The flight of the eagle

I have not become richer, but I have gained much more

Dear Pastor Sunday, I want to express my gratitude for Your love, care and devotion to the people who are entrusted to You by God.

Thanks to Your teaching my life has literally changed in a course in a span of six months. I have neither become richer nor have taken any high position.  I have neither my own company nor  real estate, but  I have gained much more: now I understand what it means to love God and rely upon Him.

You helped me to look at myself with God’s eyes, helped to see what I hid for many years, kept to myself and did not try to multiply. My dreams returned to me, I began to see my future and understand where I need to go and what I need to strive for.

I have learned to determine priorities and keep the peace in my heart in any circumstances.

I also realized that You change thousands of destinies like mine, help people to change their lives and lives of the people around them and understand how great and precious we are in the Kingdom of God.

I thank God for You and pray for You.
Respectfully Yours
Alexander Smirnov

Translated by Irina Belenkaya
Edited by Natasha Ioffe

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