organizing the mass evangelization in the city of Irpen as active members of the Embassy of God Church, we realized that we should not retain ourselves from hearing the Gospel.

In summary we ascertained that evangelism is a good opportunity to:

  • become a leader and start a small bible study group, as well as a local church;
  • transform ourselves and become practical believers not passive believers;
  • mature as a servant of God;
  • obtain essential resources and the grace to revive the Christian knowledge we gained initially;
  • become a true history maker who can serve people anywhere and in any capacity;
  • go beyond the church walls and take the Gospel to the needy and expectant;
  • release the gifts of the Holy Spirit, learn to hear God’s voice and be led by Holy Spirit;
  • gain confidence in ourselves and abilities;
  • quit being focused on our own problems and be more interested in solving the problems of others;
  • show real compassion to people and more love to the church of God;
  • always thank God for His grace to us and our families;
  • share experiences with believers in other cities;
  • make new friends, friendly cooperate and support each other;
  • help the lost to find the right path and start pastoring them;
  • get a better understanding of the mission and message of Jesus Christ;
  • restore our main focus and landmark to the kingdom of God;
  • return to the first love to Christ, to update and re-fill our internal state;
  • performing miracles with our own hands, thus fulfilling the words of Jesus: “Things that I do ye shall do also and even more than these”;
  • bring salvation to those who stand on the brink of despair and cry out “Lord, if you exist – help me!”

We express special gratitude to Pastors Sunday and Bose Adelaja for assistance in conducting the “Festival of Jesus “and for hospitality of their home. Thank you for everything!”

We recommend that you try “Festival of Jesus”.

For more information: +38(063) 124-40-51

Press Center Project “Festival of Jesus”.

With love and respect
“Festival of Jesus” Activists

Translated by Iryna Panasyuk
Edited by Emmanuel Chindove

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