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Misconceptions about sexual relationships

On Thursday, a service was held at the God Embassy Central Church. A special point of this service was great testimonies of people about the wonders and glory of God in their lives! Such stories about the power of God increase the faith of those who hear.

One of the men told us that after an accident, he contracted gangrene and there was no cure available. But, when the man prayed to God, he felt His touch, and – thank God! – he is now healed.

Then a woman testified of the healing of her father. Two years ago he became ill and the doctors told him he had only two weeks to live. The woman asked everyone she knew to pray for him. Two years are over and her father is alive! The living and potent works of the Lord in our lives!

After such testimonies Pastor Bose began a family school with the words: “Glory to God! God is alive “
This Thursday the pastor went on to teach about sexual relationships in the family. This time the topic of the service was “Misconceptions about sexual relationships”

“Hallelujah, we do not need to be ashamed of talking about it. Thank God we can learn about it, thank God that we can discredit the fear and embarrassment on this issue!” – said Pastor Bose.

Introducing the topic, we talked about the responsibility of Christians to bring to other people God’s truth about the correct understanding of sex. The life of believers should be an example, because they are called not to abuse sex, given by God, but to worship God through it . The pastor focused attention on the fact that we should be the generation that would teach men to be honest and be the generation with no single mothers!

It is not enough that we keep ourselves in holiness – we still have to look for an opportunity to inform others about the truth of holiness. It is necessary to destroy the principles of “civil marriage” and “sex before marriage.” Who, if not we as Christians should deal with it?

Sex from theBiblical point of view is not the same as the world perceives it. In recent years the main criteria for mundane people is sexual compatibility. In early times it was a serious attitude toward sex, which is not the same nowadays. Preparation for marriage is missed. That is why 60% of all marriages fall apart in the first year of their existence. The man who based his relationship on sex, will be very disappointed.
Pastor Bose listed basic misconceptions about sexual relationships in the secular world:
1. Sex is the basis of relations.
2. Easy access to sex 3. Gay sex or sex between more than two people.
4. Confusing sex with love.
5. Sex depreciates the spiritual and psychological wounds.
6. Ignorance of the consequences of premarital sex.
7. For most people love is sex.

Dear brothers and sisters, let us release our minds from thinking about sex – let our minds belong to God!

The homework on this topic:
1) Write down five misconceptions about sexual relationships in our generation.
2) What can you do to change the attitude of your surroundings to this item?
3) What is your responsibility in this regard? What can you do about it? (to be an example, to open public organization, training and so on).

Translated by Helene Krets
Edited by Kizito Leacock

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