Viktoria Murich
Active Citizenship

CONFESSION: “…I am not ashamed of speaking openly about Jesus Christ, because He died openly for me…”

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true… It is so interesting to live in a christian country yet constantly endure religious discrimination due to belonging to christianity. But this is a fact. Even if the legislation of the ukraine was to declare today “freedom of religion”, it would still remain simply a declaration and desired […]

A March against homosexualism and prostitution
Daughter churches

A March against homosexualism and prostitution

17 October, central streets of Simferopol recently witnessed a march in support of family values organized by the Union of Social Organizations ARC “Government is us”. About 700 people took part in the procession representing 24 social organizations. Particularly, marchers went through Kirov Avenue, from Soviet Square down to Amet-Khan Sultan Square (close to Central […]