Vitalii Kalinin

Vitalii Kalinin: Dear Pastor Sunday! You are the key man in my life

Dear pastor Sunday!

I am writing to you to express the feelings that overwhelm my heart – my deep gratitude and appreciation for my life and everything I have today.

You are the key person in my life, because, thanks to you, I transformed from a hopeless addict into the person I am today.

You are the person who taught me to love my motherland, though earlier I was ashamed of the fact that I lived in Ukraine.

You taught me to love and appreciate people, though I used to use people solely for my interests.

Once, I was rejected by everyone, even family members turned away from me. That is when your followers gave me a helping hand, lifted me from the lower depths and still continue to see in me the seed of greatness and believe in me.

Today I can confidently say that if it were not for you, I simply could not be, nor could I enjoy the happiness I have now: happiness to love God and people, happiness to serve God and people, fulfill my mission, be a respected person, and be useful to society.

Thank you, Pastor, for not turning away from people like me, but finding the precious in negligible. Thank you for your faith in us, and for your teaching, which has made me into a person, a pastor, a fully-fledged member of society and a happy man.

With deep respect and gratitude,
Pastor Vitali Kalinin
The “Embassy of God” church, 
Nikolaev City

Translated by Helene Krets
Edited by Natasha Ioffe

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